• I knew something was up with them, and I knew that the farm wouldn't last long, because it was only episode 2. They weren't gonna make it lollipops and rainbows on only the 2nd episode. Hell, they weren't gonna make it lollipops and rainbows at all.

  • I never trusted them.

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    Danny's creepy face and Andy's bad lies made me keep my guard up.

    • yeah creepy. all of them look really sick. I am guessing its because their cannabis. the human body can't eat only meat or whatever. you userally don't find a well person with those dark marks under their eyes.

  • I was relieved to find out they were only cannibals, honestly...

    • ...Danny wasn't only a cannibal, though.

      That guy was a real creep. In some of the interviews with his voice actor, he said that in some of the unused lines from the game, it was strongly [and I mean STRONGLY] suggested that he was a pedophile.

      But yeah, I never trusted them, from the moment I saw Danny. Andy and Brenda didn't really set off any alarm bells to me at first.

  • when Danny and Andrew were asking questions of the small that goes to their farm for a first look, they way the were asking the questions make me lie about the group e.g. we have 10 people in our group instead of 7. and we were ready to defend yourself with guns. that made be think telling the truth, but then at the bandit campsite yeah...I am glad I didn't trust them.

  • Honestly, with Brenda's blank stare out the window and Andy's comments about staying out of the barn, I guessed cannibalism a few minutes after arriving at the dairy. Not that that made finding Mark any less horrific...

  • I really didn't trust them from the start.The place and them seem...to good to be true

  • It was obvious something was amiss. You don't get people offering food, shelter and security for nothing in an apocalypse situation. Besides, all of them were way too creepy. Now many have mentioned Danny as the worst, but to me Brenda was far more dangerous and sick than her two sons put together.
    However, I didn't suspect cannibalism until Mark disappeared and anytime I asked about him, they would change the subject. Of course, when the Mighty Tash went on about the locked barn door, I put two and two together.

    What bugs me about that whole scenario though is how easily two men and one woman grabbed the entire group, minus two obviously. Specially Larry and Lilly, the two supposedly military trained people. Didn't they suspect anything?

    Nevertheless, that scene with legless Mark is one I won't forget in a hurry.

    • good point, but none of them were thinking clearly. they were starving for food, you can't really think well when your in that state.

    • Lilly was pretty suspicious of them, actually, but she couldn't have foreseen cannibalism. Sure, we could have, but it's different for the characters, obviously. She just thought they were creepy and that they needed to leave as soon as possible.

  • I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But I knew something was up

  • These backwoods people have always given me the creeps"

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    No I didn't. They were unusually friendly. And the more they spoke the more I distrusted them. Who takes a large group of strangers into their home just like that? That's how you know. No one in TWD or Last of Us is ever meant to be that friendly lol

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