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Is this game for me?

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I never played TWAU nor do I know anything about the origin of the story/characters etc. Would it still be a good/fun game to play even though I have know prior knowledge of it?

P.s. I had not known anything about TWD before I played season 1, however the zombie story isn't that hard to grasp.

  • yes i had not read or heard about anything of fables comics or anything, i got this game a few months back and it's great i definitely recommend it

  • I started playing TWAU before I read the comics. I can tell you, that this game is a very good introduction to the Fables comics. It actually made it much easier and interesting to read the comics, at least it did for me. It is also exciting, because you are suddenly thrown into this new unfamiliar setting. If you have been told Fairy Tales as a kid, you might recognize some of the stories and the characters.

    If you are into mysteries and investigation along with good characters, you should give it a try.

  • Speaking from personal experience, I have never read the comics and I really enjoy this game. It's definitely worth checking out.

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    I'd say the game is pretty friendly towards new players despite the otherwise complex universe in Fables. The first episode will have a brief title card giving a very basic explanation of the premise of the Fables universe. On top of that, the game also has a "Book of Fables" feature which allows you to read a short bio on various characters, concepts, etc.

    If you want a little elaboration on the premise of the game, here is an explanation I wrote in another post:

    Prior to the events of the game/comic, characters from fairy tales/legends/etc where forced out of their homelands by an enemy called "The Adversary," and they were forced to come to our world. These characters are collectively referred to as Fables, and typically try to avoid detection by the "mundane world" - in other words, regular people.

    Some of the Fables that pass off as humans live in an area of New York that they call "Fabletown." If they can't pass off as human, they have to use a magic called "Glamour" to look human, or have to be sent to a location called "The Farm." After coming into the mundane world, all the Fables were given a fresh start and were pardoned from any misdoings.

    The Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs/Red Riding Hood stories is the sheriff of Fabletown. In the game (set before the comics), he has to solve a case that involves murders occurring in Fabletown. Fables, unlike humans, are tough to kill, which makes that fact that Fables are being murdered an even bigger deal.

  • If you like the The Walking Dead you would probably like this as well, I bought it while waiting for the walking dead episode 2 to come out and I really like it , I had not prior knowledge of the comics before playing. I have to say there is some nudity ( it didn't bother me, but people have complained) but overall it is a good game. If you still unsure just buy episode 1 and then go from there, that is what I did :)

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