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Trying to get people i know into the Game...

posted by 2epicpanda on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users

I trying to get my friend to play the game, but i can't convince him spending the £12 on steam is worth getting over some crappy Cod Mappack! He loves the AMC Walking dead, (I know the opinions of the show are very mixed across the forums, but personally i think since season 4 stated its got a bit better)
How can i persuade him to play/buy it? oh and also is it true you can get the first ep. of season 1 free?
Thanks guys

UPDATE: If anyone is interested in it, he completed it and well...FEELS MAN lol
yep he says its possibly the best game,e he has every played so i guess my work now is complete (although he is kinda mad that lee died still in DENIAL stage :'( poor lee)

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