• probably a bunch of minor/unnamed characters
    Alvin(sorry Alvin :( but your determent and carver hates you)
    Sarita(its gonna set Kenny off)

    if anyone says Nick I will punch you :O

  • nick, alvin and rebecca

  • -Nick







    -All of Carver's guards (Tisha, Tyler, Vera, Hank)


  • I think the only deaths I'd risk in predicting next is Carlos' or Sarah's. Mainly because either of their deaths would set off the other, which could lead into heavier character development. Although I'd first like to point out that I hope neither of them die. I've warmed up to them since Episode 1! Yet unfortunately, one of them kicking the bucket makes sense to me plot-wise. Here's my reasoning for both scenarios:

    If Carlos died, Sarah would have to face the harsh, cruel world by herself with [perhaps] only Clementine to teach her the necessary ropes of survival, making us almost like Lee again. We've already seen possible hints of this if we teach her how to shoot a gun. Depending on our choices, she may prevail, or she may falter. Her fragile state of mind (anxiety issues?) would be in our hands.

    but on the flip side

    If Sarah died, Carlos would have to face the reality of his failure in better equipping his daughter with the means of supporting and/or defending herself. Depending on whether or not her death was a result of our decisions, he may learn to appreciate Clementine's past attempts in convincing him to let her "grow up" and helping her be more independent, or he may despise her for it.

    Of course, I could be way off. It's almost two in the morning here; my cognitive abilities aren't really up to par at the moment. Plus, who knows what Telltale will pull next? I trust their story making skills more than my own.

    I'm not too sure about Alvin dying that soon if he did survive Episode 2, due to the possibility of it ending up being too predictable. And since for the first time ever we have two determinant characters, I have a theory that we might actually be given the opportunity down the road to keep one alive. Maybe even all the way till the end. Though if this is the case, I'm saving Nick. I feel bad for saying this, but I just understand and get along with him better. Despite the fact that most players feel differently.

  • I just realized no main character has become a walker yet that would be cool if someone in the group or carver turns and you had to put them down.

    ya I know the teacher did but he wasn't really a main character

  • Worried it's Carlos. :(

    If Alvin and Nick aren't going to die soon, they'll play a role like Ben in No Time Left- they're there, but they won't play that much of a difference.

  • Bye Katjaa 2.0


    If not her then Rebecca and Alvin

  • Carlos, Rebecca, Sarita, maybe Alvin. I'm hoping that Nick and Alvin won't die in the next episode and TTG will actually put effort into making the story different with them around, instead of killing them off straight away so they can forego that. I think Rebecca will die while in labor, and Carlos will be killed to further advance Sarah's character development. Sarita just seems like an expendable character, Kenny will most likely have a breakdown when she bites the dust. Lots of Carver's lackeys will probably die too.

  • Next to die would be Nick and Alvin obviously. (in case you decided to save them)

    Next after them would be Sarita, probaply Rebbeca and/or her baby and maybe Carlos or Sarah. Ofcourse people of Carvers group will die aswell, that goes without saying.

  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Rebecca dies delivering the baby or is killed shortly after by carver

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