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Your First Death

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Title says it all. If you even remember what your first death was in The Walking Dead, you can share it here.

Season 1, Episode 2: When Danny pointed that gun at me, i had no chance, it was just so fast and unexpected. My Lee died with a bullet in the head.

Season 2, Episode 1: At the end of the episode, while i was going towards Nick, a wild zombie appears, i pressed the button too fast and Clem died.

Also, if you managed to beat Season 1 without dying once, you are a true survivor.

  • Season 1 - Episode 2 - "Put the gun down, bitch!" incident.

    Season 2 - None, thank god.

  • I kind of understand people who use "your" incorrectly even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster but...really?

    How do you screw this up twice but spell manage to spell "dying" right?

    • Sorry, english is not my Mother language.
      I never did have english classes or anything like that, i actually learned to speak it by playing alot of video-games.

    • Shit, you again? Try to be a better poster other than correcting people's grammar :)

      • I'd bet a dollar literally nothing you've ever said on this forum is interesting, original or well presented.

        • A dolla? Holla!!

          I can get me a pack of gum for that chaching. ... almost.

          PS: only a dollar? You must not have much faith in your opinion.

          • It scales with how much I honestly give a shit.

            • Is low $ a high givashit content or low givashit content?

              Sorry if I'm being rude, for all I truly know one dollar could be all the money you have to your name.

              • Viva you're like 3 steps behind the jokes in this thread and when you catch up you waste your energy running them into the ground, stop already. Posting Pro-tip: Learn to bump before you spike.

                • Oh.. we were joking? I was being completely serious. I apologize for upsetting you in whatever way I did. (Was it the "you're broke" thing?)

                  • Hannibal's on, you'll have to try to be funny and/or hurt my feelings in an hour.

                    • I shall log off with the proud feeling of having accomplished both.

                      Never heard of Hannibal. Based on Silence of the Lambs I take it?

                      • Ok back, now here's the breakdown of how you did terribly and the postmortem of your posting this go around: The TL;DR is you showed and then affirmed your saltiness through unverifiable personal attacks.

                        In the wake of your not getting a joke or finding the rhythm or being able to keep pace in posting, you lashed out in the same manner one would cry out fat, short, ugly, gay, what have you.

                        The allegation of "poor", however, is in particularly low taste as it ridicules people of a certain socioeconomic status who may exist in situations beyond their own control and additional shows a severe lack of empathy with the plight of the downtrodden. If you white-knight you've got to punch up, not down. Consequently I never engage in unverifiable personal attacks as a rule, I only work on what the evidence shows.

                        That you confirmed your desire to both be funny and mean, even going so far as to express a sense of "pride" in the pursuit, was the nail in the coffin. Try-hard attempts at humor are awful enough, but never admit a back-ended desire to spite as it tacitly admits you were perturbed to begin with, calls your argumentation and/or reasoning into question, and voids the match.

                        This doesn't get into the tired "yes my good man" style of extraneous faux sophistication as well as unnecessary colloquialisms but, really, at this point we're practically picking maggots out of a corpse.


                        • Thought I'd hop and and see what you said before starting my day... it's way too early for a wall of us text that large.

                        • Did.... did I just read

                          "That you confirmed your desire to both be funny and mean,"


                          Have you taken the time to read you own posts? xD

                          • I've never expressed a goal-oriented focus on being either funny or mean for the sake of it. That is low, desperate, wounded, base, and attention-seeking behavior that demeans the quality of a post.

                            I operate as an honest, righteous and upstanding user. Whatever discomfort or saltiness you experience in the wake of my forthright posting is as incidental as it is inconsequential. Take it inside of you and have your own spirit journey. One day with enough soul-searching you'll be able to strike the down the stilts that hold up your fortress of co-dependently arisen anger like Mel Gibson did that house with South Africans in it in LW2 I think.

                            • You've admitted to being a troll numerous times. If I'm not mistaken an Internet troll posts mean, disrespectful, and crude things simply for the negative feedback.

                              It's raining on my vacation :(

                              • Empty castigations of "Troll" serve a liminal function designed to Other and is inherently exclusionary. It's a symptom of communities built on the puritanical frameworks of paranoia, fear, and a need for safety and convention that boarders on neurotic.

                                I troll to trawl, and I trawl to catch, and what is caught and revealed both to caster and the caught, so that all may be illuminated and laid bare in the high noon sun. Most of the revelations focus on the fact that a lot of people here are terrible posters, sure, but you have to start at ground zero.

