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Forum user contest (results)

posted by Davidsanden27 on - last edited - Viewed by 5.7K users

First of all this has nothing to with who is the most popular and who is not.
This is just an appreciation thread for the people that light up this community with great theories, funny comment and all out awesomeness.

Even if you were not chosen by anyone everyone in this community still likes you, except if you love the (28 ways to kill Clementine). Someone will probably still like you.

Apparently my last thread was closed because the mods think this is a popularity contest so i will repeat it again. ITS NOT. It's a way for us all to appreciate the people that put a lot of effort into this community with theories for example.

And I know that it was hard to choose when there are so many posters but thumbs up to you who did.

So let's start with number 7: the person with the least points of the top 7 is: Cart_hero_2010 with 6 points. So congrats cart hero. I haven't really seen much of your stuff but the things I have seen from you is awesome :)

Number 6 goes to: thewalkingmustache with 10 points. It's weird cause I don't think I have seen this guy before but he is probably a good guy.

Number 5 goes to: viva-la-lee with 12 points. This guy was one of the first people i saw on this forum. He seems like a Awesome guy.

Number 4 goes to: Ohyoupokedme with 14 points. This is one of the most positive guys on this forum. I love his style. I still remember people complaining because he posted so many dog memes and gifs.

Ok so number 3 goes to: Azlyn with 25 points: She is one of the only ones that have gotten a hate thread just because of her being so nice to other people.

Number two goes to: GOUSTTTT with 34 freaking points: GOUSTTTT was the first guy I saw who made a thread and that inspired me to join this community instead of just reading comments and threads without giving my own opinion.

So the grand finale. The winner is: Saltlick305 with 52 points!
SaltLick is the person who most people look up to and get inspired by. You can see why. He's got charm coming out of his ass and it hits us.

So as I said earlier this is not a competition who is the best and who's the worst. This is just how to see who we people in this community can look up to and to laugh with. This is the people who spread happiness across the community. And I know that it maybe got a bit repetitive with who got what place and which number but I hope it's okay. I hope it didn't sound to douchey.

Enough of speeches but just one last thing is that no one should be offended by this and I hope no one will. Please tell me what you think about this idea. Maybe this will inspire to other contests as such. I hope it will.This took about an hour to count all the points and how I should write so please don't be too harsh.
Have a good day/morning/night :)

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