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What Ending would cause you the biggest rage?

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April Fools day coming up so lets have biggest troll ending in ep 5 you can think of?

Which Ending and why know all are impossible but if impossible did happen?

A) Clem's wakes up in a mental institution turns out all a dream

B) Turns out Clem is Mexican midget named Pedro 40 years old who put on his little girl act to survive.(Impossible yes but random I like)

C) Clem turns into a zombie but in zombie state kills Carver

D) Clem survives but reveals that Ben also survived and will be main protagonist for next season

E) Clem walks outside the sun is shining all zombies are gone turns out their allergic to something.

F) Clem finds the cure(goes against all TWD rules definitely cause rage)

G) Clem completely loses her mind and runs into woods acting like wild animal for rest of her life

Which ending would cause you most rage and why plus make up ending which think would cause biggest rage for gamers and have the forum in uproar even if it's impossible lol crazier the better be more rage if I played?

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