                            • ...Are you really so delusional as to think that of yourself? Lemoncakes, you've done nothing on this forum but be mean for the sake of it. Sure, your first post on this thread may have been just to grammar nazi, but you just had to add that he was a "terrible poster". For what purpose? Well, I'm sure that you think you were just being "truthful", but to a normal person, that is known as being mean for the sake of it. Making typos is fairly normal on the internet. In his case, english wasn't his first language. Sure, feel free to grammar nazi all you want, but you don't have to add a negative connotation to everything, it's just unnecessary.

                              • "had to had the he was a 'terrible poster'"?

                                I never said any such thing.

                                Point of fact I gave them important advice to avoid terrible posting or to appear as a sub-par forumsgoer.

                                There was absolutely no had to having, Zyphon.

                                You really should pay attention to what you read and write...lest you be mistaken for a terrible poster.

                                • As I said, typos happen. My point still stands.

                                    • Yes it does.

                                      Down troll!

                                    • How? You can't just say it doesn't. You were mean for the sake of being mean, as you always are.

                                      • No I wasn't.

                                        "had to had the he was a 'terrible poster'"?

                                        I never said any such thing.

                                        Point of fact I gave them important advice to avoid terrible posting or to appear as a sub-par forumsgoer.

                                        I was being helpful.

                                        You declared I called him a terrible poster.

                                        I never did.

                                        Your basis for declaring me "mean" was false.

                                        You're wrong.

                                        You're demonstrably wrong by your own established criteria.

                                        In fact the majority of your posting, Zyphon, centers around you saying I'm mean because I make you or others feel bad and then repeatedly stating falsehoods. I'm half wondering if you're trolling me in which case...impressive.

                                        • "even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster,"

                                          Besides. A terrible posy is in the eye of the beholder. What was terrible to you, or a subpar post, was good to others.

                                          Perhaps you should change your perspective on life. Instead of being a common lowly cynic, be.. I don't know.... not so terrible?

                                          • The reason you only quoted a segment of that sentence was because if you had quoted all of it it would show, again, that I never called or even insinuated ArthurMatrix was a terrible poster.

                                            Here's the full quote:

                                            I kind of understand people who use "your" incorrectly even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster but...really?

                                            ArthurMatrix was repeatedly using "you're" incorrectly, which was intriguing and required explanation.

                                            Argumentation and correct spelling and grammar isn't subjective Viva but, alas, now that you've gone into that rabbit hole of relativism you can't come out. You no longer have any standing to call anything terrible or make normative statements regarding the terribleness of posting, whether it's in regard to me or anyone else.


                                            • Grammar and spelling in itself is not subjective, but your perspective of what that means of a person is. You say that it's a tell tale sign that they are a "terrible poster". I say it could easily be a simple typo, or in this case, they do not know english very well.

                                              And even if they simply don't know the distinction, what does their spelling or grammar have to do with the quality of their ideas and thoughts? Absolutely nothing.

                                            • I kind of understand people who use "your" incorrectly even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster but...really?

                                              How do you screw this up twice but spell manage to spell "dying" right?


                                              You say that he says things that are a telltale sign of a bad poster. You are saying he is a bad poster.

                                              Correct spelling and grammar are not subjective, but to think that directly transfers into the wellness of a post is. As I said, you found problems with the post. Most others did not. How good a post is is completely subjective.

                                              I can call out your posts are terrible, because as the majority if the forum would agree, they are. And as we all know, majority rules.

                                              • You say that he says things that are a telltale sign of a bad poster.

                                                No I didn't.

                                                You are saying he is a bad poster.

                                                No I didn't.

                                                Jesus Christ, Viva. You're falling behind again.

                                                And now an ad populum fallacy, wrong in both general argumentation and in this case even the circumstantial?

                                                Poor showing, Viva. Your worst so far in this thread. Even worse that those times you got mad and lost your temper.

                                                • Still waiting on those 'losing my temper' quotes. :p

                                                  And yes, you did.

                                                  • No I didn't.

                                                    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but God, do I really need to lay it out for you?

                                                    I even explicitly stated it in a previous post:

                                                    ArthurMatrix was repeatedly using "you're" incorrectly, which was intriguing and required explanation.

                                                    He wasn't using "your" incorrectly Viva, which, as stated, is usually a sign of bad posting.

                                                    He was using "you're" incorrectly, which was weird and needed explication.

                                                    Ugh, between holding your and Zyphon's hand through these arguments I feel like I'm taking little kids on a field trip. Maybe if you weren't so angry you'd be thinking straight.

                                                    • Haha well played. It doesn't change the fact that while you may have not directly told him he was a terrible poster, or that his posting was terrible for the simple fact of a missing/added letter and an apostrophe, the implications and intended resulting cognitive connections led to a negative reaction from your uninteresting, unoriginal, inconsequential, and trollish post. But I've got a hot tub to enjoy.

