If you could bring anyone back?

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I was just wondering if I could go back and stop a character from dying (Apart from Lee because that goes without saying) I'd probably choose either Carley, Pete or Duck. How about you?



  • definitely pete i felt he should not have died as early as he did

  • Carley or Walter or Matthew

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    Pete or Omid or Carley or Doug or Shawn or Katja...any familiar face would be nice- even Lilly.

  • Omid. I miss him :(

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    If you only had one choice, why would anybody bring back Duck?
    "He's dumb as a bag of hammers, but he makes up for it in enthusiasm." Euphamism for "why oh why didn't we put him on Ritalin..."

    My answer is pretty obvious - Carley (ironically I feel like I like her more after picking my avatar...)

  • Taste the feels

    Omid. I miss him

  • Omid is my first choice. After that, Katjaa, but I don't think she would survive long without Kenny protecting her. She doesn't like guns and isn't exactly the pragmatic survivalist type. Also, maybe Mark. I wish he hadn't been a redshirt, but he's so gullible and quick to trust that I think he wouldn't survive long either even if he wasn't cannibalized.

  • I would bring back either Mathew or Walter. Maybe even uncle pete

  • Carley cuz she cool

  • I'd bring back Carley, Omid, Pete, or Walter. I'd love to have either of them back again.

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    Winston. He'd be all surprised at being resurrected and go "are you fucking kidding me!?!"

  • I'd definitely bring Omid back. I like to think that if Omid was still alive, Christa wouldn't have gone off by herself while she was with Clem, leaving Clem by herself. Plus, I really need some more comic relief!

  • Definitely Walter. He got more character development during his 30 minute lifespan than some characters have over multiple episodes.

  • reads thread title before cliking on it

    Me: Well, I'd say Lee. No contest.

    Goes to thread, sees "anyone apart from Lee." Dies inside

    If I can't bring Lee back, an easy second for me is Pete. I hoped he'd hang in there for another Episode, but alas... He was a good guy, one that deserved to live.

  • Man, when Omid died like 5 minutes into S2 I was like FUCK ME HERE WE GO AGAIN.

    Omid. I miss him

  • Omid, Pete, and Carley.

  • Carley or Omid ! (:

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    Omid & Pete, I miss them both ;-;

  • Omid, Chuck, or Carley. Oh how I miss bromid ;(

  • i would bring back kenny if i could...oh wait :D
    no but seriously i would bring back carley in a heartbeat

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    Walter, BrOmid and Chuck.

  • Definitely Omid. I shed so many manly tears with his death

  • Omid. Totally.

  • I was thinking how happier Kenny would have been if he still had Duck... but then again the story wouldn't have been as interesting. :)

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    If you only had one choice, why would anybody bring back Duck? "He's dumb as a bag of hammers, but he makes up for it in enthusia

  • It's a toss up between Chuck and Omid for me.

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    1. Carley
    2. Omid
    3. Pete

    Outside of Lee, that's about it. Well, Chuck too, but I decided to only post my top 3.

  • I noticed that you didn't mention Larry. :D

    Pete or Omid or Carley or Doug or Shawn or Katja...any familiar face would be nice- even Lilly.

  • Omid for sure. Carley, and Pete would be nice too.

  • I feel like i should say pete. But i like bill and carley too

  • Charm ass himself, Larry!

  • Ben for sure. Look at that shitbird face ;( Alt text

  • It tastes like waffles.

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    Taste the feels

  • Omid or Carley.

  • I would bring back Matthew I really liked him the 5 minutes he was alive.

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    Chuck (Charles if you're fancy) is my number one. He risked (and lost) his life for a group of strangers that hijacked his house.

    Alt text

    All hail Chuck.

  • Omid and Pete... don't make me decide :'(

  • No one. This is the Zombie Apocalypse and when someone dies they need to stay dead (or become a walker) otherwise it just becomes a typical video game where no choices matter because if someone dies they just come back. That would eliminate the drama or fear of our decisions because we could bring anyone back. That to me would ruin the game.

    Same point with those who rewind to a certain point to replay a scene to change an outcome.. In a real apocalypse there is no rewind. I have never replayed a scene just because I didnt like the outcome.. Even if the timer is running down and I scramble to make a selection, though it wasnt what I really would have chosen, because that's the point in the timer.. We wouldnt always have the luxury of time to make a decision.

    Play the game as it's intended.. Mourn the lost and carry on!

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