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A question about shipping before i purchase

posted by Wa1sh on - last edited - Viewed by 178 users
Im looking at buying the season 1 Episode bundle. Is it possible to send the Game-DVD to Australia or is it a USA only deal?


Do i get access to the downloadable versions of the games so i can play while the disk is still on the boat ?
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  • Telltale will ship to pretty much anywhere, Australia being one. It's not a USA-only deal, so don't worry.

    I'm presuming this is about Sam & Max season one? If so, yes, you can download the games and play them while you wait for the DVD. If you're talking about Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, then only the first episode is up for download at the moment, with the rest coming in future months. When the season is over your DVD will be sent to you when you order it.
  • ok thanks for the info - Do you think or know if there will be an issue with area coding on the DVD. Because i know video-DVD' from the USA wont work on an Australian DVD player or in Australian DVD drives for the computer due the the area coding.
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