                                                      • "Grr you were right about everything Lemoncakes but I'm going to call your posting a bunch of bad stuff anyway after responding to it for days. I'll get you next tiiiiiime! :soaks in warm water:"

                                                        • The warm water is right. It's lovely.

                                                          The rest was you distinctly hiding a minor, insignificant detail to reveal as some masterful manipulation/understanding of the English language. It truly has no impact on the matter, and everything everyone has commented still stands as valid as ever.

                                                          • Are you posting these angry explanations for how you're not as good at this as me from a laptop in your jacuzzi????

                                                            • I'm posting these reasonable explanations for why your little stipulation is irrelevant from the hot tub, yes. (Or I was last night.) And it wasn't a Jacuzzis, how could you be so presumptuous?

                                                              • The falseness of your claims that my posting is irrelevant, uninteresting, inconsequential is readily apparent: You're still here and posting on your vacation and having to make ridiculous claims like you're posting from a ~Hot Tub~ to keep up the illusion that you're not mad.

                                                                Like WOPR said, the only way for you to win is not to play.

                                                                • It isn't about winning, it's about how you play the game.

                                                                  It's isn't about the destination, it's about the journey.

                                                                  For a much larger perspective on this conundrum (or conundrum for you, completely understandable for many others) we shall visit the encompassing universe. Most scientists theorize that it will come to and end. There is no winning, no besting it. But we, the scientific following population, don't give up. Because that's boring, there's so much to accomplish before the end!

                                                                  Now I'm sure you'll follow this up with many large, unimportant and purposefully confusing words in which you'll chalk this response up to being mad, being defensive, or not understand but that's far from the truth. It's pitiful the context of 95 percent (random percentage, but a large portion of --) of your arguments fall flat on their face with this abrupt, completely subjective reasoning and ending.

                                                                  Thanks for using the correct terminology of hot tub by the way. And it's my phone, not a laptop. I forgot to add that information :p

                                                                  • Alright let me ask this. If we let the threads die then what happens? They disappear and we don't need to worry about then correct? If we can solve the problem by ourself then why don't we? Haha

                                                                    That was you in another thread. Now you're here posting about the universe in your hot tub for the last two days, quoting Aerosmith lyrics, trying to argue this use of your time is accomplishing something other than trying to come out ahead in a discussion with someone you've called a "troll", a designation which invalidates your entire reason for being here.

                                                                    There is a compelling counter argument, however: You're mad at having been repeatedly wrong and don't know what to do except keep posting out of "a sense of obligation". Again, your words.

                                                                    Why instead just stop posting? Haha

                                                                    • You still don't understand my reasoning for being here.. It isn't about winning, or getting ahead of you. But I'll let that slide. I suppose your extensive lingual skills only get you so far.

                                                                      Also why did you quote my post? You seem to think I think this is a problem. Child pornography is a problem to me. A useless conversation is not. :p

                                                                      Your counter argument is based on?.... The fact that I'm replying? That's an interesting base for your argument. Interesting mostly because the base is baseless. Not to mention your counter argument hasn't disproven my original statement, you seem to be trying to bypass my original explanation by simply giving another explanation. Tisk tisk.

                                                                      Why don't I stop replying? I guess it comes down to a mixture of two simple questions:

                                                                      Why should I?


                                                                      Why don't you?

                                                                      • Why should I?


                                                                        Why don't you?

                                                                        Because you're on "vacation", are doing this compulsively out of "obligation" as you've admitted and as such aren't having fun and, since you think I'm a troll, suspect this isn't going to go anywhere.


                                                                        Because it's fun to watch you get mad and try to justify your posting.

                                                                        • My vacation and what I do shouldn't be of issue to you now should it? As it happens I'm on the road right now, and any other time I've responded has been down time. But that doesn't really matter now does it? So I'll reiterate, why should I?


                                                                          That's fine

                                                                          • "I'm driving and texting these admittedly pointless posts out of obligation from my smartphone as I soak in my hot tub and enjoy my vacation this is 100% what's happening just thought you should know! I'm forced time and time to admit you're right in every dumb pissing match I try to start with you so since my forum ego's popped I guess I'll just start tossing out stuff. Life's a journey in the cosmos a 'base is baseless' I'm not mad in the slightest good sir."

                                                                            Stop, Viva. Focus on other threads. Genuine advice.

                                        • You know, there isn't a very fine line between "asshole" and "being helpful". In fact, the distinction is quite clear, so I must conclude that you are either blind to that particular distinction, or that you are delusional, quite possibly a combination of the two.

