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Realistically, how do you want season 2 to end?

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So the chance of us getting a traditional happy ending are highly unlikely. We're more likely to get something bittersweet, or something that starts out happy but has a huge cliffhanger. Keeping this in mind, how would you realistically like to see season 2 end?

Personally, I would like to see Clementine make it to the end with a small group. The major themes of this season seem to be family and trust, and while I definitely think we're gonna lose A LOT of people this season, it would be interesting to see a couple key characters prevail with Clementine until the end. I could see Clementine making it out of a tough situation with Christa and Luke, and the three of them finally arrive at Wellington, only to find it in ashes, overrun with walkers. They comment how as long as they have people to survive with, they can keep going, and they move on. End of season.

What are your thoughts?

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