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Why does everyone act like children?

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In the game.. everyone seems to act like children at some points.

Larry hasa hissy fit cause noone will listen to himabout throwing out a child into the horde. Aparantley he follows Luke's logic of them not being able to hold back a zombified child

.. there's many more cases of this in the series and it gets annoying.
People lecture youcause you didnt save them when proritising or saving someone else,even though they saved themselves anyway and act like your theworst human being for saving a child over a grown man who can handle it himself.

Everyone depends on you like some sort of care taker.. xD

  • I wouldn't say "act like children" they just sometimes panic or overreact :)

  • When did Luke say that? He just said he wasn't carrying Clementine with a bite on her arm.

    • After he basically tried to fling her away... Still it's definitely an unfair comparison. Larry was actively encouraging the others to toss Duck back outside. Luke just panicked and had no idea what to do.

      It's a goddamn apocalypse. It makes sense that people are a bit unhinged.

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    I totally agree. All the adults in the group are like infants. They treated Clem like shit when she first arrive, turning away a 14 year old girl who needs medical attention. They couldn't even bandage her up or anything. Then they get mad when Clem doesn't get their back in every situation. They rely on her to do difficult things, like climbing up to scout when they are at they lodge. Clem can you get my wife some food? apparently my legs are broken, oh then can you lie about it for me? Getting mad at her over who she saves at the river. This is why I gave them the cold shoulder and went to Kenny's group. I know it is necessary since Clem is the protagonist, but can you have one competent adult?

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