                                          I kind of understand people who use "your" incorrectly even if it's a tell-tale sign that you're a terrible poster but...really?

                                          Yeah, that doesn't really look very helpful to me. In fact, it looks like you said that people who use the wrong form of "your" are terrible posters, or at least display signs of being such. In no way does it looks like you were correcting him and telling him he should be more careful lest he be mistaken for a terrible poster.

                                          Regardless, I don't expect you to admit that you bully users, are an asshole, or however else it could be said, because you've already shown an impressive amount of denial in how you treat others. What you see as helpful, almost everyone else here sees as being objectively negative or mean without a purpose.

                                          And the majority of my posting here has been constructive, considering theories, talking about characters, etc. Another good portion of it is spent on writing or other creative activities, and then the rest, let's say 5%, is used to deal with trolls and/or assholes such as yourself.

                                          • People who use the wrong form of "your" repeatedly are more often than not terrible posters.

                                            As to the rest of your defensive protestations that you're not wasting your time "dealing" with me when you not only operate on the notion that I'm purely trolling despite being proven incorrect every step of the way but, additionally, keep replying to me simply to inform me that I'm "mean": hahahahahaha

                                            (If you don't get the multi-layered joke, stop and think real hard)

                                            • I never said that you were trolling. I may have called you a troll simply as an insult, but I believe that you've got some purpose beyond trolling. I relate you to trolls as you are clearly seeking attention, and that barely elevates you above a common troll.

                                              Oh, and as for your first statement, I believe you to be wrong, and I notice that you did not dispute my other arguments about it. Guess that means that there's not much more to say about that, is there? I mean, I brought up points, and you just basically said, "yeah, well you're wrong!"

                                              As it is, I haven't got much to do whenever this happens. There's been a lull in the fan-fiction, not many theories besides Luke v. Kenny ones, and the only reason I'm here at all is there's not much going on in real life or other places on the internet, so believe it or not, I'm doing this for my own entertainment. I find a great joy in almost any form of argument. ._.

                                              • I may have called you a troll simply as an insult

                                                I never simply insult people, that's incredibly rude and debases your posting. You should apologize to me immediately.

                                                Your failure to notice the times I've explicitly laid out how you're incorrect is at this point, quite frankly, your problem. I've supplied you with one detailed post below, but from here on out I can't wipe your bottom.

                                                Finally: Stop saying what amounts to "Well I'm just here and arguing with you in something I openly state is pointless not because I'm mad but because I don't have any new fan-fiction to read." It's embarrassing.

                                                You're here because you're angry and can't help yourself.

                                                • To write, The "What Comes After" thread is one of the most popular ones here. It's great, I do a lot of writing and art and other similar things. Just though I'd clear that up first.

                                                  I'm not saying it's pointless, it clearly does have a point.

                                                  It's entertaining.

                                                  And once more, I'm going to say this again, you've proved nothing. Absolutely nothing. You sir, are a master at making up bullshit claims without backing them up, and now, I've finally proven in the argument below that eventually, you'll back down.

                                                  As for the "insulting", you're an asshole. You're rude and mean and your presence here on these forums is generally disliked. But still, you clearly aren't just a troll, and I'll refrain from calling you a troll in future.

                                                  • YOU SIR,


                                                    Zyphon, you're just bad at this. I've proven you can't make an argument or defend points you raise and, when you raise them, they're demonstrably incorrect. I've proven you can't even recognize points raised in opposition without hand-holding and shoving your nose in it, and even then it's next to impossible. I've previously gotten you to admit you're constantly angry with me and it noticeably affects your judgment and ability to argue. I've recently gotten you to admit you hurl insults simply to offend instead of to accurately state the truth.

                                                    The only thing you've done now is point repeatedly to your post at the bottom of the page without noticing I humored you with an edit to the previous post that shows how you can't focus and can't even keep up with the argument in and of itself.

                                                    You've pretty much systematically invalidated your standing as a poster.

                                                    You should stop before you have a stroke.


                                                    • You are a horrible person. Do you get some sick enjoyment of trying to make people angry? t try and offend them and make them feel bad about themselves? You're actually quite good at it, but what use is it to be good at something like that? Everything you've said is just another bullshit claim with no evidence to back it up, but at this point, it's lost it entertainment value. It's a bore. I bring up actual points, and then you don't prove shit yet you insist you did. What is your purpose? What value do you find in this?

                                                      I've already told you that(to a point), I simply like to be argumentative, but what do you gain from this? What, you want to hurt other people through a screen? It's clearly not to "help" people as you've previously said.

                                                      As I see it, you're a bully, a self-righteous asshole who has some need to feed his own ego by proclaiming everyone else as being a terrible poster when you yourself have done nothing constructive here.

