Shipping collector's DVD to Europe.

I want to buy "The wealking dead season 2" on TTG site. At the end of the season I will get collector's DVD for just the cost of shipping and handling. But I wanted to know- Who will ship that DVD( TTG or other shop)??? And will it ship to the Europe???


  • Macfly77Macfly77 Moderator

    The game will be shipped by Telltale Games and will ship to Europe (in the past, when the Telltale Store was more fully stocked, I had several discs sent to my brother in Belgium).

    Once the season is over and the DVD is available to order, if you already purchased the digital version directly from Telltale, you will be able to place an order for the DVD and will only be charged the shipping costs (which are unknown at this time).

  • Ok thanx for info! I realy appreciate it! :)

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