• first playthrough which is my canon playthrough I gave the dying man water and didn't take the watch

    on my second playthrough which is my "mean" playthrough I still have my water(sorry pete but you were dying and it was my mean playthrough) and I took the watch and will probably give to nick. I know its my mean playthrough but I love Nick to much to be a D*ick to him lol

  • First play through I didn't give the guy water, or get the watch. Though I ran off with Nick, so the whole water thing didn't matter. I actually felt bad about not stealing the watch and made sure to do that next time so I could give it to him.

    For the water, I figured that the guy would have to give me a little info, then I would consider giving the water. Of course, Clementine zipped the bag up and refused it indefinitely. I still feel like stealing the watch will have consequences. Once Nick is in his right mind again, he'll probably become suspicious about why she had it. Hell, he was already questioning her right when she told him she had it! /shrugs/ Oh well, I'm feeling good about my choices so far.

  • first run through, i gave the water to the guy, went with pete, gave watch to nick.

    i think my third run i went with nick, and gave him the watch. after sitting through his life story earlier, he didn't have much to add afterwards. kinda felt... gypped. like the watch was just a way to make up with him after callin him out on killing matthew.

    the water had no point, either. kinda silly choices, when neither has any effect. just some random moral conundrum they thought they'd throw in to seem important in episode 1, just to tell people it does nothing in episode 2. nick doesn't even question why you'd have his watch. i can see him being grateful to have it back, but there shoulda been something on having stolen it. guess there's still episode 3, but the way they're goin, if you decide to hoard these items, u'll just have a bunch of odd junk in the backpack that never saw use. well, i guess if some random girl mugs you in the bathroom in episode 5, u'll have alot of shiny items saved up to distract her this time around.

    to me it just feels like they're placin choices in to make things feel important at the time, rather than giving you anything meaningful to decide about. the choices could have had more to them, but they were either cut, or nobody thought to bother.

  • I gave him the water thinking he'd die soon anyway. Letting him suffer, whatever his crimes, isn't in the nature of Clem as I've been playing her.

  • There seems to be a trend here that doing the right thing has unforeseen consequences. It was really hard to decide who to give water to.

    I give water to the dying man almost every time, since I like to role-play my characters and Clementine would have no way of knowing what was going to happen to Pete. Helping a person who is dying and helpless is just something you do, bargaining chip or no. Up until the modern age, it wasn't unheard for soldiers to comfort or give water to a dying enemy after a battle, even when the two sides are bitter enemies. It's is (or was) simply human nature. At least in my canon playthrough, Clementine tends to be a symbol of humanity's redeeming qualities, so it only makes sense that she would extend that kind of courtesy.

  • I wish I hadn't given him the water. What a waste. I kind of figured he was going to die--I only wanted to give him enough solace to convince him to make it right and tell Clementine what happened to Christa. I should have known that would never happen.

  • I didn't give him the water and thankfully i was justified seeing as I could give it to Pete in the back of the (ambulance) Ign?

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