                                                      Do you know what I do here? I believe I've told you before, I am part of the community, I discuss theories and predictions with others, and we talk about the characters and the story. It seems all you do is try and hurt people. To my mind, it doesn't matter what the "quality" of anyone's posting is. There precious few that can be just as hurtful to this community as you've been.

                                                      Congratulations, because I can't see what else you could have been aiming for.

                                                      • Hahaha wow. Calm down, Zyphon.

                                                        If you're not having fun just leave the thread already, it's not like anyone's going to even see this thing tomorrow. Don't be like SaltLick305 and drain your cellphone battery or Viva-La-Lee who's wasting his vacation on this. If you're burning out and having a meltdown as you clearly fucking are, you should just take a break and stop responding.

                                                        • You didn't answer my question. What is your purpose here, and like I said, don't give that bullshit answer that you're "helping" people. I really want to know, because I can almost gauren-fucking-te that it's just to hurt people or try and make them angry. In which case, you are a horrible person.

                                                          • I'm here to engage in conversation about "The Walking Dead", an episodic game and interactive story released by Tell-Tale Games, currently in its second season.

                                                            • Okay, fine. I mean, if I were in your position then I can see why you wouldn't say your real reasons, then again, I'm not a bad person, so I'd never be in your position.

                                                              • Those are my real reasons. I find it both rude and in poor posting practice to call another's intent into question with absolutely no credible evidence.

                                                                Even more rude and unbecoming is your making normative claims about a person's nature.

                                                                • If that were true then why didn't you discuss the topic and instead lead with a completely bogus, obviously negatively incentivising grammatical questionnaire or sorts? Are you even a fan of the walking dead? xD

                                                                • Wait, you mean exactly what you've been doing throughout this whole conversation, just making claims without any evidence. Funny how that works out. I really don't think that's why you are here, otherwise, you'd just discuss the topics like everyone else and not constantly try and prove people as being "bad posters".

                                                                  I make those claims about your nature based on my observations of how you treat others here. I feel like they are fairly natural conclusions to come to based on how you've treated... Well, just about everyone here.

                                                                  • I've already made you admit fault numerous times and personally apologize for your behavior, I don't think I have anything left to prove in your case.

                                                                    • I've apologized for insulting you, though I never admitted fault to my argument. My argument is that you are in fact too judgemental, and probably fit the mold of "terrible poster" more so than anyone you've accused due to you going around just accusing others of being terrible posters without benefitting the overall community in anyway. I believe my point still stands. The "quality" of a post is completely subjective, I find most of yours to be terrible for various reasons I've all said before, but you probably think that they're wonderful. So fine, you're entitled to your opinion of another person's post, though don't expect many other people to respect, or at least agree with it.

                                                                      So unless you can tell me that you do infact help the community more than anyone of these other "terrible posters", I hold that my argument at this base level still stands. you can shout out me saying that you "proven" it to be false all you want, at this point, I don't care, and we both already know what side of the argument the majority of the community is on...

                                                                      • You think posting is completely subjective, so you have no basis for calling my posting terrible or to call me a terrible poster.

                                                                        If you didn't care, you wouldn't be posting.

                                                                        Each of those facts alone makes what you're doing pointless.

                                                                        Apology accepted. Thanks for playing!

                                                                        • I can still have my opinion, and it is largely supported by basically everyone here. You judge the quality of a person's post, and have no support in your claims. That is where the difference lies. Each view is our own perspective, but yours is almost always taken as being judgemental with no purpose but the community.

                                                                          • "My terrible opinion is supported by my immediate friends here: furries, child-death fetishists, weeaboo webcomic creators and posting dittoheads, so this makes me correct"

                                                                            (An example of why not to make ad populum claims)

                                                                            • And your opinion, which in my own view is fairly unlikeable, is supported by.... no one.

                                                                              And I never said it made me correct, I said that I had more support. Also, you insulting people some more.

                                                                              • "I'm going to make a claim that's provably false on its face because I'm mad and then admit that I'm unsure if I'm 'correct'/know what I'm talking about."

                                                                                (Zyphon is a terrible poster)

                                                                                • No, I never said I was correct because if I say that I'm correct, then it has no standing because it's just me saying that I'm right, which is clearly something anyone would do in an argument. You also say that you're correct, but clearly that has no standing with the community either for the same reasons. What does matter is the fact that I've gotten support from the community, and you haven't.

                                                                                  And you can judge the quality of my posts all you want, but your opinions on this are something that virtually no one cares about. I can say that you are not a good addition to this community. I'm pretty sure the few people still here would agree.

