• I think Luke is a good guy. Though he is obviously hiding something (along with the cabin group). But I think I can trust him

  • So my question is does anyone else feel that Luke may not be as friendly as he appears perhaps he has a dark past similar to Alvin? I honestly want to like Luke but I don,t know if he can be trusted.

    Well, only time will tell if Luke is a bad guy or not. But then again "First impressions aren't always lasting" so take that for what you will.

  • I really don't understand how Carver has convince people that Luke is a bad guy. Seriously? You going to take word from Carver, the main bad guy and might even be a sociopath. Carver seems to be sort of person to say something and twist people against their friends. Maybe Luke is a traitor, if he is then I'll be the first person to say I was mistaken. Until its proving I am not going to take Carver's word for anything.

    • Carver put out some valid points, especially when he says, "If they can't trust you, how can you trust them". That got me thinking. This guy has been up front with you about everything. He practically tells you he's after everyone, because of his baby. Heck Luke even says that, when he asks you "What is one thing everyone is looking for". And the answer was: family. The guy wants his baby back. It's true we don't know what's going on at Carver's camp. But Luke just running away from the people he "Saved" just don't sit right with me.

      • Hey I said what I was thinking. You can think whatever you want, you can't change my mind. Offically Luke isn't there because Kenny told him to take a hike. Believe what you want to believe just don't expect everyone to think the way you do.

        • What are you talking about? I'm not trying to convenience you of anything. Clearly I said Carver got me thinking of this. I don't expect anyone to think as I do. I was just sharing my thoughts. So, sorry if I offended you :)

      • That doesn't make any sense. How does them not trusting you right off the bat mean you can't trust them? You would think that if they were nice to you and trusted you immediately then there's something to be worried about (St. Johns). Also how was Carver straightforward to Clem at all? I'm going to display some of the parts of the conversation where he was NOT straightforward.

        Example #1:

        Caver: I'm out looking for my people. Seven of them, to be exact. They've been gone a long while and... I'm worried they might've gotten lost.

        Clem: That's a lot of people to lose.

        Carver: Tell me about it.

        Yeah they totally got "lost." Way to not beat around the bush Carver.

        Example #2:

        Clem: Who are you?

        Carver: Well, actually, I'm your neighbor.

        Obvious lie. I didn't know Carver was the cabin group's "neighbor."

        Example #3:

        Clem: What's your name?

        Carver: My name is George, honey.

        Another obvious lie. His name is William Carver or Bill for short. George is the guy Alvin supposedly killed.

        Example #4:

        Clem: Wait! Who are you?

        Carver: You have a real good day, now.

        Carver is not straightforward. If you ask him why you shouldn't trust the cabin group, he doesn't even answer the question of why they shouldn't be trusted. He's as, if not more, ambiguous than the cabin group itself. I could go on, but for the sake of keeping the post as short as possible, I'll stop there.

        • I didn't say he was straightforward, I said he practically tells you what he's after, which he did. Also the St. Johns never trusted or distrusted Lee and his group. They just wanted to eat them. Playing nice was just a ruse. I think Carver has a good point, Carlos group hasn't done anything to actually prove they can be trusted. If someone was quick to accuse me of working with someone, and locked me in a shed to basically die. I don't think I could trust them, even after they apologized. I'd still be walking on eggshells around them.

          They've shown no reason to trust them so far, and Clem's been with them for about a week or two. So I'd heed Carver's warning, there's more to that group than what's been seen.

          • Let's see. Carver says he's after "looking" for the cabin group, but doesn't tell you who he is or why he's after them. The cabin group is at least specific on Carver's intentions even though they don't say what each individual did. Cabin group locks you in the shed because they're suspicious of you, but then apologizes and tries to make it up to you. They even saved Clem's life like Luke, Pete, and Carlos. Carver hits Clem in the stomach and brings Clem against her will to his camp where he makes her do menial labor. Yeah, Carver is definitely a better candidate than the cabin group.

            • All the group says is Carver is a bad guy, which we already knew from the start as with Carver's information. They are as Vague as he is. Telling us everything we already knew. Tell me, when has Luke saved Clem's life other than the first time he met her before the she incident, or Carlos. Clem saved herself, not Carlos or Luke. Pete is the only one I can truly say saved Clem's after the shed incident, he's the only one that was trustworthy. He believed you from the start everyone else could care less. Not to mention Carlos saying Clem was still a threat, and to stay away from his daughter. That group don't fully trust Clem.

