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Do you think season two will win GOTY?

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For me personally I think this will win another game of the year. Even though there are a lot of good games coming out I think TWD has a good chance
Please discuss!

  • Who knows depends really right now people are saying dark souls 2 is going to be game of the year but if TWD continues to be as good as if is I think it will win. Especially now the the witcher isn't releasing this year

  • It depends on the ending, I guess. I expect the drama to just continue climaxing, so I have my hopes.

    Okay, I can't hold it in. I hope it does, even though goty doesn't really mean anything, it'd pretty much confirm a season 3 :D

  • We can't really be certain about that just yet. But I do hope it does, although with the next-gen games on board, I'd say this is going to be one tough battle to say the least.

  • Don,t get me wrong i love TTG but i don,t know if they can recapture the fire in a bottle that was season 1.

    • Seems to me like they've already done it.

    • I think they've already out-done themselves. I think season two is just barely better than season one due to how awesome Clem is in this season. She was always amazing and adorable but now we get to see the sassy and "anti-pushover" Clementine in this one. I'm not too big of a fan of the really bitchy decisions that you can choose but it is nice that Clementine won't let her ideas be pushed down so easily.

    • same here i like season 2 but i think its not as good as season 1 and still they have to +roduce some amazing stuff to get GOTY vote from me

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    It might win awards, but I don't think it'll get as much media attention as the First Season got overall. Simply because it's a sequel. I'm pretty sure it can still win awards though, such as best downloadable game and best for voice actors. Melissa won the best female voice in the VGA's back in 2012. Quite a phenomenal achievement. And I don't think there's any ruling of being nominated a second time for the same award. Michael Madsen or Scott Porter might get a nomination for best male voice this year. Maybe even Gavin Hammon.

    But there is one thing to worry about, Season Two released in 2013 (on Christmas) yes, a majority of the Season will be out in 2014 but in the end, I'm afraid some people will simply count it as a 2013 game because of this.

  • Don't think we can say so yet. :)

    • Yeah, especially that it's still early 2014, there could be new stacks of good games or clusters of terrible ones. So judging if TWD wins a GOTY is way too early for now. I say we wait :D

  • Two times in a row? A sequel? No, it won't.

  • Well maybe, if Dead Island can win 'GOTY' i say anything can.

  • Well, in my honest opinion, Episode One and Two of this Season have already beat Episode One and Two of last Season... So I think it's got a very good chance of winning game of the year. It may not win 90 awards like Season One did simply because it's a sequel and may not get as much media attention, but I think it'll definitely be considered Game of the Year. At least, if they keep up the quality of the episodes.

  • Hard to say yet. For me It sure deserves it instantly for it's general Quality and Non Conventionality. But the Magic and the Phenomenon of S1 was unique that's for sure. I think it's hard to achieve the overall Structure of it and to bring up a dominant Point like the Lee-Clem Relationship. Sequels are well Sequels after all. Ok in Assassins Creed it was the 2nd which was the best but that's not always the Case.

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