Theory: Luke went to see if he can save Mathew???

I have a feeling Luke was thinking maybe Mathew survived the shot and he could probably try saving him sense Kenny told him to leave. Maybe Kenny didn't leave and Luke went off by himself. Luke felt bad about what Nick did so he was thinking he could see if Mathew was still alive somehow. I'm guessing there will be a twist where Luke ends up saving Mathew. Mathew will be somewhere on the share wounded but not dead. It's possible someone can live with a neck shot. They will just be in pain. There was this guy in my neighborhood who was shot in the neck and we took him to the hospital.

Now remember the scene where Clem is climbing the ladder and see's lights? Those lights she saw was Carver and his group. It's possible Carver made his group search around the bridge for anything. They could have spotted Mathew and took him to their camp. Carver and his group questioned Mathew if he seen anyone lately. Mathew mentioned the guy who shot him and Luke and a little girl. After that Carver wanted to know the location of where they went. Mathew told them the Ski Lodge. Carver then wanted Bonnie to go scout for him and check the Ski Lodge out. How else do you think they would have knew the location? Without Mathew's help Carver's group wouldn't even know about the Ski Lodge, so my guess is Mathew's alive and held as hostage in Carver's community. Mathew will be upset Walter is dead and want Revenge.

I know this theory has to be good because it sound plausible.

The lights were Carver and his group's flashlights

They scouted around the bridge to look for clues

Mathew was alive and told them about Nick, Luke, and Clem, and the location of the Ski Lodge

Carver sent Bonnie out to scout the Lodge

Bonnie went back to Carver and led them back to the lodge

Mathew is at the Carver community in the mall as shown in episode 3

Luke went to find Mathew, but Mathew is already at Carver's community

Luke will go back to Carver's community to save the group sense he already knows the location

Oh and Mathew could have told Carver a girl named Clem mentioned a guy named Carver, and that's when Carver wanted the location. They either killed Mathew after he gave them information, or they took him back to the community before going to the Ski lodge

This is my theory please feel free to discuss :)



  • matthew was shot in the neck which has a lot of arteries so he is dead probably from blood loss.

    and by the time luke got to it and left it had been probably a few hours matthew would have drowned or bled out by then.

    in short matthew is gone the only way we see him again is if he turns into a walker and washes on shore

  • Very, very unlikely. But...I mean, it's possible.

    But seriously, Carver's killing everyone in the cabin group at the lodge while Luke watching and he says "you know what? I'm gonna see if that guys alive since I feel bad for Nick."

    The odds of Matthew surviving are low, he got shot in the neck with a rifle. And he fell of the bridge. Even if he did survive the shot, how would he survive the fall? We don't know if the river is deep or shallow. If it was deep, you'd think he'd drown.

  • Look but remember the lights Clem saw was Carver's group they were using flashlights at the time. They were still looking for the cabin group and needed clues. They seen Mathew and got information from him. Carver then told Bonnie to check the place out so she did. Carver then killed Mathew or took him back to camp. Carver's smart he's not just gonna send his whole team out to the ski lodge knowing he's the enemy. He sent Bonnie because she's a female and knows how to manipulate people and talk to them. Without Mat's help they wouldn't have known about the ski lodge...

  • They wouldn't have known about the ski lodge that is in plain sight? Also Mathew got shot in the neck by a rifle and fell of a bridge. Even if carver found him he would have died of blood loss.

  • People are so mean they don't even read the whole thread. They just pick out parts they think aren't possible. If you take the time to read the whole post you'd understand. I'm done making theories....

  • But even so by the time carver got to the bridge it was night time probably and hour or so later Matthew still would have bleed out

    As for the how they knew they knew they were in the cabin not sure maybe they heard the gunshots but I do know matthew couldn't have helped him because is was already dead.

  • You don't have no arteries in your neck lol. Arteries are in the heart. only skin and spine is in the neck and bone...

  • It's a nice idea but extremely unlikely. If Matthew didn't die from the gun shot, then chances are he did when he fell of the bridge. It was a loooooong way down. As for how Carver found them. Convinced they had been at the cabin because of Carlos' shirt and Sarah's photo, he kept on their trail. Going to every shelter he could find along the way. Bare in mind the cabin group have been on the move for 5 days and the little hut and ski lodge is the first shelter they come to... He's probably followed their path, took up temporary shelter in that little hut and sent out his group scouting and Bonnie was the one to find them.

  • Their are arteries and veins in the neck. Such as the carotid artery

  • When episode 3 is out people will come back to my post and be like wow Jill was right....

  • Sorry for being harsh. But I find this theory extremely unlikely. (Just my opinion)

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    Hey I usually like and agree with your topics but this one impossible Matthew is dead or a walker

  • I don't think he could have survived that. Right after the was shot there was so much blood and you could actually see a little spout of blood coming out of his neck.
    And he fell of the bridge, that alone could kill you. My Clem died one time because she fell of that bright without getting bitten :(

  • Okay i understand and respect everyone's opinions :). As long as I'm not being called troll, cunt, idiot, etc i'm okay with ya'll opinions

  • Nop Mathew is dead 100% (or undead)

  • No.

