He's gonna kick Carver's butt[Voice Actor tweet]

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The stache has truly evolved. Go Kenny?!

This is Kenny's voice actor btw for those who don't know.



  • Kenny is gonna show 'em who's boss.

  • Yeah! Go Kenny!

    By the way, i just hope Gavin's not being sarcastic here. I mean, from what it seems on the preview Kenny's getting fucked up by Carver... =O

  • Or maybe that's what they WANT you to think. The scene ends after Kenny getting hit...what if he snaps and punches him back even harder? Of course, that could have consequences, but you never know...

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    It definitely looks as if Kenny's going to be causing a stir at Carver's compound. We can only pray he'll get out of there alive. Bringing the character back, only to rub him out in the next episode, would be a complete waste.


  • Kenny Rocks

  • Kenny is going to beat the shit out of Carver.

  • Gavin is such an awesome guy. I can hardly wait any longer for episode 3, I'm going to do everything I can to protect Kenny and get everybody out of Carver's place.

  • quite the fitting username you got there

  • Gavin always gives away so many hinted spoilers... Can't tell if i'm mad or really happy about this... ;)

  • No one can beat Kenny up! He got the a hobo beard!

  • maybe it's just carver throwing the first punch and throwing kenny off guard and then kenny shows carver his true power he had been gaining for around 2 years and beats up carver and gets clem out of there

  • Kenny, you got your ass beaten by an old man with heart porblems. If you pound Carver's face in, you will have earned your redemption.

    Good luck. May the beard be with you.

  • Honestly... Kenny can't fight for shit. And in the time between S1 and S202, I doubt he improved greatly (especially before he met Sarita), so I find that unlikely. Kenny also isn't the smartest of people, while Carver has proven to be extremely intelligent.

  • If this does happen, knowing Kenny, he'll probably go overboard and miss some sign that he's been baited into the fight and end up getting himself or others injured or killed. I don't think Carver would give anyone the opportunity to get the upper hand unless it was part of his scheme.

  • Well, Larry beats Lee to, while leaving the drugstore.

  • There's a difference. Larry's punch to Lee was a cheapshot and was unexpected. Kenny's punch to Larry was a cheapshot and Kenny still got knocked out.

  • Well, perhaps Kenny is still trustworthy after all. :D

  • I don't think he was ever untrustworthy, but attacking Carver at his camp can't be a good idea. Remember what happened last time Kenny tried attacking Carver? It resulted in casualties. Now we're in Carver's turf and Kenny wants a round 2 knowing that the group is at Carver's mercy?

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Kenny's reckless behaviour leads to someone in the group beyond Alvin or Nick getting killed. (Both Carlos and Sarita are possible candidates, although personally I hope it's not the latter). Depending on the player, Clem could either choose to remain by his side, or drift further away from him.

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    As much as I love Kenny, I'm pretty sure he can't fight unless he's got better at it in the 2 year gap.

  • Well, let's hope Carver doesn't listen to "K-Billy's super sounds of the 70's".

  • Kenny is rash and acts when his heart tells him to, and I think that endears him to a lot of us, but it's also concerning. If Kenny and Carver duke it out (which it seems is going to happen), it's not going to have pretty consequences.

    It would be a damn shame for them to kill him off right after bringing him back with so much hype, but it would do a good job of reminding players that nothing good lasts and also how dare you feel happy while playing this game.

    I doubt they will kill him, though. It would be way too bold a move. Maybe Carver will cut his ear off.

  • Well, last time he didn't know who Carver was in the slightest and had no plan other than "shoot things". So, I am hoping Kenny proves he's more reliable than he used to be.

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    Hmm... I have a feeling he's shaping up to be our hidden antagonist.

    "You are a time bomb, tick, tick, ticking... and I have no intention of being around for the boom."

  • I bet that there is gonna be Kenny's epic training for the fight scene with 80's pop music.

  • uuugh that moment in reservoir dogs was really epic, also done bij madsen :D

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    "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie... Or are you gonna bite?"

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    Imagine a scene where Kenny lifts barbells or does push-ups while he flashes back to memories of Duck and Katjaa, as "Burning Heart" plays in the B.G.

    So dumb, and so awesome.

  • either way Kenny's gonna have one major scar,on my playthrough Alvin and Nick have already bit the dust,hope Sarita and Sarah survive.

  • Kenny will go Big Boss style in the next episode. I can feel it!.

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    Kenny will join the rank of most badasses characters in videogames in episode 3. and we will see!.

  • Hell yeah Big boss is the boss (obiviously)! Can't wait for the phantom pain


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    that would be funny as heck, maybe he could have a scene where clementine hands him salt licks and he crushes fake heads. here crush Here crush HERE crush

  • what other spoilers has he spoiled?

  • Well he hints stuff a lot like when someone said "Is lilly going to be in season 2?"
    He responded: "All that hope is still adorable."
    Or another one when someone found a "walker kenny" photo
    He replied with something along the lines of: "Yikes, where did you get that from?"
    And another picture which was a remolded, older Kenny
    In which he replied: "Telltale would hate it if you thought they made that."
    There are a few others if you look among his tweets :P

  • nah son your just underestimating the stache. NEVER underestimate the stache

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    Me too but Ground Zeroes was a rip-off.....

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