XBOX One and PS4?

Please let it be on the XBOX One!


  • Nothing's been announced yet, but Telltale did announce support for next-gen consoles a while back, so there's definitely a possibility TotB will be on those two consoles.

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    They're constantly asking for PS4/XBOX1 programmers, so I guess there will be surely be next-gen ports at least.
    I also hope that they'll raise the graphic quality for next-gen: I fear the old platforms will hold back the TT Engine, with PS4 version being the same of the PS3, and new hardware used just for better Antialiasing and Shadows but no real 3d models/shaders enhancements.

    What about Tessellation? I believe (really) that enabling it on the next-gen would be the best TT can do to preserve backward scaling for older machines without need to completely remake the graphics for older/newer versions of the game!
    Tessellation is a tecnique for modern high-end hardware that calculates polygons from a texture and dynamically incerase the details based on the 3d model.

    Same game with Tessellation option disabled (Old Gen) vs Tessellation option enabled (Next Gen):
    Alt text

  • Telltale will not make XBOX One and PS4 games anytime soon...

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    On an "Ask Me Anything" session on reddit with Telltale founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner, it was revealed that a large overhaul of the Telltale Tool engine toolset is going to be released this summer, so there's a possibility that Tales from the Borderlands will be using that updated Telltale Tool, and with the enhanced graphics capability, a possibility that it will be coming to next generation consoles.

    Kevin Bruner wrote:
    We're always working on the engine, but we've never been a graphics focused company. We are currently working on a giant overhaul of much of tech which should make for prettier games in the future, but we won't start shipping that till [this] summer.

  • TT updating to the next gen consoles would do a world of good for me. A much smoother experience even if graphics are not updated that much. It woumd certainly be nice if they could improve upon the technical aspect and remove frame drops etc.

  • Telltale always made PC/Mac games. Their core engine is designed for this. The console versions are just ports so even if they port the games to next gen consoles don't expect them to have the quality of the original PC/Mac version.

  • Ports can be made in a good way and i think it is possible to be very close -performance wise- to the pc version of the game. The games just need optimization, i hope that the nextgen consoles can help in getting a better performance for the consoles. Because as it is now the games are technically flawed for consoles.

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  • Wow. That is astonishingly not cool.

  • Whatever game the stairs are from, that's not due to tessellation, that's due to shitty modelling.

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  • I hope they would upload the game to iOS and Android as well . We need games like that
  • Hey... er... guys?

    PC version?

    Oh yes, and if you buy TT games "for teh lenzflawes and exclusyve c0nt3nt" then you are out and out a complete idiot, and you should go back to the IGN messageboards to spam "OMG Xbox DONE AMIRITE LOLOLOLOL" type comments, albeit with tragically worse grammer and poise.
  • Most - if not all of Telltale series are on PC, even if they were initially designed for another platform (as was the case with Law and Order, designed for iOS).

    It's an extremely safe bet that TftB will be on PC. Heck, I would be shocked if that was not the case.
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