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RP THREAD!!!! *TWD version*

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I have been waiting for this moment all my life.

*hugs everyone tightly *

I just want this thread to be funny, okay? Maybe we can impersonate characters and make a custom story together! That would just be SOOOO awesome!

Okay, so, since i'm pretty sure i'm the youngest right now, and since i have some of Clem's features, i think i'll start off by being her. But first, maybe i should just set some rules...

-Be nice! Please don't be rude to other roleplayers! I will check this thread as much as i can and make sure everyone respect that. And, if you think what i'm doing now is stupid, please don't comment it here, just leave, because i have something else planned for the comments rather than just people telling me how moronic this thread is.

-Just wait your turn. Each comment is a turn to continue the story. You gotta wait for someone to write a part of the story, then continue it in your comment, not a reply.

-You can be other characters, too, not just necessarily TWD. I'm trying to cover as much terrain as i can.

-For those who don't know what roleplaying is, it's just a buncha fans pretending to be characters and doing stuff and thangs...

-You CAN'T be 2 characters at once. One turn, one character, please.

Okay, i think that's about it! God bless this thread. I'm starting the story... NOW!

*Clementine sits alone, in the cabin, thinking about Lee *

*sigh *

Clem:*whispers * I just wish you would be here... I need you. And i miss you. And... I'm sorry...

*suddenly, _______ appears! *

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