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Question about Fables

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I didn't read the comics..Can you guys give me some info?

  1. Is there any fancy luxury town for fables? In this game everyone looks like living a miserable life in shady town. ...Is that only place they can live in?

  2. How long do they live? Snow said "I've been doing this for centuries" (not sure...hundred years did she say? I don't remember)

  3. Are they all strong? if someone hack Snow's head with hatchet, would she survive like woodsman? (not decapitating)

thx in advance.

  • 1: some people sure live in luxury, like bluebeard, who's very rich.

    2: they keep living till they get killed i think, because there is a flashback from like more than a century ago.

    3: yes they are, snow was shot in the head once and survived it

  • I only read up until issue 60 or so, but the fables in the comic seemed like they were meant to be quasi-immortal. It doesn't seem like they can be killed by using violent methods that what would kill regular humans easily. Things like extreme blunt trauma, stab wounds, gun shots, etc..

  • They don't seem to age all that much though many of them (such as boy blue) are older than they are in their known stories.

    As per the amount of damage they can take, it's believed that the popularity that we (the mundy people) have for certain characters allows them to have far greater resilience than they would normally have. This means that characters like Snow White (who's been well known and will be around in some version for all eternity probably) have near immortality. Others like poor Faith who pretty much no one knows or cares about, can be easily killed.

    This whole "popularity = power" thing is hilariously exploited by Jack Horner at one point in the comics. He steals millions of dollars, sets up a hollywood studio and makes an epic trilogy of films all about his imaginary awesomeness. These films become a Lord of the Rings style hit and Jack soon finds himself pretty much indestructible.

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