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How would you personally describe Kenny?

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And how would like to see his personality change in season 3?

I see him as a good man, someone who is loyal, caring, resilient, and tenacious as hell.
Who is also impulsive, quick tempered, and lacking a bit in people skills.
I mean, his people skills ain't totally bad, but they could use some work.

The only change I'd like to see is him gain greater self control.
As his temper does get hard to deal with sometimes.

How about you?

  • how would I personally describe him... Godlike Mustache and beard

  • Oh dear...

    The most loyal of friends if you are blindly loyal to him in turn.

    An impulsive and resolute man who can come off as stubborn or persistent.

    A selfish, intolerant asshole if disagreed with.

    A wounded man.

    A brave man.

    Alive, according to Chuck.

  • Asshole with good morals and common sense.

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    vixvicco BANNED

    Loyal to you-if you don't make him mad.
    Hard to please-as choosing his side is not always easy.
    Good person-even though we fell out when I disagreed with him about Lilly's dad and he didn't defend me against the St Johns, he still helped Lee find Clementine.
    Short temper.
    Impulsive I agree with.
    Strong personality.

  • For better or worse, he always goes with his gut. Every single time.

  • On Kenny's good side, loyal, determined, brave, tenacious, and puts his family above all else. On the flip side, he's impulsive, ornery, short-tempered, holds grudges, is prone to being in denial, stubborn, and doesn't like not getting his way. If you're loyal to him, he'll return the favor. But if you don't side with him, he'll pretty much be an asshole, may not help you when you're in danger, and he'll hold it against you in the future. It's difficult to agree with his every plan, he's not always at the peak of sensibility. He tends to go with his gut and take action, when thinking rationally and holding himself back from acting impulsively would work more efficiently in certain situations. ((I have a feeling he won't fit in so well in Carver's settlement due to this trait))

    In my opinion, I think he's a really well developed character. He has an abundance of flaws, sure, but that's what makes him interesting and more relatable. Kenny is one of the most believably human characters in TWD.

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      Very nice comment.
      I must say that my my being able to relate to him, is one of the reasons I like him.
      Unfortunately, his quick temper is one of the things I can relate to, although I am making strides to control it better.
      And I agree that he is one of the most believable human characters in TWD.

  • He's an asshole, but under it all he's still a good man.

  • He's a good man, but he's selfish, only really wanting to help those he cares about. Like if you don't help him kill Larry, he lets you almost die like seven times. I'm not saying he's a bad man, he just should of took some humane classes from Walter. Kenny let the apocalypse change him.

    • He doesn't just almost let Lee die, you have to understand that killing a person by yourself is very tiring and he was too tired to save Lee all those times.

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      In response to Clayton_Boylan.

      I strongly, yet respectfully disagree that Kenny let the apocalypse change him.
      He went through quite a rough spell, losing his wife and child.
      That's going to effect a person!
      And it can affect you for years, as Kenny showed in season 2, episode 2.

      Having experience severe personal loss, myself some years ago, which included a very close family member, I can relate to what he's going through, and how it effects your attitude and judgement. And it took me a years to recover from that funk I was in. In some ways I'm still recovering actually.

      And when Kenny killed Larry, he did show remorse over it.
      Though I can understand his reasons for doing what he did.
      If I were trapped with a big, mean guy like that who meant me harm, I'd be afraid to, and I would do whatever I had to do to protect myself.
      And any who I care about!

      Lilly on the other hand, she let the apocalypse change her.
      She killed Carly without remorse, and stole the Rv, leaving everyone to die!
      That is selfish!

      When Herschel son died, Kenny felt like it was his fault,( which wasn't the case as Lee explaind), showing genuine remorse, and feeling he was being punished for it.
      And when it came to helping Ben's teacher who was stuck in the bear trap, Kenny held walkers back for as long as possible, while Lee worked to get the man free.
      Including helping get the man/ Ben's classmate, back to the motel.
      So with that said, I don't think Kenny's interested in helping only those he cares about.

      I do agree Walter is a very decent man, and likable.
      However, he did tend not to be cautious.
      When it came to giving Bonnie food, he should at least have been willing to check her for weapons, instead of just offering to take her in at first glance.

      I learned through hard experience when I was younger to be cautious with strangers, as you never what their attentions are.
      Even if they look harmless, they could still be extremely dangerous.
      So I personally agree with Kenny about being leary of her!
      Though that's not to say I wouldn't have given her some food to go.

  • A man deeply wounded by the world who feels powerless in protecting his family. Doesn't know how to express his emotions in a constructive manner so comes out as rage.Brutally honest never caring how people felt as long as his point is getting across and the situation is fixed. True hero willing to sacrifice himself for someone he hated and ruined his life in Ben. A very determined man who struggles for hope and to have the will to survive after what happened to his family every day.

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