• I think people too readily fault him for Duck and Katjaa's deaths when the circumstances leading up to that were for the most part completely outside of his control. If there's no possible way he or anyone could have forseen that as an outcome of his actions, he shouldn't be faulted for it.

    Fuck him for ditching Clem at the beginning of episode 4 though.

  • My first Playtrough i really liked him....i treated him nicely even though he fucked up,But the Moment he Put Clementine in Danger i Fucking Lost it,
    I forgave him at the Staircase where i could choose to drop him or save him(i saved him)
    I was Kind of Sad when he died But also relieved in the same time that he is out of his misery,and there will be no more fuck ups with him...
    As much of a shitbird he was i Kinda liked him...even though in my second playtrough i dropped him in the Stair Case

  • No he defently wasn't a bad guy. He was just going through a heck of a lot and couldn't take it, this led to him panicking and making a lot of mistakes because he wasn't thinking straight...still hate the guy though....he just fucked up too many times, wether or not he ment to it's just not forgiveable for me, he needed to die (i don't mean that in a horrible way, it's just he was making alot of mistakes and it was better for everyone - ben included - that he left this world before he hurt anyone else or himself for that matter - he's with his family now at-least) Plus he left Clem, i don't blame him for it,(as such) i suppose it was just a heat of the moment, panic thing but jesus christ he needed to grow some balls if it wasn't for Chuck that little girl would have died because of that pussy.
    Also i dropped him at the staircase, like i said i felt it was best for everyone (him included) that he left this earthly realm. I liked ben....to begin with, like i said he wasn't a bad guy (he reminds me of....well me, stupid at times, un-able to deal with stressful situations for prolonged periods, panics and does stupid stuff etc etc) But if i made that many fuck ups i would practically want someone to put me out of my misery.

  • I think Ben was mistreated but did contribute to his own downfall by lying about the bandits and failure to protect Clem and the boat. Most characters on this forum have an avatar on this site except Ben feel so bad for him. Not a bad person but avoid at all costs

  • Killing him at the bell tower was just too cheap. It didn't seem like something a real humane person would do. Especially because it has to do with Clementine. Although, Clementine does show distaste to Ben later on through season two in the dialogue, she did see him as a friend before. The less death Clementine has to be traumatized with, the happier I am.

    • Im not sure, he did ask you to drop him after-all and at this point he has screwed a lot up for our little group. And at the time i was really angry with him. Despite that i do think in real life i probably wouldn't have dropped him, but who knows i can be a spiteful S.O.B when i want to be lol and it's the Apoc i don't think anyone would have the same personality they have now in a post apocalyptic world.

      • Yeah, he did ask you to drop him but whenever you do he starts flipping out as if he expected you to pull him up... I still saved him either way though... it made Kenny's "death" scene more tragic, because he didn't have any shit with Christa (which is who he saves if you kill Ben) so it seemed like something Kenny would do but the fact that he saved Ben made him a better character, knowing that he would sacrifice himself for someone he truly hated.

        • I think he and Christa clashed enough for it to have an impact, but I think it really helps if you get the determinant dialogue where Kenny suggests leaving Omid to die. His whole philosophy at this point in time is all about surviving for himself and those who help him and leaving others to their fates, so going out of his way to save her still showed a change.

          Additionally, just before this, he realized she was pregnant, so I like thinking about it in terms of not being willing to watch another mother and child die after what happened to his own family, and being of the viewpoint that family is all that matters anymore in this world.

          I agree, though, that his conflict with Ben is a lot more in your face, so his sacrifice has more weight, even if I think it wasn't conceived perfectly, as it's hard to view it as anything other than a suicide, even if it didn't turn out that way.,

  • I think those who hate Ben are uncomfortable with what his character makes them think about, which is that there are people who simply would not function in a disaster. They would panic, they would screw up, they wouldn't have useful skills. And that doesn't make them bad people, but it doesn't make them heroes. But we don't want to think about them. We want to think about characters like Lee, like Molly, like Clementine--characters whow ere average people like us, but then became extraordinary survivors. We want to think we'd be like them. We don't want to imagine that we could end up like Ben, who starts out average and continues to be average. People who hate Ben maybe see a little bit of themselves in him, and are frightened by what that could mean.

  • Ben wasn't a bad guy, just not mature enough to make good decisions. I look back at how my friends and I were in high school and can't help but see a little bit of Ben there. Stealing supplies for the bandits was stupid and abandoning Clementine was cowardly, but also understandable. Naturally, we like to think that in a survival situation, we will be the ones who keep their cool and save the day. Fact is, that isn't how it works most of the time.

    Still, Ben really pissed me off in Episode 4. The walker incident was bad enough, but then I forgave him and asked him to look after Clementine no less than THREE FUCKING TIMES. And he failed to do so..each and every time. The fact that Clem still stood up for him after all that convinced me to save him in the bell tower. I'm glad I did, because Ben redeemed himself when he chewed out Kenny after we found the boat missing. That was when Ben became an adult in my opinion. Then he got impaled ten minutes later, poor bastard.

  • I don't know what happened. I was full of rage with the Carley and Kenny thing, and with Duck's death I couldn't take it anymore. But when the opportunity came, I don't know, just finish his life right there didn't feel like a right thing to do.

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