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Gifting options

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This a repost but it seems more appropriate here:

I'm looking to buy season one of Sam & Max as a gift however I can't find any gifting options in the store. I know they used to exist. What happened to them or is there still a way to do this that I'm overlooking. The customer support page claims there is a box to check in the cart however I don't see one anywhere. Fast help would be appreciated as the intended recipients birthday is tomorrow.
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  • Upon further review it appears the the gifting option check box only appears in the cart when I buy the download of the season only without the disc. I would like to give the full season though with the disc as a gift and feel somewhat cheap if I get the download in my name and just the disc for my brother. Is there a way to correct this?
  • Right now the gifting option isn't available for physical merchandise, just downloadable games.

    You can order the download version as a gift, and then go here and place a separate order for the (free) disc. You can have it shipped straight to your brother if you want.
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