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Season 1 episode 5 wrong language

posted by DesossiriboNucleic on - Viewed by 428 users

I downloaded and played the chapters 1 to 4 with no problems. yesterday I downloaded the 5th episode. Now the app is in my language (italian) but the 5th episode is in english.
How can I delete the episode 5 and download it once again without losing my progress or how can I resolve this issue?

I have an iPad mini 1st gen with only 16 GB
how can I delete episodes 1-4 that I have already played?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. You can delete the episodes you have already played by going to the Episodes Menu inside the App, and selecting the Delete button at the bottom, and then selecting the Episode you wish to delete. Please note that Episode 1 is built into the base application, and this is where your save games are stored, so you will not be able to delete Episode 1 without deleting the app, which will also delete your saves.

    You can delete Episode 5 in the same way, and re-download it, and you should then be able to continue your saves at the beginning of Episode 5, or wherever your saves left off.

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