Your First Death

Title says it all. If you even remember what your first death was in The Walking Dead, you can share it here.

Season 1, Episode 2: When Danny pointed that gun at me, i had no chance, it was just so fast and unexpected. My Lee died with a bullet in the head.

Season 2, Episode 1: At the end of the episode, while i was going towards Nick, a wild zombie appears, i pressed the button too fast and Clem died.

Also, if you managed to beat Season 1 without dying once, you are a true survivor.



  • Season 1 - Episode 2 - "Put the gun down, bitch!" incident.

    Season 2 - None, thank god.

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    I kind of understand people who use "your" incorrectly even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster but...really?

    How do you screw this up twice but spell manage to spell "dying" right?

  • Season 1- Damn babysitter got me, i swear i clicked on the hammer but Lee didn't grab it haha.

    Season 2- Sam scared the shit out of me that I didn't even react on time to get him off :(

  • My first death was at the first spot you can die, The Zombie Cop. Unbelievable...

  • My first death was when I was suppose to pick up the shotgun shell, I got distracted and was talking to my brother and when I realized I was able to move, it was to late.

  • Sorry, english is not my Mother language.
    I never did have english classes or anything like that, i actually learned to speak it by playing alot of video-games.

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  • Nobody Raph...

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    Season 1- when I was trying to reload the shot gun and kill the cop
    Season 2- in the shed . Damn walker!

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    Arthur spelling and grammar perfect and I can fully understand don't worry about trolls correcting you

  • S1- When Danny has a gun to your head and shoots you within a second. Did not see that coming...
    S2- Forgot which one but I was eating with both my hands when a QTE suddenly appeared...oops!

  • S1: Episode 4, Crawford "Leg stuck in staircase scene". S2: None, I don't have it yet.

  • Arthur if you aspire to be a better poster and not come off as someone who rejoices in mediocrity and being stupid make sure to communicate in proper English and not use unfunny shit image macros, especially if they have a web address on them or, even worse, come from Tumblr.

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    Season One :

    Same thing as the OP, although it was for technical reasons. My mouse never responds fast enough in that scene for some reason, and whenever I replay that episode, I always die at least once due to this.

    Season Two :

    I died once in the first episode, when the walker came through the hole in the shed. The game glitched and didn't let me click on the hammer. But besides that, I've been able to survive all the way through without incident, and I haven't had a problem yet in Episode 2.

  • Season 1: At the motor inn I waited too late while peeking around (the RV I think) at a zombie & got chomped before I could whack him. I've since improved my peeking skills!

    Season 2: The dog. THE DOG! I didn't grab the knife in time and got mauled. In my defense, I was in real life a victim of a dog attack some years ago & I guess the scene was so sudden and realistic for me that I froze. More frightening for me than any zombie attack I had in either season!

    P.S. I would like a give SaltLick305 another upvote!

  • S1: The cop, I didnt panic at all loading the shotgun, but as soon as I did, he was so close, I just fired immediately and managed hit a mean looking tree in the background.

    I died a lot in S1... heh, partly because I kept the UI set to minimal

    S2 EP1: I hit the wrong direction when running towards Nick at the river, only death in S2 though

  • Season 1: In episode 2, Danny with the gun! Kenny did NOT have my back >_>

    Season 2: Haven't "died" yet! So I've beat my record lol

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    Died in season 1 once, when I was in the shack in episode 3 and backing up to grab the wrench at the door.

    Luckily I haven't died yet in season 2. Child deaths are probably the things that disturb me easiest in any form of media. Call it a phobia.

    Yes, one could say I live on the edge by playing this game.

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    I'm sorry I tried to read your post but lost all interest at about the second line.

    The cadence and grammar of it is so babelfished it feels like a bot generated it. The only thing missing to make the picture complete is a link to cheap pharmaceuticals.

  • Thank you !! You get my upvote too for being so kind, I don't know what's going on its madness wherever I go lol.

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    Season 1: In episode 4 when you had to jump to catch Molly's hand. I must not have pressed it properly and I fell to my death. Also, in episode 5, when Lee was hacking his way through the walkers, I didn't kill one in time and it got me. (I think I was too hesitant as to which one to kill lol)

    Season 2: None yet.

  • S1 had so many more ways to die and I managed to do a lot of them my first time lol

    1. Died to the cop
    2. Died at the motor inn out of curiosity (Me: "Hmm... I wonder what happens when the screen turns completely red")
    3. Died to Mr. Parker like 10 times (Couldnt figure out how to throw him left and right, didnt realize I could back away from him)
    4. Died to Danny like 5 times (Getting taken by surprise, then having to click somewhere randomly on his chest WITH minimal UI)
    5. Died failing a Q spam in the pharmacy
    6. Died getting shot by a bandit
    7. Killed by zombies at the train depot.

    Surprisingly though, never died in Ep.4 and only died once in Ep.5... still cant get passed that part though...

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  • You died..... from the babysitter

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  • Postman Pat... why? :*(

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    Season 1 : Ep 2 Brenda Shot me 20 times or more

    Season 2 : Ep 1 Walker After Winston Death

  • Because they don't know any better.

  • I'd bet a dollar literally nothing you've ever said on this forum is interesting, original or well presented.

  • Well, I'm revoking your food privileges.

  • My first death was in the loading screen of S1E1. The first and only time my xbox froze was at that moment...

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