                                                                                  That's the big difference here, what we are saying respectively are our own opinions. We each think that the other is "wrong", or at least that our own posts are "right". Ultimately, the opinions of myself, Saltlick, Viva-La-Lee, and everyone else are more respected and supported than yours. Now if you dislike us, and the people who support us, and the people who disagree with you... Then you don't have many people left that you'd like, in which case... Why are you here?

                                                                                  • Zyphon refuses to admit whether he's right or wrong and accepts that his basis for validating arguments is inherently specious. He literally thinks "what matters" is the opinions, "opinions" being a concept he personally believes have "no standing", of other terrible posters. These are terrible posters, like Zyphon, who I've systematically humiliated and driven to pointless rage to the detriment of their personal lives while they simultaneously express how much they "don't care" about my opinions. They accept the primacy of relativism as a framework they then want to have an argument which, as it relies on shared standards and prepositions, negates relativism as a framework. What they actually want isn't an argument, of course, but to condemn my disposition and a reaction to a disposition or posting style, ironically and unfortunately for them, is a matter of personal taste and so therefore, in fact, just...their opinions.

                                                                                    His position is internally inconsistent and doomed to failure.

                                                                                    He also probably still doesn't know what ad populum means.

                                                                                    Subtext: Zyphon is a terrible poster.

                                          • User Avatar Image
                                            ImSnowWhite BANNED

                                            Don't mind him Zyphon, This is just another loss for the guy. That makes it Saltlick305, Zyphon, Viva-la-Lee and just about everyone else here he has ever argued with. Why did I comment ? He's gonna take his frustations out and me like last time he got owned lol.

                                            • I killed your self esteem and sense of worth in that previous thread a lot easier than I'm killing Viva's vacation plans and SaltLick305's cellphone battery.

                                              • Thread officially derailed lol. By the time I got done reading all of this I lost interest in the thread itself. Good work all.

                                              • My catatonic is going amazing, thanks for referencing that! 81 and sunny. Almost at the beach :D

                                              • Go enjoy your weekend if that's even possible. This is you in a nutshell and please do respond, I enjoy making people feel like I care.

                                                Alt text

                                              • Lemoncakes, this is the internet. I'm pretty sure you're the one who needs to calm down. Speaking in general terms of your posts from what I've seen, you do come off a little too strong. Having opinions is one thing, which you are good at when you post without replying to others in a negative light, but this is another.

                                                I killed your self esteem and sense of worth in that previous thread a lot easier than I'm killing Viva's vacation plans and SaltLick305's cellphone battery.

                                                There is no need for personal attacks like this. That's just a low blow. What was the point of that?

                                                In hindsight, people make mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, all the time. I do too. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. Although on that note, I'd like to add that I enjoy Zyphon's and Viva's posts (by the way Viva, I hope you're enjoying your vacation!). They are quality, meaningful, and there's nothing "poor" about them.

                                                You're not helping anyone by giving them English and Debate "lessons" over a game forum.

                                                Just take a deep breath, and please let us forget that this ever happened. I know you're going to attack me as well now, but this thread is derailed enough as it is.

                                                • In the case of @ImSnowWhite, that wasn't a personal attack, it was a statement of truth regarding previous events. People on this forum have a habit of labeling things a "personal attack" when in actuality it's just an observation regarding their posting, but that's fine: They got mad.

                                                  In regard to ArthurMatrix, I gave him advice to change the spelling of a couple words in his title and original post, he agreed, and we moved on. We continually bump his thread which gets him more views.

                                                  As to why anybody should get upset about all of this and start posting terribly in here: Your guess is as good as mine.

                                                  • Calling an insult or personal attack a statement of truth does not mean it isn't still an insult or personal attack. you could be nicer, there's no reason to be such an asshole.

                                                    • My noting that you post terribly and explicating how isn't a personal attack. It says nothing about your character or personal qualities, it only marks your lack of proficiency in a discipline which, in this case, is posting on internet forums.

                                                      You calling me a "troll" simply to insult as you've admitted to? That's a personal attack.

                                                      You calling me a "horrible person". That's a personal attack.

                                                      Asshole? Personal attack.

                                                      • I said I'd stop with troll. Horrible person and asshole? Well, by your logic, it's simply "truth".

                                                        I've already said, you saying that people "post terribly" has no standing. It reeks of hypocrisy as you've done nothing to help this community. your position here has been purely destructive. In my mind, that makes you a terrible poster. You insulting people and treating them badly is what makes you an asshole. The fact that you apparently are only here to insult people, treat them badly, and be destructive is what culminates into you being a horrible person. I legitimately hate you. You're a person who apparently spends their free time trying to hurt people and be destructive. From what I've seen of you, you have no redeeming qualities.

