• No no that's not true nick is gonna live and its gonna be all unicorns and rainbows I wish :(.

    but in all seriousness I think your theory might be correct now that I think about it I hope not though nick is my favorite character

  • TTs alway has these forshadowing lines out the series. It could be sacrifices himself to save the others. Or is it just pullet?

  • Yeah, this idea came to me as well. I also found myself a bit disconcerted to hear how Luke reacted to Clem's reveal. I couldn't help thinking he could've sounded more concerned instead of being all 'yeah, we've been there before' about it. And not considering himself an anchor makes it sound like he doesn't think the friendship is as tight as some of us players. I honestly think he cares about Nick but is just at a loss as to how to deal with him now that Pete is gone. I'm hoping as Clem we'll get the option of helping to ease the tensions between the two. It really isn't fair to leave the psychological well being of a 20+ year old man with an 11 year old who has her own mental issues to deal with. That's also part of why I'm hoping for a Kenny/Nick truce.

    • I felt the exact same way about Luke but didn't really elaborate on it because it wasn't entirely relevant to the point I was making. I got the impression they were very close, but he kind of threw the line away like "Oh, yeah, he says that sometimes." I can tell that Luke is sort of flighty and may not handle that kind of thing well, and obviously there's no suicide hotline to call, but still.

  • Shit...It sounds so realistic that he will probably shot himself in the head. Okay, I hated him in Episode 1 and went with Pete because he was better and nicer even if bitten. And now I really like him, I like his sense of humor but of course he turned into determinant character, so obviously he'll die.

    I hope that we can at least make a nice funeral to him :'(

  • When Luke tells Clem to "keep an eye on Nick" he didn't really mean it, it was more like an "If you see Nick doing something stupid you let me know". So, I don't see how this dialogue was 'unrealistic' like some people are saying.

  • Unfortunately, I could see Nick going out like this, though I think that a senseless self-sacrifice is more likely than straight up suicide. It's a real shame because my canon Clem was really starting to bond with Nick. If you think about it, Nick and Clem are dealing with very similar psychological issues. Both of them were forced to kill a parent/guardian because they made what they see as a 'dumb' mistake. Both are shellshocked and wracked by guilt, believing that everyone's deaths are their faults.

    • I feel like she and Nick have formed a closer emotional bond than she and Luke have. At least in my game. I suppose it depends on your choices; Clem has a concerningly large number of options to just treat the guy like garbage.

  • If so I dunno he seemed almost fine towards to end, I think shooting Matthew might have been the best thing for him, it shook him out of his depresson

    • I'm no expert but usually depression is not cured by killing people.

      I can guarantee that he wasn't fine, simply because the human brain doesn't work that way. He just realized he killed the boyfriend of a man offering them immensely generous hospitality, right after experiencing a huge loss of his own.

      The end of the episode was very high action so he didn't have time to dwell and mope. But trust me, in episode 3 he's probably going to be in a bad way, especially now that Luke is gone.

  • You make some really great points, and I think it's possible that Nick will commit suicide. I could see this affecting our relationship with Luke, since he asked us to keep an eye on Nick. Trust is a major theme this season, and us being unable to prevent Nick dying could majorly damage Luke's trust in us.

    It would be an interesting decision if he's contemplating it, and we had the choice to talk him down or look the other way. Someone in another thread mentioned the possibility of a choice to save/kill Nick in every episode (since we promised Pete/Luke we'd watch out for him), and this would be a cool way to incorporate that promise.

    I would love if Nick lasted a few more episodes and got some kind of redemption/closure before he died. But knowing Telltale we'll get our hearts ripped out when he dies.

  • That really does seem like the way it's going to go down (if Nick didn't get killed by a walker in the second episode).

  • Thing that I can't see him doing that because in my story I told him that he can't give up he's still got luke and Sarah and the others they're like the only thing resembling a family he has left

    • It's easy to tell that to people who are suicidal, and it may comfort them, but it doesn't necessarily snap someone out of that mindset.

      But even then, perhaps choosing your dialogue will have effect on him. Who knows except the writing team right now.

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