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Multiple Bone installs?

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I purchased Bone earlier today and installed it on my work machine to briefly try it out. I'm currently trying to install it on my home machine and am coming up with the error message:

This key has already been activated on the maximum number of computers. If you believe this is mistaken, please contact customer service at 800-656-5426 and reference code #######.

Is there really only a one machine limit to installing Bone? If so, is it possible to somehow copy my work install and bring it home?

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  • Just an idea... are you using the same key number at home that was generated for your work computer? I believe the key numbers are each tied to a specific computer.

    So have you tried to generate a whole new key from the home PC install using your order number (in the email) and your password?
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    This item on the digital river FAQ should help you get your purchased game on your home computer. Please let me know how it goes.

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    I still have the same error message. The steps mentioned in the above link are identical to the ones I used to install the game on my home computer.
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    Please email your order # to and reference this thread. We'll get to the bottom of this.
  • Well. If you go to you can download it from there when you get home. Remember to stay online when you launch the game, since it has to verify the code.

    Did this to my laptop, when my PC ran it slowly :p

    PS - Don't activate it at home.
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    I have exactly the same problem, and I've already send telltale an email will all info.

    I think that you are indeed allowed to only install the game on one pc.
    However, since I thought I would get a activation code by email, the automatical key retreiving option was not what I exactly wanted for my work pc. It would be nice if that is clearly described before anyone tries to install the game.

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