                                                        By the way, I never denied that I was insulting you, I just don't care.

                                                        • You've now confirmed that you're an insulting poster who takes no issue in making personal attacks on other posters, which is a terrible posting practice.

                                                          You "legitimately hate" another person because you're uncomfortable with being a terrible poster.

                                                          You're a terrible poster.

                                                          • No, I hate you because based on my observations of how you treat others, I've come to the conclusion that you are in fact a less than good person, at the very least.

                                                            Regardless, I feel like I should apologize. To a degree at least. I still do think most of those things about you, but perhaps I should keep that to myself rather than insult you, because I will agree, insulting others is a bad practice. I'm sorry that I was so... Confrontational about it. Let's leave that behind us.

                                                            Still, I won't hesitate to call you a hypocrite. Calling people terrible posters is an insult. You can't say that it's "truth", because really, it is only a truth as you perceive it, the same with what I think of you. It is only what I think of you, and it is mostly negative, but I wouldn't by any means call it truth even if I believe that to be so because some others and most likely yourself would perceive it differently. You do insult other people, so while I apologize for insulting you, you really don't have much room to speak on the matter.

                                                            • I apologize

                                                              Another sweet victory.

                                                              • No, not a victory, I just apologized for my insults to you. I'm not backing down or retracting any of my arguments at all. You've really got to learn the difference.

                                                                And on the other thread you yelled at Saltlick for saying that he had won... I'll just leave it at that.

                                                                • You don't need to back down or retract anything, your arguments have fallen apart on their own. It's cool.

                                                                • You're good man. It's his fault for misinterpreting a restructuring as a lose. It's pretty simple, but I guess not everyone is able to grasp the concept. He sadly gave up on his argument with me, but I'm glad you're still fighting. Keep up the good work, but don't give the mods a reason to get on you :)

                                                                  • The reason you and Zyphon "restructured" is because your argumentation was bad and needed "restructuring" since you both came across as people who can't follow conversations.

                                                                    You started posting the equivalents of "nuh uh no it's not nuh uh you're wrong you are" after losing every point of discussion and I honest to God grew too bored with you to continue feeding your desperate need for validation.

                                                                    Sorry I ruined your vacation, but "Lemoncakes please pay attention to meeeeeeeeeee" isn't going to get me back, Viva.

                                            • Oh no, that wasn't my victory, look down a little further, I think you'll find it.

                                              • This above post is genuinely sad.

                                                I guess you made it before I humored you with a quick edit to lay out how much of a failure you are at posting arguments? Idk.

                                                • Yes, it was made before you edited your comment. Though, before the edit, it was right, you had backed down without confronting what I said. And even after the edit... I thought you were talking about in an actual argument, not when both of us were just trading personal jabs.

                    • Huge props for supporting Hannibal. Honestly, it is probably the most underrated show on TV right now. It's worth watching for the production alone.

        • @Lemoncakes If you actually took your time to click in his profile you would know that he posts alot in this forum and is a pretty nice guy, can i get my dollar now?

        • Rafoli rocks and you're just jelly

    • What is it with you and calling people terrible posters? The hilarity that I found from the hypocrisy that radiates from your comments has long since worn off. If you must make negative comments to try and earn attention, then that makes you no better than the common troll.

      • What is it with terrible posters?

        • I really don't know, although, with you being one, would you care to explain to the rest of us?

          • No Zyphon I meant it in the mundane, prosaic, sub-par and inferior sense...not the biblical.

            • ...Wait, was that your comeback? Seriously? I gotta say, I expected a little more from you.

              • I have absolutely no expectations of you, Zyphon, save that you'll reply to this with poor posting.

                You've been shown to be wrong on and subsequently abandoned every single point you've tried to raise in argument against me.

                Your last two posts in this reply-chain can be summed up as "I know you are but what am I?" followed by "Psh, whatever man".

                You're burnt out. You're angry. You're at a loss for how to purge yourself of these negative emotions but, like Viva, keep returning out of "obligation". The saddest part is that you pretty much confirm it's only to bash your head against a wall since designating me as a "troll" who makes disingenuous arguments for the sake of getting a rise out of people declares the Sisyphean and pointless nature of your toil.

                If you had any sense, you'd stop replying.

                But you just can't do it, can you?

                • One: Oh the hypocrisy!

                  And Two, there you go again with just making your bullshit claims. Oh yeah, and insulting people. Or being mean to them at the very least without quite insulting.

