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is the game the prequel to the comics?

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i heard that it was but wasnt sure, so if it is a prequel and people that read the comic would they know everything that happens?

  • Yes, this game is indeed a prequel. But it doesn't spoil that much(Besides the fact that Snow doesn't actually die). I'm up to date with the comics and I seriously have no idea who the murderer might be. I'm just guessing like everybody else, the comic doesn't give you any insight as to who the murderer is if that's what you're asking.

  • The comics MIGHT give you a little insight to who WON'T be the killer, but Telltale actually added a ton of Fables that were never introduced in the comics (As well as more to come, as Telltale suggested.) So most of the characters you see could have the possibility of being the killer. Bigby, Snow, Crane, Beauty and Beast, Rose Red (So far only mentioned by Snow in the game) Are all comic characters. Crane is only in 1 issue of the comic, but even that leads me to believe he probably won't be the killer. Anything is possible, so don't worry. If you do decide to pick up an issue, it won't ruin you game experience. If anything, you'll understand some situations and references easier by reading the comics :)

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