Showing Snow or Not showing Snow (*Episode 2 Spoilers*)

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Not sure if this has already been discussed, but something struck me as I was playing through yet another session of TWAU. At the close of 'Smoke and Mirrors' it's revealed in pretty "Wtf..." detail via photos that Crane has been having glamour sex with a Snow White mock up, performing acts both carnally basic (Fingerlingus, anyone?) and carnally violent.

We can only assume where Episode 3 is going to pick up, either going right into the Hunt for Crane or spending some time with Bigby and Snow coming to terms with what, at first glance, seems to be the former Deputy Mayor being the murderer.

The thought that struck me is, obviously, Bigby's gonna have to explain some things to Snow. However, will that include showing Snow the all the photos, namely those that feature "her" having sex acts performed on her, with her, etc? Will we have the option of not showing or telling Snow about those images? Will we have to convince Beauty to keep what she saw in those photos to herself?

We've already seen how deeply it affected Snow to see a decapitated version of herself. Imagine her reaction if she had concrete, graphic proof of what, exactly, her doppelganger was being used for? Even if she likely already had those suspicions. I mean, she is Snow White. The most beautiful Fable of 'em all. What else would a mystical clone of her be used for?

If we are given the choice, which would you chose? Tell Snow or don't?

Personally, given how Paragon I've been playing Bigby, I'd opt to not tell her about the sex stuff. If anything, the rationale would be that Snow's fury at knowing just how abusive Crane was being to her both in a working sense and sex fantasy sense would possibly make things even more complicated in searching for Crane and trying to get to the truth.


  • I would like it. Beauty/Beast decision would matter. If you helped Beauty and didn't tell Beast in e1 she will keep a secret. I think it's possible.

  • This is why I like multiple save files. Playing Bigby in "canon", as I would expect him to respond in the comics, I wouldn't show Snow and I suspect she would get mighty upset. But the non-canon play through (the one where Bigby hits, trashes and generally is a bastard), I would show her, just to see the different reactions and how the stories play out.

    Certainly this is how I'm playing the game. Once as I think Bigby would react in the comics, once doing the exact opposite. Considering the story is linear, it's impassive how different the stories play out. Kudos to Telltale for making such a richly detailed game.

    And I always say this, but if you have the means, please pay Messrs Willingham, Buckingham and co their royalties and buy the comics. They are amazing and well worth the investment.

  • I tell her. She's a strong girl and doesn't need me protecting her feelings from the truth. I mean she pretty much told us as much in episode 2. Might she get upset? Well yeah, but it would be both immoral and irresponsible to keep facts of a case that she's working on with me from her, besides which does anyone expect to keep that a secret for long? She's going to want to know where Crane is and what's going on. It would be really unjustifiable for me personally to not tell her. I think she can handle it.

  • I would tell her. I mean, at this point she is the first that needs to know, hiding things like this from her will just complicate everything... And she even told us that wants to be involved, to help us and that she can take care of herself...

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