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Package severely water-damaged

posted by Armakuni on - last edited - Viewed by 309 users
I got my order today (Strong Bad audio CD, Strong Bad mails DVDs, both CSI games, Strong Bad figures, both Bone games) but the package was severely water-damaged. I'm not sure how this has affected the DVDs or the Bone games since they're sealed, but the CD cover was bulgy from the humidity.
Also, I'd prefer to not take any chances with the other stuff either, I don't like the thought of the DVDs having been in there for so long.. who knows, they might have taken damage too. I don't feel like opening everything to find out.

So I was wondering - is there any insurance from your side when it comes to stuff like this? I already filed a complaint with the postal service here, I'll see how that goes.. but I just thought I'd ask here as well.
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