• Its like with Ben. He's a screw up but a loveable screw up. Plus I feel like I know Nick better than any of them really. I still dont get what's up with Luke,Alvin or Carlos, they all have some history with Carver. Nick has his issues but I know what his deal is, plus if you want an answer why to like him replay on another save file and give him the watch .

  • Well, for me, I like him because he's realistically flawed without being annoying and totally unlikable. And while he does remind me of Ben, unlike him Nick is actually able to correct his mistakes, apologize honestly, and isn't a coward. Ben would only fess up when the guilt became too much for himself to bear, and he picked the shittiest possible time to do so. Plus he ran away to save his own ass when Clem was in danger, so I'm not a big fan of him.

    Nick's aggressive and impulsive, and that trait is what got Matthew killed, but I don't think he's a bad guy. If he was, he wouldn't of wanted to apologize to Walter (Luke was the one who insisted they should cover it up) and probably wouldn't go out of his way to protect Luke and Clementine in the first place. And I think he's hilarious. I feel I can relate to him more than any of the cabin group members, but maybe that's because we've had a lot of interaction with him so far and not so much with some of the other members of the group.

    • I completely agree with you.

      People also need to cut him some slack a little bit, you can tell from the story about the deer that Nick is a pretty sensitive guy, and having to put down his own mother, then losing his father figure and only living relative must have been quite a shock and it left him reeling.

      You could tell from his interaction with Luke before him and Clem went on the bridge that Nick wanted to protect Luke too, since he's pretty much all he has left (whether people ship the two or not, it's obvious they care about each other a lot either way), and that is why he shot Matthew. and even then, he was brave enough to tell the truth when it mattered and put his own life on the line to do the right thing.

      Nick is a fantastic character. Likeable yet flawed, with an interesting personality. I pretty much started liking him immediately once he apologized to Clem in episode 1, it takes a strong person to own up to their mistakes, and he had his reasons.

  • Yeah I think the same thing about Nick. I also really don't like him but I don't dislike him either he is just...meh though I do feel sorry for him

  • Well Nick is a mix up of 3 characters.
    Kenny - appearance
    Ben - screwing up
    Lily - shoting people for NO reason.
    I dont like him much i dont know.

  • To quote what I just typed out in another thread.

    For me, Nick is the type of character Ben should have been. A potential detriment to the group, but not someone who was made for the sole purpose of being hated with every passing thing that he does.

    Whether it's his relationship with Luke and Pete, or the way he tries to own up to the things he's done, I like that he's characterized beyond his ability to make mistakes.

    • Exactly. Ben was easy to hate. I pitied him for fucking up so often on a massive scale even though he had good intentions, but he was so painfully cowardly that I still disliked him nonetheless. What really set me off was when he ran instead of saving Clem from the walkers that were surrounding them both. Nick is what Ben would be like if Ben had a backbone, and like you said, not characterized by making mistakes.

      Clem is 10 or so years younger than Ben and yet she's more mature and capable right now at the age of 11 than he ever was.

    • That's a solid viewpoint on Nick, thanks for the post. I do like that he's Ben version 2, much improved over the original.

  • He's a loveable idiot. I love when he says "Comin to tuck me in?"

  • Nick has something called le mullet.

  • I like Nick mainly because I feel like he's a more mature and grown-up version of Ben. Yeah, he's got his flaws, but he's got a strong will and isn't afraid to own up to his mistakes. I personally can't wait to see how his character will develop over the course of the season.

    Oh, and a question that is semi-off topic: Why does everyone say that determinant characters don't last for more than two episodes? Did Telltale state this at some point, or is it just assumed?

    • It's just assumed due to what happened to Carley/Doug who were killed off randomly and for near to no reason. Plus, if you think about it, determinant characters can't really have much impact on the plot, since they'd be dead in some games and not in others.

      That being said though, nearly EVERYONE died in the first season, determinant or not. So it's hard to tell if Carley/Doug were killed off due to their determinant status.

      • Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Kinda sad that determinant players can't have much impact on the plot, though. I'd like to see some more character development for pretty much every member of the group, but with Alvin and Nick being determinant, what are the chances of them getting any development?

        • Well, Ben and Kenny did get some character development in Ep. 5 if you saved Ben.

        • I'm not sure to be honest. The choices in season one was more like "choose between the two", while in season two what you are deciding is whether a character lives or dies.
          The only character in season one you had that power over was Ben, and he died in the next episode anyway, but that episode was the final one.

          I guess we won't really know until the next episode, but it would be nice to see some more character development if you can manage to keep them alive. I see it as a "reward" of sorts, keep the character alive, learn more about them :P

          I'm determined to keep Nick alive as long as possible, I promised both Pete and Luke i'd take care of him haha

        • Telltale did say they'd do more branching off so Nick and Alvin might last longer than the previous determinants.(?)

          • Oh man, I certainly hope so! I would love to see the different interactions in the group between saving Nick and Alvin versus saving one, but the other dies versus both of them being dead.

          • I hope so, I want Nick to stay alive for as long as possible, it was Uncle Pete's dying wish for him to be taken care of after all. And I'd like to learn more about Alvin, too. It would just seem sloppy to have them killed off in the next episode..

  • Because he's a flawed Jerkass, but one who is redeemable and relatable. He's sort of like a more mature version of Ben. He's impulsive, but lacks the naïveté that makes Ben so annoying to me.

  • If there's someone I trust on this group, it's Nick

    I don't know the rest

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