• Yeah, I was under the impression that she wasn't taking Clem very seriously. She had the "CALL OF DUTY!" attitude. I can definitely foresee her screwing up big time if she ever gets a gun again, or still has the one she found.

  • I'd sit Kenny's ass down.

    Wonder what kind of implications it could have if she shot someone near and dear to Carver?

  • I really hope teaching her dosnt turn her into a fantastic shot or anything; she didnt even fire a bullet!

    I think teaching her will have no effect, she still ends up waving it around whatever you say to her

  • She's inexperienced: gun safety always says to NEVER point a gun at someone even if it is empty. Sarah probably hasn't taken gun safety, so she doesn't know the seriousness of a gun, even when empty.

    She probably hasn't checked the chamber for a bullet as well.

  • Hopefully since I refused to give her tips she won't try to be a hero.

    • Or maybe she will try to be a hero, just to show you, that she deserves to learn how to use a gun, and be like everyone else.

      • If she can be a hero and save the day great. I just didn't want to give her a few pointers and have her become overconfident and do something dumb.

        • I didn't show her how to use the gun either, so I totally agree with you. But nobody knows what Telltale have planned, so we don't know, if it was a good or a bad choice

          • Yeah it's hard to tell this season if the choices we make will be positive or negative. The watch and water bottle come to mind. But according to Walter "As long as we keep our wits about us we can always make the right decision." To which I replied "It's never that easy."

  • Maybe or maybe Carlos ends up dead and Sarah wants revenge and gets over that childish attitude, maybe she'll kill Carver.

  • As someone who was taught basic gun safety/ usage at the age of 8, Clementine gave Sarah a pretty lousy guide on using a gun. No safety rules, no mention if the actual safety itself, she didn't even mention how to line up sights.

  • I think Carlos is trying to shelter her too much and doesn't give her enough credit. She clearly knows more than he thinks/will allow her to know. It's 2 years into the apocalypse. Clearly there not going to just go away so Carlos really should have prepared her for this.
    For this reason I was completely honest with her about the situation and taught her how to use a gun. Even showed her the dog bite in ep 1. Even if she's not as Mature as Clem, I think she means well and I also figured it would be better that she at least had some knowledge of how to use a gun JUST IN CASE. She can't be much worse than Nick with a gun really... and I doubt she's going to do a Lily and if someone's in trouble, and their gun is on the floor, she MAY be able to help.

    Also interesting to note, in Episode 1 I found her quite creepy with the wanting to be best friends with a stranger and the "pinky promise is FOREVER" but if you take the blame for Sarah's photo, it says she will remember that and automatically corrects Carlos (saying it was her idea or that she took the photo if you refused to take it.) So I think there actually may be a benefit to being Sarah's friend...(You stick up for her and she'll stick up for you.)

  • Clem just taught Sarah to use a gun the same way that Lee taught her how to use a gun. Now that wouldn't be a problem if Sarah were like Clem, but she isn't.

    Clem was initially scared and reluctant to learn how to shoot a gun. She saw Lilly snap and kill Carley/Doug with a gun. She knew that Katjaa snapped and killed herself with a gun. She's been held at gunpoint herself at the motor inn. She was fully aware of how dangerous guns can be and she saw that good people can be taken away in the blink of an eye as soon as that trigger is pulled. That's why Lee didn't have to caution her very much when he taught her. In fact, he had to ease her worries by telling her "It's just a thing."

    Sarah, on the other hand, probably hasn't seen very much gun violence at all, because of Carlos sheltering her. So she's handles the gun like it's a plaything. And that can be very, very dangerous. Hopefully what happened at the end of the episode gives her a bit more pause the next time she picks up a gun.

    • Quite true. The first step to firearm training is proper respect for the firearm as a weapon that is designed to kill. It's always easier to train someone who is afraid of the weapon, than someone who thinks it's harmless. The mentality the I was taught with is to never point a gun at something or someone you aren't willing to lose. You have to be mature enough to realize that anyone or anything in the path of your bullet is going to get fucked up.

      Sarah...isn't quite there yet. I just hope Carlos doesn't find out that Clem taught her. D:

  • Well after you teach her how to use the gun, the indication on the screen says "You taught Sarah how to protect herself". So with this I'm thinking teaching her is a good thing. Maybe she will get into some trouble, and she'll be on her own, and you showing her how to use will actually help her.

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