Favorite Walking Dead moments from show or Game

Lets discuss are favorite moments in the show or game :)


  • Really It just posted 0.12 seconds and i already have dislikes? I was just telling my funny moments and asking what your moments were.

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    god why do people dislike you lol did you like punch them or set them on fire or something I don't see anything in your topic that would warrant all these downvotes xD

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  • Damn so many dislikes

  • it's not just me though they downvote clem's and others too for fun which is mean

  • anyways staying on track I thought it was funny whenever clem is climbing the ladder and when she slips and yells at luke to shut up or when she say he looks like an idiot lol

  • Nah don't worry ! People will check the thread out no matter how many downvotes it has if they see you didn't deserve them they will comment here and interact with you.

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  • So what's ya'll funny or favorite moments :)

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    well I don't know if your female or male your pic is Rosita and your name is jill valentine from RE so I assume your female? or not? plz don't be offended lol

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    Clem saying "I dont know" when Lee asked her if she licked the saltlick. (her expression is so cute).

    Kenny calling Nick, "Vanilla Ice".

    "That thing ain't full of milk, Charles" - Kenny

    Lee teaching Clem to protect herself.

    Lee hacking his way through a horde of walkers. So badass!

    Clem's brief friendship with Sam the dog.

    Kenny and Clem reuniting. Such an emotional moment.

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    i shouldn't have went off on u it was a question im srry

  • Those are some funny moments. Also when lee asked Clem if she put the bugs under the pillow after blaiming duck she said yes XD. Atleast we know Clem is an honest person :)

  • don't be mean I didn't mean to offend you I just didn't know sorry :(

  • I'm srry plz forgive me James. i lost it a bit.

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  • A subtle one that I always laugh at is Ben's expression when Travis says, "My dad was Special forces, I know what I'm doing!" Keep your eyes on Ben's face and how fast it changes from a normal face to a wide eyed freaked out look. Likely due to the animation, but I like imagining Ben is thinking, "Ah, hell, there he goes again..."

    A lot of Clem's friend moments with Luke are also funny, especially her comments to him while climbing the tower. And when she scares the bird off; I don't know why I find that funny, but I do. :P

    When finding the boat: "Holy shit..." "(with a little shrug) Swear." It's like she just doesn't care any more but does it out of habit.

    My sister and I get a huge kick out of Lee calling Larry an old fuck every single time. I will always pick that option because it's simultaneously badass and funny. "You wanna get violent, you old fuck?!"

    Anything with Doug really. Eating the biscuits, bringing a laser pointer to a gun fight, whipping out useless trivia on chalk, and annoying Mark by listing off all the types of pie.

    Both Doug and Carley's reaction to the biscuits are pretty funny too. "Holy moly! :D" "Amazing... 0_0"

    Lee raising his hand with a dorky smile when Christa asks who the hell likes Civil War history.

    And nearly every single line from Eddie. "Holy shit, I should watch for cows! COWS! When was the last time you saw a cow, man?!"

    Wyatt has some gems too. "There you are, ya piece of shits...", "I'll go, you pussy, give me the gun",

    There's more, but I'll leave it there for now.

  • Yeah, Wyatt said some pretty funny shit, like "Hey, my name's Eddie. I ate paint when I was a kid, doi!" or something like that lol

  • Some people just downvotes everything. It is not because you make bad disscusions

  • Two of my favorite funny moments were when Clem admitted to putting the bugs on Duck's pillow, and her reaction to the question regarding the salt lick. :P My favorite emotional moment was reconnecting with Kenny.

  • Clem is a funny character she probably did lick the saltlick :)

  • here's a joke from Carol. What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nut? Beer nuts cost 1.69 while you can get deer nuts under a buck :)

  • Anytime Rick screams CORRRRAL!!!!!!

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    Favorite moment of A New Day - When walkers invaded the drugstore at the end

    Favorite moment of Starved for Help - Probably that epic fucking intro when Lee chopped off David's leg

    Favorite moment of Long Road Ahead - Bandits raiding the motor inn

    Favorite moment of Around Every Corner - Ben letting the walkers into the school and having hell unleash

    Favorite moment of No Time Left - Lee's Death

    Favorite moment of 400 Days - Vince or Wyatt's story

    Favorite moment of All That Remains - Intro bathroom scene

    Favorite moment of A House Divided - The last 20 minutes, so fucking epic and tense

    Favorite moment/episode of Season 1 (The Show) - Days Gone Bye, Episode 1

    Favorite moment/episode of Season 2 (The Show) - The Season Finale (Where walkers invaded the farm), I also liked 18 Miles out (Rick v. Shane)

    Favorite moment/episode of Season 3 (The Show) - Episode 10, Home, the last 10 minutes where Philip kills Axel and wreaks havoc on the prison
    with his AUG or the small 1 minute prison raid in Welcome To The Tombs where Martinez shot a grenade launcher at the watch tower and Shumpert started being badass on the .50 cal

    Favorite moment/episode of Season 4 (The Show) - Too Far Gone, The mid season finale, Ep. 8, do I need to really explain? MY FAVORITE CHARACTER HAD A FUCKING TANK! Also Internment was nice

    Favorite moment in the comics - The whole All Out War chapter

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