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???Questions About Fables???

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Hello, when playing this game I have had a few wonders about a few of the fables.
If you have an answer can you please tell me.

1.What is Cranes background? I have tried to research about him and all I found out was he was a headless horseman? I dont know if im right.

  1. I dont know if Bufkin has a background or a story because I have never saw him in anything before and im intrigued.

3.I dont know Toads background or his sons or im being stupid and dont remember.

  1. I dont know Bluebeards background.

Thank you for reading if you have any ideas even if they are small please can you tell me. Thank you!!!

  • In the actual game they have that 'Fables' screen that gives you little back stories on the people as you meet them. I don't know if there was one for all of them, but I do remember there's one for Bluebeard. (Basically it says he's a psychotic bastard who ended up cutting the heads off of innocent women.)

    I'm sure you could find more on TWAU Wiki.

  • are you referring the real world legends or the Fable/Wolf Among Us universe?

    for the TWAU 'verse you have the book of Fable that gives you the basic informations (needed = the game will assume that you know them) and the TWAU wiki

    for the real world, there is the link between tales/fables and the characters

    Crane = Sleepy Hollow Legend
    Bufkin = Wizard of Oz
    Toad = ...about any fairytale involving a toad (but not a Prince Frog, that's Flycatcher)
    Bluebeard = the Tale of Bluebeard

  • The fairy tale stories that each of these characters comes form are:

    Ichabod Crane is from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He is not the headless horseman, but is terrorised by one. In the story of Sleepy Hollow, Crane is... No spoilers! Go read for yourself. In the Fables comics that TWAU is based on, Crane was the Deputy Mayor as we see here, but is then deposed. His story continues in the comics, so no spoilers there either.

    Bluebeard is the pirate of the same name. He likes to behead brides, and is a nasty bit of gear in both the original story and the Fables universe.

    Toad is Toad of Toad Hall from Kenneth Graham's The Wind in the Willows, hence the irony of him being a slum lord in Fabletown. He is not in the Fables comics much, so this is the most we know about him.

    Bufkin is a winged monkey from L Frank Baum's Oz books. They are probably best know as the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz movie. Bufkin's story in Fabletown is quite extensive. He is bright, mischievous and is employed in the business office to keep the filing and library in order. He is not well like, particularly by the Office staff, but they can't sack him because he knows where everything is and has encyclopaedic knowledge of Fabletown. His story in the comics is detailed and easily spoiled, so no more.

    Hope this clears some stuff up. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you need to read the Fables comics by Bill Willingham. They are extraordinary and as a sustained narrative created over more than a decade, quite exceptional. If you can, I suggest finding the books and paying the authors their well earned royalties.

  • I made a post on this a while ago for players who were interested. (The origin stories, not the comic backgrounds). I'm going to keep updating as they continue to add characters in the game.

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