              And as far as Carver punching Clem in the stomach, that's up to players choice. Carver has never struck Clem when I've played through. There's a reason for Carver saying that statement, and we won't know until the next episode. There has been shady things surrounding this group to convince me they're not as good as they are letting on.

              Edit: Also in the same episode both Kenny and Carver made you question if you can trust this group. I don't think that is a coincidence. There's something up.

              • It's pretty obvious that Carver is the bad guy. Carver tortures Carlos in front of his daughter. Kills Walter. Kills Alvin right in front of Rebecca (Determinant). Hits Clem in the stomach and puts a gun to her head (Determinant). Carver doesn't even release Clem after he catches the cabin group and he forces her to go to his camp. Also forcing people to go to his camp against their will in general. Think about it. If the cabin group believed that Clem was working with Carver, then that makes it seem like Carver is the type of person to send a little girl to infiltrate the cabin group. Yeah, you're right. Carver is such a great guy.

                Carlos saved Clem when she ran out of ammo and was getting surrounded by walkers. Carlos also told Clem to run inside the lodge while he was covering her because he doesn't want her to get hurt. Luke and Pete also saves Clem who was a total stranger to them from walkers by putting their life on the line. Pete died to make sure that Clem makes it back to the cabin group (Determinant) which Pete was apart of. If Pete trusts the cabin group and was a member of them then why shouldn't you? Nick also could save Clem by putting his life on the line to make sure she makes it to the cabin group (Determinant).

                Yeah Carver seems like a good person while the cabin group seem like horrible people. Sarcasm

                • I never said Carver is a good person, that's where you're losing me. I just stated that what he says should be taken into consideration. I agree Carver is bad, again I never said he wasn't. I just think the group isn't as good as they are portraying to be.

                  • Well, from what I can tell, the group aren't complete monsters. They seem like decent people. Everybody has a dark past. Even Lee. It took Lee 4 months to tell Clementine that he killed someone. You think the cabin group are just going to spill the beans to Clem in just one week?

                    • You are completely taking my words out of context. I never said the group should have shared there back story to Clem or anything like that. In a previous statement I've written that I acknowledge everyone in TWDU has a back story, and that's fine and dandy. All I wanted was to express to players they should maybe take Carver's words into consideration. There are two sides to the story, and as of right now for me personally I think I want to hear more of his side.

                      That's great that you have both the group and Carver figured out, but I don't and want more to go on before I can say I can trust this group.

  • I don't think we have any reason to not trust Luke. I mean yeah he knows more than he's told us so far but I don't think he's abandoned us. He saved us when we were a complete stranger who COULD have been working with Carver for all he knew. I think when Carver says the group shouldn't have followed him, I think he's referring to their escape. They way I see it is that Luke probably knew a few of the group before Carvers camp and befriended a few inside. He openly voiced his dislike about being in the camp or maybe Carver overheard him plotting to escape so Carver warned everyone to not even think about escaping/following Luke. Some people may have been thinking about it but decided against it after Carvers warning but Luke and co. went ahead and escaped anyway and I honestly don't think Carver would actually be too bothered about everyone else if it wasn't for the fact Rebecca and his baby went with them..

    • Honestly that's what I thought too. it was about the escape. Most people jump the gun and assumed. with the bridge it seemed that Luke didn't the plan thro. If he rash things too back when they were escaping it could explain why Alvin killed George. What Carver said about Alvin killing Georgie because he doesn't like Carver make no sense to me. If you want to kill someone you go after them, no their friend.

      • I wouldn,t have this opinion but from where im standing it just seems he cut and run abondoning his friends as soon as the shooting started. Like I said i want to like the guy its just this whole thing is suspicious.

        • Luke is gone because of Kenny. Him and Kenny got in a fight because of they couldn't agree on something. Kenny told him to take a hike, Kenny doesn't care about anyone about the people who are close around him and things have to go his way. If Luke dies because of Kenny I'm seriously going to be pissed off. Kenny mention what happens to Luke if you went out to look for him and Luke.

