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Someone please help....

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hi, i'm currently playing TWD season 1 on my iphone 4s. im currently playing episode 4 and im loving each and every episode. Now i know im guna buy season 2 as soon as ive finished but im worried about my save file.
Ive got an 8 gb iphone so i want to delete season 1 once ive finished to save my very limited memory space. So what do i do? do i just download season 2 once ive finished season 1, run the app play the first few scenes then go back and delete the season 1 app? or are season 1 and 2 running from the same app?
i want to know for sure what to do before i delete things and lose my save file. If somone can help with this that would be great. thanks :)

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    If you are worried about The Walking Dead: Season One taking up space on your iOS device, please note that your save games are stored inside the Base Application of Season One. The base application is Episode 1 of Season One. I recommend you download the Season Two base application, (Season Two Episode 1) and import your saves by starting a game on Season Two. Then you can delete Episodes 2-5 of Season One without having to delete your save games. Please note that if you delete Season One completely before you have imported the saves to Season Two, you will lose your save games. Once you have imported your Season One saves, you will be able to completely delete Season One, but please note that you will no longer be able to re-import your saves, if you ever wanted to start a second playthrough of Season Two.

  • thats great, thank you for your help mike!

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