• Most from the DLC will come back in EP 3..

    except nate and eddie, as the code from the game implies

  • I dont think he will be in Carvers group but i think we definetly see him agian in E3 or E4.

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    Wasn't it already established that he'll ride on a white noble horse while leading a zombie army to get his boy Russel back?

  • I agree, I really hope Nate shows up this season. He was psychotic, misogynistic, racist, and a completely asshole, but damn if he wasn't interesting to watch. Definitely one of my favorites of 400 Days.

    I could see him being in Carver's group if he fakes a "good guy" persona. Nate's regular personality wouldn't quite mesh with a big group, but he's pretty good at turning the crazy on and off, as we saw in Russell's story. He switched pretty seamlessly between crazy Nate and "hey, we're buddies, I've got your back" Nate.

    I could also see Nate helping Luke attack Carver's camp. I don't think Luke would have a lot of success with recruiting random strangers to help him, but Nate would be perfect for this if they happen to stumble upon each other. "Hell yeah, I'm bored. They stole your friends? I hate thieves! Let's go f***king kill them!"

    It would also be interesting in either of these scenarios, or a similar one, if the people around Nate think he's a good guy, then we run into Russell again and he's like "JESUS H. CHRIST, GET AWAY FROM HIM. THAT GUY'S INSANE!"

    I just hope if/when we see Nate, it won't be as a corpse on the side of the road. :(

    • Luke accidentally stumbling into a partnership with Nate while he's separated from the group would be interesting, I like that idea. Especially if Russell's somewhere in the mix there, too. It would be wild if all the characters trusted Nate and kind of gas-lighted Russell into doubting his own memory, with us (Clementine) being one of the few who listens to Russell and can see past Nate's bullshit.

      Nate was a really gross and scary person but I think he's a great character. The arc between him, Russell, Eddie, and Wyatt was brilliantly written, and while I like it neat and compact on it's own, I know Telltale would do a great job expanding on it.

      • Well said! And I agree, it would be awesome if Clem is the one who sides with Russell and calls out Nate on his bullshit. Or maybe we're given the choice to side with Russell or side with the group. (That would be an interesting choice for people who didn't play 400 Days and don't know who Nate is.)

    • How is he misogynistic or racist? He apparently likes women very much, even dead ones. And on a more serious note, when Walter calls Russell a spook, Nate puts him in check.

      • It's because he assumes Russell is in a gang and might be a thief, and calls him "boy". Just because he calls someone else out on their racism doesn't mean he can't be casually racist himself.

        And misogynistic... I dunno. Guess it depends on how you interpret his comments about women. He's definitely sexist though. "Because the hunger a man's got for a woman, is all we got left now. No laws, no jobs, ain't nothing that make us men. But they ain't eaten all the women yet." Being female myself I'd be seriously afraid of running into someone like him during the apocalypse.

        • There are a lot of gangs and thieves in the zombie apocalypse... Russell's a teenager, and while calling him 'boy' isn't the most tact thing to do, it isn't necessarily racist. I'd have to rewatch that part.

          The second half, is actually a lot more interesting.

          "Because the hunger a man's got for a woman, is all we got left now." I basically a reversion to a lower level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - is to sexual desires towards a woman inherently sexist?

          "No laws, no jobs, ain't nothing that make us men." Power and ability as factors denoting masculinity, along with sexual prowess. There's a distinct anxiety a lot of people of both sexes seem to feel, that they have the need to 'feel like a man' or 'feel like a woman.' It's a reinforcement of gender roles. If Nate is sexist there, the whole society is. (and I would say that it is)

          "But they ain't eaten all the women yet." Could be interpreted simply as 'there are women left' or, in the extreme sense that the zombies are a foil, referring to competition for consumption of women. Funny sidenote, it's not used as much anymore but the word 肉慾 is sexual desire, but the first character is literally meat.

          • Sexual desire towards a woman isn't sexist, no. But dehumanizing women and reducing them to mere sexual objects is. Which Nate did repeatedly in his interactions with Russell.

