• They're both young and stupid. Nick will end up messing more stuff up and will eventually be as bad as Ben.

  • I'm not above joining in on the Ben 2.0 jokes, because they're funny, but in actuality Nick really isn't much like Ben. Yeah, they're both young and traumatized and make mistakes, but Nick shocked me in season 2 episode 1 when he just came up to Clementine and apologized for almost shooting her. I was so used to characters in this game who never owned up to their mistakes that it really took me off guard, and ever since that I've liked him.

    Not to rag on Ben here, but in season 1 episode 5, Lee called out to him to protect Clementine from a group of walkers in the street, but he panicked and ran. If you were with Nick in the shed at the beginning of season 2 episode 2, there's a group of walkers outside, ready to swarm, but instead of thinking for himself, Nick tells you to run and that he'll distract them.

    Honestly I see more similarities between him and Lilly than any other character, but the truth is that at the end of the day, he's his own character. If there's anything I trust Telltale with, it's to write complex, multi-layered, and realistic characters, and no two people will be the same. The joking is fine but when it comes down to it we have to respect Nick as his own character who isn't going to make decisions like previous ones we may see similarities between.

    • I feel the same way, I don't mind the jokes at all. Frankly, most of them are pretty damn funny, it's more the hate Nick gets for being "similar" to Ben that confuses me. Glad that I'm not the only one atleast! (I know that Nick actually has a pretty big fanbase but I just seem to never really see it)

      • I've noticed that he has a much bigger fanbase on Tumblr, but the disadvantage is there's a lot of people (not all! but a lot of them) misinterpreting him as a helpless innocent who needs Luke to tie his shoes for him, and that's not Nick either, not by a long shot. I dunno. I feel like a lot of people there only like him because they need to pair Luke with someone. I don't think shipping is bad, but it's not fair to bastardize a really well written character because you want him to fit into your little OTP muffin tray.

        I like Nick because I relate to him. He's pretty guarded but deep down he's a good person and really does mean well, and he makes mistakes and has some definite self-esteem issues but that shouldn't define him. He's a good character. I can see why people don't like him, but I don't know. I'm hoping he gets a redemption arc before his likely imminent death.

        • Yeah I actually never really join in on any shipping either (especially not when it's about two characters who are obviously good friends) and I really do think that he should get more props for being a good characters. His apology surprised me too in the first episode since I totally though that he were gonna be the reckless douchebag of the season, however now he's actually one of my favorite characters. He seems so chill once he starts to trust you!

          But yeah, I know he'll most likely die in episode 3 which really sucks but, like you said, hopefully he'll atleast a good redemption before he goes.

  • There can be only one Ben!

  • He isn't. Against popular belief: People are all unique individuals. There is only one of everything. One Ben, one Lee, one Kenny, one me, one you. Nick will always be Nick and while he may share a bit of Ben's characteristics, he will never be Ben.

    • I agree completely. The day I meet a character in the Walking Dead world that is 100% similar to another character is the day I'll for the first time become disappointed with TWD series.

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    I agree with this post. Nick definitely isn't the new Ben. Ben literally couldn't do anything, at least Nick can shoot a gun and takes care of himself. (Not hating on Ben)

  • nick isn't the new ben, because no matter what ben couldn't die till the end of episode 4. Nick is possibly already dead at the end of episode 2.

  • At least Nick is somewhat likable. That part when he talks like Carlos was golden.

  • Ben:
    * stealing supplies, dealing with bandits
    * lying to group and Doug/Carley dies as a result
    * leaving Clem alone at street full of walkers
    * taking weapon which was blocking the doors in Crawford
    * telling Kenny the truth
    * going to help Clem when Lee's bitten

    * almost shooting Clem
    * shooting Matthew
    * saying "sorry" to Clem
    * saving Clem from walkers in the woods
    * telling Walter the truth
    * talking with group - not hiding that "he's loosing it"

    Sorry if I forget something, can't remember more now...

    So... Nick = new Ben? I don't think so!

  • I find Nick way more interesting and likable than Ben. Although I like Ben and feel sorry for him, Nick is a character that I can relate to. His insecurity and doubt about himself is something that I can relate to and I could only imagine how tough and difficult it must be for him to kill his own mother. At first glance, he seems like a jerk, but when he apologized, I was quick to forgive him. The fact that he shows remorse for his actions, shows that he cares. Regarding on him being helpless, I didn't think he is. He can defend himself competently enough against walkers.

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