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This Plan of getting to Wellington will get everyone killed and at the end its not gonna be worth it ? Wellington is basically Boat 2.0 in my eyes except this time around Kenny is trying to Protect Clementine and Sarita instead. The slide for Episode 5 is no going back, Well when they get there and realize they lost everyone just to get to a city/camp that fell and is now full of Walkers there will be "No Going Back". Does anyone actually think that place will be the paradise they all say ? How do you think this will play out ? Saltlick can't wait to hear your what you have to say.



  • Its not so much the boat plan, its just a vague destination. Nobody apart from Kenny seems too sold on it yet. I do think they'll be nothing there though

  • I can't even imagine them getting there to find a happy place, Something's off.

  • Nothing (hardly) ever goes right in the world of TWD so that should be enough of an answer for you. So yes, I have to agree that it's gonna be shit and going there is a terrible idea.

    It'll probably either be:

    1. Overrun by walkers, as you said

    2. Collapsed from the inside like Crawford

    3. Full of bandits and generally bad people

    4. Led by a megalomaniac.

  • I agree with you I think everyone will be dead or something Im not sure but everything will go bad

  • You're right everything will go bad like always :(..

  • This is a theory of mine, I said it before in a comment but nvm. In episode 3 Luke will show up with a plan. They are going to wait till the shit hits the fan in episode 4 when that HUGEE horde of zombies attack and they will search for an opening and get the hell out. A lot of people will die while trying to escape so just a handful will make it. Carver, mad as hell because they turned against him and abandoned him will start a hunt with his remaining men. In the end Clem and the survivors make it to Wellington but the place is worse than they could have possibly imagined. Carver will get to them and on a last effort they'll try to defend from him Clem runs for it. Madly angry Carver will follow her shouting and searching around. In the end they will confront each other, Clem kills him. She doesn't know what happened with her friends she left behind but walkers start showing up so she'll hide in a dark place. Clem will just wait in the darkness, realizing how alone she is now and that there is no going back. Walkers surround the place and BAM that's it. It's one of my theories. It could be something close to it I don't know.

  • All very possible, Specially one and Two That's where my money is !

  • Either overrun by walkers like you say or some crazy fucker is the leader, Sounds good ?

  • Yeah. It's not as it seems. It's just gonna be a Woodbury. You know, from the show

  • Yeah, the Wellington plan won't work out. I do, however, think that a few more characters will survive Season 2 than survived Season 1.

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    " Nobody apart from Kenny seems too sold on it yet. "

    Alt text

  • If you don't mind me asking, do you think Kenny will make it out alive?

  • I agree Rock ! But I think we will meet much more people, Including the 400 days people but at the end a LOT of them will die but not all of them.

  • It could go both ways: Wellington will be basically Alexandria Safe zone 2.0 or like Carver said "there's nothing up there like it is down here"

  • I personally think he will die around Episode 4, Protecting someone

  • Who else thinks that....

    .... you should not use phrases like "who else thinks" when you're creating a topic, and instead just make an appropiate topic for what you want to discuss? For example you could use "What do you think about Wellington?" and then explain what you mean in the original post.

    You're just trying to lure people in with those phrases, and it's kind of douchey.

  • I think with all Kenny's been through, he needs to go to God-like beard heaven by the end of the Season. :)

  • "Trying to lure people" That's disrespectful of you, If you assume people are attention whores without even knowing them is because YOU are the one used to that. There's not rule here that supports what you are saying.

  • No. I don't. I think people should be able to start their topic however they want. :)

  • Apparently he thinks he can go into people's threads and give orders. My only question is, Who is he ?

  • Doesn't anyone else think it's weird and too good to be true that the idea of a safe place called Wellington up north has spread like wildfire to thousands of people in a zombie apocalypse? Matthew himself saw thousands cross the bridge alone, so it's anyone's guess as to how many are going north. Christa: 'it's safer because of the cold, OR SO THEY SAY' Who's 'they' exactly? People they have met who just told them about it? I agree with Matthew, 'it's like a migration of the dazed and confused'

  • I hope we don't go through that "they figured it out, let's redo the story again"

  • Haha, I mean, just because someone does something that irritates you, doesn't mean it's wrong. Am I right, Saltlick? Love the name, by the way. :)

  • Thanks ! I don't even know why I chose it :P

  • I really think that they wil try to get there like everywone else, and maybe there's a bad group in there that alway's kill's peoples and stay with there supplises when they try to get to there. So yeah, shit is going to happen.

  • Because it was hilarious. XD I can imagine, if Lily comes back, Kenny saying, "AHHH! YOU'RE EVIL! grabs saltlick out of thin air "DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!! XD

  • What are you talking about ? People do this all the time dude get over it

  • I think even that is more possible than Wellington being a safe place.

  • I think he will die but he will save Clementine's life

  • Tell it to Christa. We need to add a "#Judging You" text to that photo.

  • No, I don't. Whatever small amount of luck he had in Season 1 got used up when he escaped the alley/dark building. He's living on borrowed time by this point, and I think he'll die for real sometime in Episode 4 or 5.

  • I think Bonnie might live, since she always goes no matter what. It makes her a tad more important than the others, in my mind. I also think Eddie will live, and of course Nate, although he's more of an antagonist given his... "spotty" history when interacting with other survivors.

  • I agree. Kenny said something like: "It's cold there, it will slow down the walkers." I mean... walkers are already slow. It's not their speed which they have to be afraid of. I'd say it would be way better to go south, especially when winter is near.

  • I agree with 1 and 2. It's almost a no win situation. Everything else is fubar.

    Also, The only chance I see for "paradise" is inside a fully armed self sustained fortress type compound (similar to the one at the end of Resident Evil Retribution) where it's guarded 24-7.

  • If they end up getting there, I think they'll find it pretty hard to survive. The winter could be very hard to survive. They would for sure need a constant/reliable and heated shelter in order to survive the cold.

  • Well, it's possible that it could be Telltale's equivalent of Alexandria or the Prison. Possible, but not really likely in my eyes.

  • I actually expect Nate to be a "good guy" if he appears.

  • Perhaps he will be, if Carver has some stuff he wants. Regardless, he just seems like the kind of guy who would survive no matter what. He's crazy awesome like that.

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    It would be ironic and pretty sick if all this about Wellington started cause of some guys dumbass joke, with Wellington itself being a dead wasteland like we see on the Episode 5 screen. Maybe some guy who's abit 'gone in the head' came across a large group who told them that there's a place north where there's plenty of fresh water and lots of land (what Kenny said) and the large group migrated north - they told everyone else they came across on the way about it, making a chain reaction.

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