• Its not so much the boat plan, its just a vague destination. Nobody apart from Kenny seems too sold on it yet. I do think they'll be nothing there though

  • Nothing (hardly) ever goes right in the world of TWD so that should be enough of an answer for you. So yes, I have to agree that it's gonna be shit and going there is a terrible idea.

    It'll probably either be:

    1. Overrun by walkers, as you said

    2. Collapsed from the inside like Crawford

    3. Full of bandits and generally bad people

    4. Led by a megalomaniac.

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      All very possible, Specially one and Two That's where my money is !

      • I agree with 1 and 2. It's almost a no win situation. Everything else is fubar.

        Also, The only chance I see for "paradise" is inside a fully armed self sustained fortress type compound (similar to the one at the end of Resident Evil Retribution) where it's guarded 24-7.

        • Same here, but even that kind of a fortress can still have issues too, unfortunately. Most of the time the problem that causes groups to fall is one that arises from the inside, usually conflict/disagreements between members. The ZA makes people on edge and confrontational apparently, and everyone having a weapon of some sort in their possession doesn't make the situation any better either.

          • Good points @Sayakamiki. The ZA brings out the worse in many people. Almost every ZA featured in entertainment i've seen ends up failing because of internal turmoil and not just from the walkers themselves.

            • Thanks, and yep I agree. Like Jolene said in S1, "The dead don't kill their own, it's the living you've gotta be afraid of" For a crazy woman she was eerily accurate about humanity's behavior in general during the ZA. Same thing with the cop from EP1, "People will up and go mad when they think their life is over" Both were kind of foreshadowing in a way, I think.

              • Exactly my friend. That's why things end up the way they do. You see people's true colors when put in a highly stressful or desperate situation.....the ZA being a perfect scenario.

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                  SaltLick305 BANNED

                  Agree with you both ! I mean some people even resort to cannibalism.

                  • I know it's insane how far people will go when pushed to the edge......

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                      SaltLick305 BANNED

                      I mean I know it must be hard but... Eat people ? I think I would rather just die.

                      • I could never be in a group of cannibals. How do you trust a cannibal, honestly? They look at you and they don't see a fellow survivor, they see steaks and chops. This plays into the everyone having weapons not helping the situation, cause I'd have to kill all of them lol.

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                          SaltLick305 BANNED

                          "They see steaks and chops" Take my Like Man :P

                        • Well said. Reminds me of the 2nd album "Killers" with Eddie and the ax in his hand lol.

                          Also Look at the St.John family. Everyone was expendable and they wasted no time in collecting their human groceries and showing who they really were.

                          • Yep. I think the St. John family was fucked up even before the ZA, Danny especially. He seems like a sadist, wouldn't be surprised if he was the one to suggest cannibalism to Andy & Brenda in the first place. Plus he has unused dialogue that implies he's a pedo. His obsession with his rifle Charlotte is creepy too, and he did taxidermy on his mother's dead cat...

                            It was only 3 months into the ZA when they started cannibalizing other people, hell they had a whole field of corn and a cow, yet they had to resort to the lowest act possible. The Motor Inn group was living off of scraps.

                          • Alt text

                            That'd be me standing over the cannibals.

                      • Unless you were fooled like what the St.John family did in S1.

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                          SaltLick305 BANNED

                          I know hard things must be done to survive, But I still don't get how they had the stomach for that I mean IMO Andy and Brenda didn't seem like they were such baaad people or anything like that.

                          • I just kinda' thought that it was just Danny.

                          • You're right. They seemed all nice and friendly but when pushed over the edge they went with basic instinct and shoved humanity out the door. To them meat was meat.

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                              SaltLick305 BANNED

                              Not Danny though, I knew he was crazy from the moment I saw him

                            • True, true. It's scary what people will do for survival or when they're pushed too far. They'll abandon all morals and humanity just to keep what's important to them alive, whether it be themselves, their family, etc.

                              Andy was in denial, Brenda tried to justify it but couldn't, and Danny, well, I'm a bit conflicted on him but I think he genuinely thought what they were doing was right because it was for survival. I honestly teared up when Andy was screaming at Lee as the Motor Inn group walked away, the guy was totally and completely broken.

                              You know TWDG is a good game when you actually get emotional over a cannibal.

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                                SaltLick305 BANNED

                                Brenda had Lee and Katjaa at gunpoint and didn't kill either one of them, She even said " I don't wanna kill you Lee" , Andy and Brenda had a (Slightly) better side we never got to know and they didn'e enjoy what they were doing while Danny seemed to have no problem with it.

                                • Just because she didn't want to kill him doesn't mean she would have any qualms about eating freshLee cut steaks and chops if Danny had the chance to make them.

                                • That's why I loved Starved for Help, you see these cannibals who have nearly completely given up on their morals and humanity, and true to Telltale's morally grey style when all is said and done and you're given the chance to kill them, you're conflicted on whether or not you actually want to (well me at least), because like everybody else in the ZA they're just doing what they can to survive. They're not evil, heartless monsters without feeling and depth of emotion, no one is realistically. I've never found a game that evoked that sort of feeling from me before. It's been a year since I finished EP2 and I'm still in awe of the fantastic characterization and storytelling. OK I'll shut up about my love for Starved for Help now lol

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                                    SaltLick305 BANNED

                                    THANK YOUUU !! This is exactly how i feel and I went over this witj Eddie somewhere else. What they did was terrible but the fact that they were done out of necessity to survive makes slighly undertand their actions better

                                    • I just can't consider what they did necessity. Not while living on a farm surrounded by vegetables. If Crawford was the cannibals that would have made sense to me in terms of necessity. Not the three dairy farmers.

