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I'm having a little bit of a problem. I downloaded Law & Order Legacies awhile back, bought the multi pack, played it all, and then ended up deleting it for space for other apps. I recently downloaded it again, but it wants me to pay to play anything past the first case. I saw a thread that said after the initial prompt for payment and you enter your password, etc, it should say something about you already downloaded it and that you can redownload for free, but when I get to that point, it asks again if I want to confirm my purchase for $12.99.


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    I apologize for the inconvenience. As long as you are logged into the account that you originally purchased the game with, you should be able to hit the 'Buy' button, and it will alert you that you've already purchased this item, and allow you to download it again for no extra charge. If you want to be extra careful, make sure you still have the receipt for the purchase on your iTunes account before following through with the purchase path to make sure you are purchasing the same product.

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