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Was Clementine... somewhat abused?

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I know this might be the stupidist question in the world. But in the first episode with sarah when you first meet her this is the conversation:

Sarah: I'm not supposed to talk to you. My dad can't know.
Clem: Why? What will he do?...
Sarah: Get mad at me.
Clem: What does he do when he gets mad?
Sarah: He gets angry and says he's disappointed in me and he loves me and just wants me to be safe
Clem: That's it? Nothing else?
Sarah: Yeah. It's the worst.

What I'm mainly looking at is the last thing clem said above (that's it? nothing else?) When she says it her expression seems surprised. I know she wears the hat her dad gave her. But even if you get abused or yelled at alot. Mostly everyone in this world still loves there parents no matter what. And Clementine is a sweet little girl who loved her parents. I'm afraid Clementines dad or both her parents did more than just yell at her. Downvote me for thinking this. I thought i should just share my opinion and see what you guys think.

  • I didn't catch that, that's actually a really interesting theory.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Clementine was simply suspicious of what Carlos would actually do, not to mention she had already lived in the apocalypse for two years at that point. She had a bad impression on a man who locked her up in a shed. Anyone would. Plus, her reaction was genuine. She had no idea who these people were. She wasn't going by experience when she said that, she was going by instinct and to be honest, I was also weirded out that Sarah took it a big deal that Carlos would just be "Disappointed" parents are like that all the time. It doesn't mean the end of the world. Sarah makes it look like it is. Which Clementine (and myself) saw as somewhat odd.

    Clementine loved her parents, why else do you think she always brought them up, wanted to have pretend-talks on her talkie and completely broke down when you had to tell her that it was too risky to go looking for them? She adored them, that much is very obvious.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Trying to figure out whether her parents actually abused her would be a massive headache. Im just gonna say no but there's not a right answer for this, Let's be positive and just think she got grounded a couple of times for having bad grades.

  • I doubt it im not saying they didn't spank her when she did something bad but im sure they didn't beat her.

    if they did I will track down their walker corpses and destroy them :P

  • Clem was abused you creating this thread!

  • she probably just got yelled at or spanked and grounded. that why shes surprised. when someone says all there parents do is get angry at them, i get kinda surprised and i wasn't abused...

  • Clem expects everyone to be a cannibal or murderer or psycho kidnapper with his wife's head in a bag by default now.

  • Maybe she was abused by Christa... Christa knew that Omid died because of Clem's fault and vented her anger on Clementine. No wonder they were so cold with each other in ep1.

  • She may have been spanked when she was younger. Some parents do that. That should never be misconstrued as abuse by default since some parents understand the concept of moderation.

    Aside from that you'd need more proof than a line that could've just come down to curiosity. Nothing from the first season really hints at abuse, IMO. I think the most Christa did was be distant.

  • No. Clem's thought process when Sarah said that was "This world has gone to shit and this idiot is scared shitless of her dad yelling at her?" It's the same impression you get when you read those "First world problems"

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