Kenny's Changed?

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hi! after playing season 2 episode 2 of the walking dead, its mentioned that a lady up at the lodge thinks that Kennys changed, i think this myself but i cant tell whats changed about him, anyone think theyve figured it out?

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  • From what I've seen, Kenny has changed a little bit. It's clear he isn't over losing his family, and I think Sarita might be his replacement for Katjaa. He's probably going to get more erratic and moody now that Clem (a constant reminder of Lee, Kat and Duck) is with him. He still seems like a bit of a jerk, though. I really like Kenny, but the 'I did what I had to do and you didn't!' attitude is beginning wear a bit thin.

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    Of course Kenny's changed! He's got an angelic beard now!

    jk, I know what you're talkin' about though.

  • I think he's burying his old family. What I mean by that, is I think to drown out his old family from his mind he's replacing everyone that was in his family. First, he replaced Kat with Sarita and now Duck with Clem.

  • I think he has PTSD after what happened to him. Symptoms are Flashbacks (he called Clem, Duck), Irritability or outbursts of anger (shown more than once in this Episode) or feeling jumpy and easily startled...

    i really hope we will get back the old Kenny one day

  • That's true. He probably was actually seeing Clem as Duck. And he snapped at Sarita awfully loudly and harshly.

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