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Do you think we'll see Prince Lawrence again???

posted by KirstyJ on - Viewed by 979 users

I mean we did just kind of abruptly leave him without finishing the interview, and he wasn't even caught back up with in episode 2 or even mentioned. What do you think???

  • I think I will. I went to his place first and saved him. In my episode 3 preview it has him saying something like "Is this all that's left of her?" probably meaning the head of his wife Faith.

  • I would like to think so BECAUSE he did appear in the preview for episode 2 if you saved him but then episode 2 clearly went in a different direction.

  • Would be very dissapointing if he didn't return. It'd kinda make the choice in the first episode insignificant.

  • Maybe, if he is he is not going to be huge in the story. In my play he committed suicide after Bigby and Show watched Dee for awhile, so I doubt he'll be a factor. What's I found weird is Snow never mentioned calling the cops to help him or TT never alluded to him going to the hospital.

  • As much as I would like to (I saved Lawrence), I'm afraid he is not going to play any major role. Think about detective Brannigan - the unused lines from ep 2 posted some time ago on this forum clearly showed that she was going to be an important part of the plot, but almost all her scenes were scrapped from the actual game. She's obviously not going to make an appearance (although I hope I'm wrong on this one, I liked her) and Lawrence will probably show up, but for a limited screentime, as making him a major character would mean creating an entire branch of the plot that many players won't see (if he died).

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