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Christa's fate

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What do you think, dead or alive? Probably dead I think but still I want her back.

  • No way they'd kill her off-screen. Not for reasons of development either... just because TellTale are evil and wouldn't miss out on a chance to kill someone horribly on-screen to make us all sad.

    • She must come back. Clem wants to go to Wellington and Christa to. If I were her I was on my way to Wellington and thinking this. If Clem is still living I will find her there... Hopefully.

  • I'm thinking we'll run into her next episode. She could be at Carver's compound. Heck, its possible that the bandits that Clem and her ran into worked for Carver.

  • It all depends who fired that shot. Someone may have saved her however other wise I think she's gone. That said they keep referencing her so maybe she's still around I feel she wouldnt make much of an impact on most people now just finding her dead

  • No way she's dead. I bet we'll see her again before the end of the season, possibly in Wellington.

  • Well here's the facts that could work as clues to find out what happened to Christa : 1) Clem left here backpack at the campsite. 2) Victor, Clem's backpack, and Winston's spear are all seen at the river. The backpack is actually right next to Victor, which means that they must have been to the campsite and taken it. 3) Winston doesn't have his spear when he starts chasing Clementine. 4) In one of Clem's death scenes, Victor comes and says "Hey, forget about the girl, we gotta go! Just finish her!" The only thing I can think of is that Christa ran off, but we might find out what really happened later on or something

  • She's alive until proven otherwise. ;) But seriously... I do believe she's alive and that we will come across her again.

    I believe TT separated her and Christa so Clem had to stand on her own two feet (and by this I mean allowing the player to have more control. Even though we'd been with Clem all through season 1 and it was the obvious choice, people still had their doubts about playing as Clem..) and bring in new characters. I believe Rebecca being pregnant isn't just a link to Carver but to fill in some blanks in those 16 months. We'll possibly come across her in the next episode or at least before the end of the season.

  • I feel like after bringing Kenny back somewhat improbably, they might want to inject some depressing realism by showing that Christa died, or just never answering the question.

  • I don't honestly think she is dead. There so much history they share that hasn't even been remotely shared. If they leave us with an empty 16 months I'll be more than upset.

  • Christa's fate will be explored next season. But seriously I think she's alive and hope that we meet up with her again this season.

  • I think she is alive. Why wauld TTG keep her status unknown only to find out she is dead later.

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