• From the looks of Episode 3's trailer that "dumb" thing he'll do is try to start a revolt in Carver's camp.

  • Trust a man who risked his life for someone he hated and ruined his life in Ben. Personally always trust kenny type of person who would never hide what his feeling and always brutally honest no matter the consequence. But I am suspicious about how he survived seems trying to hide something.

  • I'd trust normal Season 1 Kenny any day of the week. We were bros in my game.

    But Season 2 Kenny is different. He's definitely off, and I'm not sure I'd feel safe with him. He's probably got some serious issues after Season 1 making him unstable and unreliable. Still, I'm gonna stick with him and help him through whatever is wrong with him even if I don't exactly trust him not to snap or anything.

  • Kenny is the only one you can trust.

    Everyone else is a potential turncoat and therefore expendable.

  • Will you follow Kenny?

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    I would trust Kenny with my life. Even when hated both Lee and Ben, he chose to help them both (at least in my playthrough). He is different, but also the same. And he probably cares for Clementine anyway.

    And I'm not a Kenny fan either.

  • I would trust Kenny before i would trust any people in the new group.

  • Kenny has a place in my heart like Clementine and Lee,so yes i trust that son of a bitch...

  • Lee trusted him, but I'm not sure Clementine does.

    Things could get a bit tense between my Canon Clem and the new Kenny. In Season One, Lee tried to stay neutral in the motor inn conflict, so he and Kenny had a rather cold relationship and only made peace with one another in Episode 5. After Kenny was seemingly lost to the horde while saving Ben, Lee admitted that he saw him as a good, brave individual, despite his faults. Remember that Clementine isn't there to see this huge bit of character development. The last time she saw Kenny was probably when he was trying to kill Ben. She remembers Kenny as being rash and unapologetic. When Sarita asked her whether he'd changed, Clem replied "He's still the same old Kenny." Honestly, I can't tell if she meant that as a good thing or not.

    Also, did anyone notice that Kenny has no self-awareness in the Episode 3 teaser? Despite trying so hard to turn over a new leaf, he lapses back into the same habits. It actually made me a but nostalgic. "Yep, he's still the same old Kenny alright." I hope Clementine has a chance to remind him that she's not Lee and therefore not going to let him push her around.

  • Yes, I'll trust him to the end. Can you trust the cabin group? They've been hiding too much stuff since the start, they got Matthew killed, they brought all this trouble to the ski lodge without mentioning they were being followed, eventually getting Walter killed too.


    • Good point. As much as I like the cabin group, their collective IQ is comparable to brain-damaged Goldfish.

    • I don't remember totally but when Clem saw the lights by the bridge she tried to warn them. But the group was arguing with Kenny and his people so they did not hear. Did she mention it again? Yeah they should have mentioned it to Kenny but they should not have stayed in the cabin for the night. That was stupid.

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