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"in Harm`s way" The Walking Dead season 2 Eps.3

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Telltale Games' much-loved series The Walking Dead is well into its second season, with the third episode, In Harm's Way, coming soon. That would be the developer's estimate, anyway: "coming soon."

Aside from that, the studio released a new trailer -- of sorts -- for the previous episode, A House Divided. Just a reminder of how much people love the ongoing series. The footage is set to the song "In the Pines," a folky rock tune that seems to fit rather nicely with Walking Dead.

Honestly, it's a nice video, but fans are past ready for episode three to come out. Seriously, more Clementine please. Heck, Telltale even has a hashtag for her: #IamClementine.

As always, expect the next episode, In Harm's Way, to be available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS.

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