            It's not that quote alone I was using to base my deduction of his sexism on, more his actions. (though kudos for deconstructing it) He ignores Russell's backstory and focuses entirely on the girl he mentioned, asking him "So nobody got down with the daughter?" and "What would you give her, strong six? Just tell me something about her. How was the rack?" Granted he may have just been teasing Russell, it was an extraordinarily crude thing to say. And there's the whole situation with the zombie girl that nearly clobbered Russell, though I think that was more an expression of Nate's lunacy.

          • I think his crack about Russell having some "boys wearing hoodies" in the area is what gives people the impression that he's racist, which isn't too much of a stretch given the stereotype of young black men walking around in hoodies and being "gangstas". Meh, personally, I don't think there's much supporting the notion.

            Nate being sexist, however, is not up for debate, for the reasons stated by sayakamiki. Also keep in mind that his little quote there is not him waxing philosophic or anything, it's just his justification for being disrespectful towards women. Russell asks him why he talks about them that way, to which he derisively responds, "'Women'?! (laugh)" He never defends himself from Russell's claims, he just explains why he acts like that. Viewed from that kind of lens, there's no question it's pretty scummy.

            • Yep, that's pretty much it. You explained it better than I did. Nate's an interesting character, but as a person there's no question he's a scumbag.

              I was just offering an explanation to Sarangholic to why some people might think he's racist. Doesn't mean I believe it myself. Depending on the way you look at it, Nate's wariness of Russell being a thief can be justified. They are living in the apocalypse after all, bandits aren't uncommon. But I will say his remarks and calling him "his boy" without considering the racist connotations (or maybe he did, and wanted to piss off Russell? I could see Nate doing that) was pretty damn tactless.

  • Nate's gotta come back to save his boy Russell. I hope he sides with Luke to get the group back; he seems like the sort of guy that sees the problems of other people as his own, considering he picks up the helpless and weaponless Russell from what would basically be death on the side of a Georgia road. With that in mind, I can imagine him getting feeling that carver's actions were personal if Luke were to tell him that Carver took Clem and the group.

  • I was kind of hopeful he would of appeared in episode 2 as I thought he would of been a bad guy in Carvers group, it will be a tense moment when he does appear again as I can see there being a build up to it.

  • I liked Nate up until he was basically mocking what Russell had gone through. I don't want him to go near Clementine.

    • That would bother me to but I think Russell is a gigantic tool, but knowing what I know about Nate if I have an opportunity to putt him down I will. That man is too dangerous to be left alive.

      • Why is Russell a gigantic tool? The only jerk-ish thing he's done that I can think of is mock Bonnie when she mentions "medicine" that Tavia's group may have. And honestly, compared to most of the other characters we've seen and what they've said or done, that's downright gentlemanly by TWD standards. Talking to Bonnie the way some of the people on this forum talk about her after her "betrayal" would be an example of acting like a "gigantic tool" in my book. He's not quite there yet.

        People have said he's really judgmental, and maybe so, but it's not like he doesn't have good reason to be.

        • You know when someone rubs you the wrong way and you don't know why? That's me with Russell, it might be that he is a feminist, it might be his stupid dumb face, it might be that his voice actor annoys me, it might be like you said him being judgemental. He is a whiny little pain in the ass and he rubs me the wrong way. I actually like Nate more and I already said I would kill him if I had the chance, But that is because Nate is dangerous and unstable, I wouldn't kill Russell but that doesn't mean I have to like him.

  • I don't think I want that mofo to show up again. At least, not with Clementine.

  • I'm gonna say have him either show up with Luke, or have him in episode 4. Let's not throw everyone into episode 3.

  • Episode 4 or 5 they should add in Nate. It would be interesting if Wyatt or Eddie end up in Clem's group working with them after what goes down in Carver's community because anyone partnered with Wyatt or Eddie will be hunted by Nate since Nate wants revenge on Wyatt and Eddie for shooting his group up.

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