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Clementine's requiem/lullaby

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Another thread for the sake of an excuse to post music, but taking her death as the theme this time. We'll assume the story writers have nothing but outright contempt for your wishes to see her survive and a painful end in mind. Post music that appeals to you as something suitable with which to see her off, not necessarily something that you think would work well in the game itself or fit its musical character, but what resonates with you.

My bit: a folk lullaby sung by the late Hamlet Gonashvili, Georgia's (the other Georgia) most memorable folk singer, and who unusually enough, like Canada's Stan Rogers, had met his end in the '80s in a fatal accident. I can't think of a tenor with a voice better suited for soothing a girl in her last painful moments and lulling her to a final sleep.

And another:

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