Do you think that during an argument with clementine...(S2 E2 spoilers)

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...Kenny will say will say something like "Shut up, Lee!!" ?

I mean, it already is an obvious that there's the possibility he'll blurt out katjaa's name when talking to Sarita. But what if instead it's Lee's name he blurts out during an argument/fight with clementine or something?


  • I think it'll probably be overkill if Telltale does that. I think they already illustrated the point clearly enough. Could happen though.

  • That wouldn't be repetitive at all. When he called Clem Duck is was shocking and disturbing. Doing it multiple times, even once more, would ruin that effect. Not only making the second time worthless, but drastically diminishing the effect of the first.

  • I'd be so mad, shocked, and sad that I'd probably end up letting the conversation time out.

  • He probably wouldn't blurt it out as a Freudian slip again, but I could see Kenny bringing up Lee in a hurtful way if Clementine does/says something that he disagrees with. Like maybe if Clem tries to talk Kenny down from attempting a really reckless plan, he'd say something like "I thought Lee would've taught you better than that" or "I should've figured you'd say exactly what Lee would say."

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    I bet in the next episode kenny will try and make Clem pick a lock to get out of Carvers Camp... "Clem your Urban right"??

  • I'm already on edge around him. If he says anything like that, he'll have wished he never crossed that line.

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    Bad joke, beating a dead horse, sorry.

  • And then what? He punches Clementine and then holds a grudge against her for the whoooole season, because that's Kenny!

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    Tell me, how does this happen? What makes that happen?

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    God, bless that old lovable dick.

  • lol it doesn't, i just edited some screenshots to make a joke.

  • oh... well I feel like a dumbass now........... Still it was funny though, good job.

  • That's okay! I posted it on Tumblr awhile back and a lot of people who reblogged it asked how to get that option, so you're not alone in thinking it was real!

  • I actually really like that idea. It'd probably a good way to "bring up old memories" in a pretty subtle way which would yet be pretty hurtful.
    It would also twist any conversation and his character if Kenny would just somewhat insult Lee's ways right to Clementines face, it would also totally wake up the feels.

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    Dunno why but Nick's face just made me lol

    "Wut? ._."

  • He's just that douche everyone can't help but to love.

  • Clementine... Lee taught you how to pick locks right?

    Clem: what? why would you think that?

    Kenny: well he was.... urban. and you're.... semi-urban?

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