          • How do you know this?

            • Ok then I'll explain... when Carver stars hurting people Clememtine, Rebecca and Alvin hide on second floor of the cabin. They start talking basically it gives you two options. 1:give up, Carver gets Rebecca 2: go outside to look for Kenny and Luke. when I was playing through I was guessing that those people were dead, so I went with option 2. Clememtine climes out of a window. she ducks past some guards and spots Kenny holding a gun from an outside picnic spot. Once you reach him he tells you that he and Luke disagreed on something and at the end of it Kenny told Luke take a hike (basically to cool it off, through he might be dead). From then on Kenny starts shooting and you can ask him stop, continue or to give up, if you went outside its easier to control Kenny's actions so Alvin doesn't die.

              • But as AusZombie said, Kenny said that Luke was complaining, so he told him to take a hike. But why would he leave his entire group that he saved from Carver just because Kenny told him to take a hike. Wouldn't he have just left Kenny and returned to the lodge? Why would he leave his everyone?

                • I don't think he would, everyone is convince in what Carver is saying >__>
                  Maybe Luke was complaining and got frustrated with Kenny he went on a walk to carm himself, he would return after he calmed himself down. during that time Carver comes to the cabin to get Rebecca. they took their prisners to their camp. Luke comes back to cabin when after it happen, he even might have been surrounded by walkers and had to wait till he return the cabin....I am just guessing here.....I don't know we will find out.

                • For all we know Luke was just hiding in the forest and waiting for the right moment to strike, I know if I was in that situation I wouldn't be turning my self in to Carver - I'd follow the group until there was an opening for an attack. I don't think Luke has abandoned his friends. I think he's making plans...

          • All Kenny said was that Luke was complaining so he told him to take a hike. But Luke takes that as leave the entire group?

            • All we know is what Kenny told us - that Luke "took a hike". I doubt Luke has left the group. He's most likely coming up with a way to rescue them from the outside. You saw yourself Kenny didn't surrender straight away. He only surrenders when Clem takes the gun or Clem/Sarita are taken by Carver for the next bullet. TT purposely didn't show him to keep speculation and fans guessing but surely it's best to have at least SOMEONE on the outside to help them get out and Luke is the only one from the cabin group out of the camp..

      • Exactly my point. If it does turn out that Luke isn't to be trusted... I'll be VERY disappointed but I refuse to believe that unless it slaps me in the face and then I have to accept it.

  • I don't trust him, if you don't tell me right a way what the hell is going on, you being nice ain't working. Trusting me, trusting you, it only goes to two ways... but that's just me!

    • He's only known Clementine for like what? The past week? They already have like a bond but he hasn't really been open about much, that's probably because he has secrets to keep like the most of us. There are obviously a lot of secrets everyone, even those in the group, that they are hiding from each other. Such as Rebecca's baby daddy and i'm sure there is some other untold things to find out. I trust him though, seems like a nice enough guy.

  • Wait, did I miss something? Alvin has a dark past/secret? I do trust Luke, he probably did something in the past, but than again, almost everybody had.

  • I really do think he is a great guy, inside and out. I think he will come back to help the group in some way.

  • I think Luke is a good guy but he may have a thing for getting in over his head. There is definitely something shady going on with him though. During the kitchen conversation in episode 1, he questions if the others really think Carver would come after them. Yet in episode 2, he gives Clem a clear hint on why Carver is so insistent on chasing them. So why feign innocent skepticism in front of the group? It seems only he and Rebecca know the real reason for Carver's dogged pursuit and I have a feeling Rebecca and the baby are only a part of it.

    • Exactly. I don't trust him.

    • Yeah, I think this is it, basically. Luke is a charismatic guy--he convinced this group to follow him out of Carver's settlement, or whatever--but Luke probably didn't have a great plan for what they were going to do once they got away. Maybe he knew about the cabin, but didn't think it through far enough to have a Plan B in case Carver decided to come after them.

      I like Luke--I think he's a good guy, and definitely not a secret villain. If he disappeared, it's probably because he saw Carver's group closing in and realized he could do more good from a position of stealth--possibly, he even suspected that Carver would just kill him (as Luke was the ringleader) if he allowed himself to be taken.

  • Death by tray it shall be.

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