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walking dead tv show, do you think terminus is legit or bad news?

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that lady at the end of the episode gave off a bad vibe, the place looks too good to be true, its like walking around a really nice neighborhood until you relize you're in a nuclear bomb testing site.

  • Brenda and the St. John's dairy seemed like a nice place as well. I don't read the comics but it's The Walking Dead, things always go wrong.

  • I think its bad news because i think people in Terminus are cannibals and that meat Mary was griling was human meat. I just hope none of our surviors eat it...

  • There where no people apart from that lady, it seemed really fishy. Id say

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  • I gotta say, that lady in the Terminus remindes me Brenda St. John's.

  • The one thing I learned in The Walking Dead show and game is that no place is safe. The pharmacy was surrounded by walkers, the motor inn had bandits attacking, St John Dairy farm people were Cannibals, Woodbury was led by a badass psychopathic genius, and the prison was destroyed. Terminus.... something is definitely up. Where is everyone?... In the finale episode shit is going to hit the fan. Just hope Beth's okay :(.


      Sorry, it's just a bit weird seeing Beth fans when she gets so much hate. She's my favorite character on the show.

      • I don't get the Beth hate, shes a minor character at least was for a long time. Its actually interesting that she gets a bit more screen time in season 4.

        • She's a traditionally feminine girl with realistically portrayed mental illness who is headstrong and brave despite her support role, instead of a zombie slaughtering badass STRONG WOMAN TM. Dudes (and it's almost entirely dudes who rag on her in my experience) seem to prefer the latter over a woman who knows who she is, where she stands, has her own demons, and doesn't mind telling a man to fuck off, and who may or may not be a heroic warrior. Beth gets it extra hard because of the support role; Maggie might be similarly headstrong and tells men to go to hell, but "at least she contributes."

          I made the mistake of reading comment sections on the reviews of S4E12 "Still" and it was just gross.

          • She has a mental illness? And I definitely agree with everything you said.

            • I read her as suffering from depression and some form of anxiety disorder. It's why she's so mission oriented, imo. She's also strong as hell because despite dealing with those (and they are destructive, dealing with them myself) and the stress of being a ZA survivor, she's still optimistic and hopeful.

              • Ah I see. I respect her even more now! I hope you get through that stuff. :)

                • Thanks. And yeah, she gets a lot of crap for not being a strong character, but she's seriously one of the strongest on the show. Bugs me that people think Daryl's rant against her is an adequate judgment on her. Sure, it's what she thinks about herself (talking about how people who shouldn't have died did and she who should have died survived), but that doesn't make it true. She treats it as true, though, but keeps going. It's impressive.

                  • Beth really has started getting to me more lately, just please, stop with the constant singing. Sometimes it fits the mood, sometimes it doesn't and i don't feels she knows when it fits. Almost getting her killed for a drink was a little silly though.

                    • I dont think its a bad thing. It fits her character. If you like to sing, you sing whenever and wherever you feel like it She probably does it to soothe herself and its not like they have working radios.

                    • It's supposed to be a morale thing, I think. Provide a sense of normalcy for the group. Even if its awkward.

                      The alcohol thing, to me, was her trying to find an immediate goal with a desirable solution. She knew her dad found great peace in alcohol and so she wanted to give it a shot. Not the best option, but understandable. At least to me.

    • There's.... Beth haters? Wow I never knew. Awesome character imo. I love the part where she sings beautifully while playing on the piano and Daryl is falling asleep in the coffin. She's one of my favorite characters :D.

      • She's probably my 5th favorite character.

        • Who are your other 4? Beth is like my 3rd so my first is Rick and my second is Carol

            1. Rick
            2. Glenn
            3. Maggie
            4. Daryl
            5. Beth

            Those are my top five.

            • Maggie used to be my top fave, but then Still aired and Beth became my all time fave. Rivaling Clem's awesomeness, which was only completely cemented for me in S2E1 where she's explaining to Nick and Luke about how she is a danger to groups and everything. Self-aware, self-deprecating, bitter, and still pushes forward.

              • Oh, "Still" was actually my least favorite episode of the Season so far, but I still like Beth's character. Unfortunately, it looks like it's leading up to her death, but hopefully that won't happen.

                • Yeah, I'm getting a Man on Fire, killed the only person who gave me a reason to think living was worth it vibe from this and that makes me really mad. If it happens, though, that means Daryl dies soon after because that's pretty much the only road they can take there.

                  I thought it'd have been neat if they'd flipped the script and had Daryl get abducted and Beth have to go through a trial by fire to save him. She'd have his crossbow and an injured leg, but she'd prevail in the end and that'd be a neat thematic twist.

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              Do I see Glenn at number 2 :D

              • Yes, TV Glenn is so much better than Comic Glenn at this point. In fact, most of the stuff from S4 is better than the original comic stories in my opinion. Lizzie and Mika was done better than Ben and Billy, the group being scattered v. finding each other immediately, etc.

                Also, Steven Yeun is an amazing actor.

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                  GOUSTTTT BANNED

                  Lizzie & Mika was definitely better then Ben & Billy, Ben just went crazy out of nowhere in the Comics, We didn't even get a hint he was crazy, They were both undeveloped as hell, They gave us a lot of hints with Lizzie & I like that.

                  I think Comic Glenn & Show Glenn are as good as each other at this point but Comic Glenn was killed way to soon for fucking shock value T_T but yeah, If Show Glenn keeps going like this, He will be better then Comic Glenn in no time.

                  Steven Yeun is one of the best actors on the Show, Too bad the fodder survivors could act as good as him, I mean they find some the worst extras ever XD

      • The singing got kind of annoying after a while, once or twice was enough for me.

    • Im scared for Beth too. Who the heck took her and why? If it was for nefarious reasons, then she might not make it back.

  • And gabriel stokes has an agreement with them?

    • There's a character confirmed called "Gareth", and Kirkman said that he'd be a mix of a few characters, so some people have been predicting a mix between Chris(the guy they cast looks incredibly similar to him), the leader of the hunters, and Gabriel. So basically a creepy cannibalistic priest. Personally, I really like Gabriel, so I hope that isn't the case, but it would be a great set-up for a villain.

  • Pszt... This is an gaming community and i don't care about the show.

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