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How do you foresee Carver's death?

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Will Clem kill him? Walkers? Kenny?
Who or what do you think will be responsible for Carver's demise?

  • I think Luke will, I think Clem will be attacked by Carver and Luke will come and kill him with his machete. Because Luke is badass :D

  • It shall be painful.

  • I don't know... I'm sure he'll meet his demise in another 2-3 episodes. I'm gonna guess he'll be killed by a human, maybe Luke or (god forbid but I can actually see it happening) Clem.

  • Plot twist: Rebecca's baby kills Carver!

    • as silly as that sounds, that may turn out more true than you think..
      maybe we'll purposely cause the place to become over run, the newborn baby is left somewhere, crying and drawing attention to it. In a panic, Carver uses to help, only foolishly focusing on the baby, before getting killed by a herd.

  • I'm going out on a limb here, but it seems he has a need for control... Maybe his camp gets attacked by walkers, and he refuses to give up, because it's his, defending the camp while most people leave and he's finally overwhelmed. - not in the noble sacrifice sense but the 'this is MY house!' kind of way.

  • Maybe Carlos will find a way to kill him. I'd like to see him get some form of revenge for tormenting him that way back at the lodge. Maybe he could snap a few of Carver's fingers see how he likes it, before snapping his Then he'd be a backwards headed walker the next day.

    • Sorry for ruining your joke but breaking the neck would cause the link between brain and body to cease and it would be the same as shooting him in the head. Again sorry for ruining your joke.

      • Well if your a viewer of the Walking Dead TV show in the eighteenth episode **"Better Angels" **a character by the name of "Randall" reanimated and turned into a zombie even still after another character by the name of Shane Walsh had snapped his neck and broke it. If what you said was true for this franchise then he would have stayed dead for good and not turned. And likewise, Sorry for ruining your biologic logic to a horror fiction genre were real world science and logic doesn't really count and the dead are not really dead like in our reality.

  • Actually I think Rebecca will. If, that is.

    Since he won't touch her for the baby, it's possible that she will eventually have him killed, considering she obviously hates him. Let's not forget that she might have enough of him hurting (if not killing) her husband and harassing her.

  • Maybe he doesn't die?

  • Might actually be Clem. One of my theories would go like this: Luke comes back with a plan in episode 3. They will wait till the shit hits the fan in episode 4 when that HUGE horde of zombies will attack and they will search for an opening and get the hell out. Carver will lose a lot of people after that, he'll be mad because they turned against him and will start the hunt. Of course this is the sum of a loong chain of (mainly unfortunate) events. Characters will be developed more, things will happen and probably a lot of people will die while trying to escape so just a handful will make it. In the end they make it to Wellington but the place is worse than they imagined/hoped. On a last effort they'll try to defend from Carver and Clem runs for it. She will hide and madly angry Carver is shouting and searching. In the end they will confront each other Clem kills him. She doesn't know what happened with her friends she left behind but walkers start showing up so she'll hide in a dark place. Clem will just wait in the darkness, realizing how alone she is and that there is no going back. Walkers surround the place and BAM that's it. It's one of my theories. It could be something close to it I don't know.

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