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Lee's past

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How exactly do you think Lee killed the senator when he found out he was sleeping with his wife? Telltale doesn't really tell us much about Lee's wife or family back from the drugstore. I've used all options for dialogue during these discussions but still felt as if there was more to learn. Why was he arrested for it? In most states you can get away with killing for adultery if it happens in the moment. Why do you think he left his family? How much time elapsed from the killing to his arrest/the outbreak?

  • I imagine that Lee beat the senator to death or threw him out a window. As for his conviction, anytime a representative of government is involved the punishment is harsher than a regular case.

    1. Lee bludgeoned him to death with an American History textbook
    2. I don't think you can really 'get away with murder', even if it is crime of passion. A reduced sentence perhaps, but not an acquittal. Plus as the above poster said, it was a senator. They tend to string people up for offing important public figures.
  • I think his past was something you had to figure out yourself. They gave you major hints for a while before telling you

  • I think he just strangled him to death, or punched his face in of course.

  • I don't think Lee's a murderer I think senator turned into a zombie attacked his wife so Lee killed the senator but wife also ended up dead and the police would obviously not believe him so they said was because cheating so Lee kept that story up to hide the pain of the true event. But like way telltale hide his past really can be whatever you like but that's my opinion

  • I'm pretty sure in all states it's illegal to kill if you catch your spouse cheating... It's probably a mitigating factor (ie, if it's 25 to life, they're going to lean towards the lower side) but still vastly illegal.

    If people remembered his trial (not so much Carley, who was there, but Larry) it couldn't have been too long. Even a high profile case people forget after a year. Maybe his family was dismayed and that's why the lost touch; that would probably indicate it was a recent memory.

    I thought it was straight up caught them in the act, got enraged, and beat the senator to death.

    • My point exactly. They might have reduced the sentence to 2nd degree Murder or even Manslaughter. But unless Lee was found criminally insane (which he clearly is not), there old still be a high price to pay for his crime.

      • I was going to disagree on the manslaughter, as manslaughter is usually death resulting from criminal negligence; but I looked it up:

        "Voluntary manslaughter is commonly defined as an intentional killing in which the offender had no prior intent to kill, such as a killing that occurs in the "heat of passion." The circumstances leading to the killing must be the kind that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed"

        Findlaw Voluntary Manslaughter

        Findlaw Second Degree Murder

        What I mentioned is involuntary manslaughter. Then again, the exact terminology varies a lot from state to state. Plus some states have laws distinctly requiring more severe punishment for a crime against a public official.

  • I've heard from a fair few sources that apparently it was an accident of some kind and he didn't mean to kill the guy.

    • No one will screw Lees wife and get away from it. It doesn't matter if you are Pope, CEO, or Senator, Lee will hunt and murder you tiny ass, and will later on that week, be one of the greatest Z-survivor ever.

  • I figured Lee broke a glass object to make it sharper, and used it to kill him. Or of course, used the power of the dark side of the force!

  • I Think Lee just kept beating on the guy, like you can do to Andy St John....except no one like Carley/Doug was there to make him stop punching.

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