    Matthew is dead for sure.

    Nick's shot had the same effect as if he had slit Matthew's throat.

    You can clearly hear Matthew suffocating on his own blood, and after he was hit in the neck, he fell of a 30-40 feet high bridge.

    He probably was dead before he hit the water, and if not the impact killed him.

    IF he had survived both of these until then, he would have drowned.

  • Shot in the neck, not possible... Even if he did survive which is extremely unlikely he would of died from either hitting the water or drowning.

  • A better bet would be he was complaining about the lights Clem saw, left to go check them out when Kenny got pissed, and came back to find them being held up with Carver's group, or sees them coming down the hill.

  • Yeah no remember carver was still following them beforehand so he obviously would've found the ski lodge
    Besides like other people have said he got fatally shot and then fell off a bridge unless he's the terminator hes not surviving that

  • ... How would Carver's group find him? He fell off the bridge and the river would have taken him somewhere else. I guess it could be possible but unlikely.

  • and you seriously can't work out why you always get downvoted?

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    No offence but i can see this has about 0.5555555 % chance of happening..

    The neck wound did not look like a glancing shot.. it looked like it tore a good chunk of his neck off.. In a normal world were you and i live in.. with doctors and paramedics.. i would say it's still quite likely a fatal wound. But in a zombie world.. with no doctors.. hospitals.. shortage of medicine etc.. i find it extremely unlikely he would survive even if Carvers group found him.

    Add to the fact that he fell of the bridge into water.. your theory goes from unlikely to damn near impossible imo.. He could have likely died (without a gun shot wound) from the fall onto the water.. or hit rocks in the water.. or drowned. Clem didn't see the lights until WELL after the shooting/Fall

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    BTW, Mathew survived shot into throat, and 200 feet drop? Pretty badass.
    And he could talk???

  • Shock and blood-loss, not to mention drowning. He would have been dead in under a minute.

  • He fell off a f****** bridge! I'm pretty sure he's dead!

  • Yeah, Matthew is without doubt dead. If Luke thought, that Matthew could have a chance of surviving, then he would have said it to Clem and Nick, and maybe even come clean to Walter

  • Interesting theory, but I agree with the others that Matthew is pretty much confirmed dead. Luke could have possibly left Kenny to investigate the river and Matthew, since he was pretty adamant about covering it up and not telling Walter. In game, he didn't seem to know that Clem/Nick had talked to Walter, so he could have still been concerned about this. Maybe he went to make sure Matthew hadn't reanimated.

    However, I think it is more likely that Luke was worried about Carver/the lights Clem saw, expressed his concern to Kenny, got ignored by Kenny, went to investigate by himself, and either has no idea what happened at the lodge, or came back to see that Carver had taken over.

  • What you said didn't make any sense! :s

  • This makes sense...besides the fact that the lights was probably carver and the group(just a guess)

  • Well yeah, but Luke wouldn't have known that. If they had been in the trees around the ski lodge waiting for the group, they might not've seen luke going back down?

  • That's fucking stupid Ben.

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    Whenever you see someone put their fingers to someone's neck to check for a pulse they are checking the carotid artery.


    I'm CPR certified.

  • I know, I know, I wanted Matt to survive too because he was a sweet guy, both him and Walter but they're dead as dirt.

    If Matthew had been shot in a less vital area this theory might be kind of plausible. However, Luke saw the man bleed out and drown right before his eyes. Luke isn't thick enough to think anyone would survive that, and judging by how quickly he dropped Clem when he saw her dog bite, he's not exactly a reckless hero. Even if Matt had just been shot in the leg or something, I kind of feel like Luke wouldn't bother. He's kind of a pragmatist.

  • He was already choking on his own blood, then he fell off a huge bridge into water where he would of either drowned, bled out, or suffocated. Chances are he was dead before he hit the water.

  • He was shot in the neck even if he didn't fall off the bridge he would have bled out and died. So Carver still would not have been able to talk to him, But Matt also fell off the bridge, he gone I'm sorry to say. I think Carver and his people are just good trackers that is how they found Clem and her group.

  • From the Episode 2 trailer Matthew is alive and well at the lodge. Was it a last minute rethink by Telltale to kill him or is it actually possible to save him?
    Check trailer here 0:46 seconds mark

  • I have read some pretty wild theories on this board, but fair play you win the award for 'most imaginative'. Or, as some would put it, 'most crazy'.
    Yes there certainly are arteries in the neck. Slice through, shoot or generally rip them apart and you're brown bread. You don't need to be a Doctor, Paramedic, Surgeon or a Nurse to work that out.
    Even if he somehow miraculously survived the gun shot, the fall and the river. He would be in no fit state to chat about where Clementines group were heading. I know I have had a couple of issues with realism over the story so far, but I doubt telltale would go that mile.

    Having said that, I do applaud your imagination. I know some here give you stick for it. Keep going though, you will strike gold one day and foresee what happens next.

  • Probably a last minute change. Telltale's done that a lot. Frustrating, because I would have liked to have seen more of him.

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    Fall in the river during season 2 episode 1? part of the story!

    Fall in the river during season 2 episode 2? You are dead!

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