                                      Edit: I know we had a whole discussion on this before, but this is just something I completely disagree with.

                                  • I honestly felt no hesitation to kill them, and no consequent remorse. As I said above, I don't trust cannibals enough to keep them alive, and as I said in another thread, they did not need to eat people. They had fresh access to dairy, and plenty of acres of corn planted. That alone could sustain them while they hunted things other than people. They obviously searched pretty far and wide, since the trap that killed Ben's teacher was nearer to the Motor Inn than the Dairy. Meanwhile the Motor Inn was surviving on apple halves and processed cheese, and they never considered cannibalism.

                                  • Very well said @Sayakamiki. There was no clear definition of right and wrong but rather all grey area so it gave us plenty of think about well after the game was over. I was also incredibly impressed with the intellectual depth to which TTG put forth in the character development and storytelling (hence their company name).

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                                      SaltLick305 BANNED

                                      The mistake people make when discussing the St. Johns is getting into details. "They lived in a farm" "They had enough food" "They had a cow". Whether we find it atrocious or not small details are not gonna change the fact that they were done for survival.

                                      • I agree with that @SaltLick305. Definitely done for survival but perhaps as a supplement to their current surplus of food. It's warped logic on their part but I totally understand your point of view.

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                                          SaltLick305 BANNED

                                          Exactly ! What they did was sick, Hell you have my permission to call them psychopaths but I still Understand their actions more than Carver's and even Stranger's to a point. Carver dors fucked up things for an obsession with a child he doesn't even know if its his and his "feelings" towards Rebecca. Stranger caused the death of a couple of people because of some crazy revenge plan he had in mind, So yeah I understand the St.Johns more than those two.

                                      • Oh yeah, I forgot, they also had the bandits to deal with, the St. John's were bargaining with them. Meat in exchange for the bandits leaving them and the farm alone, I think it was.

                                        So, on top of feeding themselves they also had to deal with keeping the bandits off their back by supplying them with food. I think that might've been why they resorted to cannibalism so early into the ZA. Never thought I'd be trying to make sense of cannibals... you can't really make sense out of it though, I wouldn't have gone as far as cannibalism even if bandits were breathing down my neck.

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                                          SaltLick305 BANNED

                                          Neither did I but like Kenny said, Everyday is a school day.

                                        • You're right @Sayakamiki. I forgot about the bandits. Still they were psychopaths as SaltLick pointed out. We'll probably never understand their rationale for cannibalism or heck anyone who does that.

                                          I wouldn't have done it either. I would rather starve than eat another human being.

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                                            SaltLick305 BANNED

                                            You wanna know my reasoning for this ? In the ZA you can't try to figure out who did more fucked up things like in real life you have to measure it by the reasons those people had to do these terrible things. And I personally Understand survival more than a sexual obsession and a shitty revenge plan.

                                            • I agree, but I think Carver's issue isn't a sexual obsession but more of a paternal one. Or maybe he's a complete control freak who can't stand the idea of people going astray from him and his group, and so tracked them down for what he thinks is their own good. I find it hard to believe that one person would go to such lengths and be so persistently determined to find a baby that might not even be theirs, there has to be other reasons than that. Though I think the baby is one of his reasons for tracking them, I don't think it's the full reason entirely.

                                              I don't know enough about his character yet to really make a proper judgement on him, but that's what I've gotten from him so far. I could be completely wrong, maybe all he does care about is the baby.

                                          • Yeah, the guilt of having eaten someone for my own survival would be too much for me to bear. Let alone killing people on a regular basis and eating them too. When things sink so low that human meat is your only food source, I'd rather die from starvation at that point.

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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    I agree with you I think everyone will be dead or something Im not sure but everything will go bad

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    rayallen BANNED

    You're right everything will go bad like always :(..

  • This is a theory of mine, I said it before in a comment but nvm. In episode 3 Luke will show up with a plan. They are going to wait till the shit hits the fan in episode 4 when that HUGEE horde of zombies attack and they will search for an opening and get the hell out. A lot of people will die while trying to escape so just a handful will make it. Carver, mad as hell because they turned against him and abandoned him will start a hunt with his remaining men. In the end Clem and the survivors make it to Wellington but the place is worse than they could have possibly imagined. Carver will get to them and on a last effort they'll try to defend from him Clem runs for it. Madly angry Carver will follow her shouting and searching around. In the end they will confront each other, Clem kills him. She doesn't know what happened with her friends she left behind but walkers start showing up so she'll hide in a dark place. Clem will just wait in the darkness, realizing how alone she is now and that there is no going back. Walkers surround the place and BAM that's it. It's one of my theories. It could be something close to it I don't know.

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    Beastwolf BANNED

    Either overrun by walkers like you say or some crazy fucker is the leader, Sounds good ?

  • Yeah. It's not as it seems. It's just gonna be a Woodbury. You know, from the show

  • Yeah, the Wellington plan won't work out. I do, however, think that a few more characters will survive Season 2 than survived Season 1.

  • It could go both ways: Wellington will be basically Alexandria Safe zone 2.0 or like Carver said "there's nothing up there like it is down here"

  • Who else thinks that....

    .... you should not use phrases like "who else thinks" when you're creating a topic, and instead just make an appropiate topic for what you want to discuss? For example you could use "What do you think about Wellington?" and then explain what you mean in the original post.

    You're just trying to lure people in with those phrases, and it's kind of douchey.

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