                  Can you really come up with any instance of a post of mine being, "I know you are but what am I?", or of a post of mine being, "Psh, whatever man". I'm positive you won't be able to find any of the latter, because if that were my intention, then I'd have just posted this:


                  Also, I haven't abandoned any of my points, not here at least. I left it alone on the last thread because some of what you said led me to believe that you were a lunatic. And I'm not even kidding there, I'm really not. And even in that case, it wasn't that I at all believed my points to have been proven wrong, in fact, it was more you proving me right that you can't accept anyone's opinion but your own, or even consider them really.

                  • I briefly skimmed what you wrote: It was angry, whiny butt-hurt garbage without any new insight or additional content. You are literally unable to have a conversation with me. You should stop.

                    However, you will instead defensively reply to this post and it will continue to confirm everything I've said about you.

                    I'll humor you though:

                    Can you really come up with any instance of a post of mine being, "I know you are but what am I?", or of a post of mine being, "Psh, whatever man".

                    From my previous post:

                    Your last two posts in this reply-chain can be summed up as "I know you are but what am I?" followed by "Psh, whatever man".

                    I know you are but what am I?:

                    I really don't know, although, with you being one, would you care to explain to the rest of us?

                    Psh, whatever man:

                    ...Wait, was that your comeback? Seriously? I gotta say, I expected a little more from you.

                    If only you weren't so mad you might not have come across so dumb. This was my one helping hand to you. Viva's not so lucky with the mistakes he's made.

                    Next time you'll have to figure it out on your own.

                    • Edit: Looks like he's made an actual argument now. I suppose this can be disregarded now.

                      Wait, wait, so this means that you can't actually back up any of your points, right? You being dismissive when I've confronted you about your bullshit claims? You know what, I can't say I'm surprised.

                      And as I recall, I never said I stopped, because I'm not done yet, I don't believe that this has run it's course yet, because I want to prove that you won't stand by your word, though I think I've already done this. You made a bunch of claims without backing any of it up, saying I did this and that, I ask you to show me where, and you completely dismiss it all.

                      I brought up valid points, confronting your claims, and you backed down. I think you know what that means.

                      And me replying doesn't prove anything. However, you reply trying to call me out on always replying... That just makes you a giant hypocrite. You see, I never called anyone out on continues replies, and I never said I'd walk away and didn't. You at least did the first thing. I'm simply overjoyed, because unlike in the case of saltlick repeatedly saying he won before... Well, if you call me out on the same thing, I think I've got enoguh to prove you wrong.

                      • This above post is the equivalent of me having held up a cat, rubbed it in your face, nuzzled its anus on your nose for you to get a whiff of its farts while you declare, "Heh, no cat here!"

                        You're here because you're angry and don't know how to deal with it. You make defensive justifications in a frenzy because you're not having any fun and feel a need to justify your frothing and venting.

                        In short: You're a terrible poster.

                        • Surprise surprise, more bullshit claims. Also, what a pleasant picture you've painted there.

                          Also, you just insulted me. Don't try and say it's truth, because that would just mean I'm justified to sit here and call you a fucknig asshole because I see it as "truth". Calling someone a terrible poster is an insult, especially when the majority of people on this forums would say that of you.

                    • Hold on, wait, you're talking about the part where I was just fucking around? Oh yeah, sure, whatever. I guess the latter can be summed up as "Psh, whatever", but the first one was doing the exact same thing you had.

                      I thought you were talking about in an actual argument, that was just me making a few personal jabs at you for the hell of it because you did the same to me when I tried to make a point.

                      And I'd counter that you're unable to have an actual conversation with... Well, anyone on this forum at the least.

                      • When you make successive replies it makes you look like a crazy person having a conversation with yourself and, in maybe the most immediately recognizable fashion possible on an internet forum, shows how mad you are. Like a lot of other things you've said and done here, it's pretty bad posting. Terrible, actually.

                        Not trying to be insulting, just being honest with you bro.

                        Important to stay honest with each other.

  • Season 1- Damn babysitter got me, i swear i clicked on the hammer but Lee didn't grab it haha.

    Season 2- Sam scared the shit out of me that I didn't even react on time to get him off :(

  • User Avatar Image
    SaltLick305 BANNED

    My first death was at the first spot you can die, The Zombie Cop. Unbelievable...

  • My first death was when I was suppose to pick up the shotgun shell, I got distracted and was talking to my brother and when I realized I was able to move, it was to late.

  • Season 1- when I was trying to reload the shot gun and kill the cop
    Season 2- in the shed . Damn walker!

  • S1- When Danny has a gun to your head and shoots you within a second. Did not see that coming...
    S2- Forgot which one but I was eating with both my hands when a QTE suddenly appeared...oops!

  • S1: Episode 4, Crawford "Leg stuck in staircase scene". S2: None, I don't have it yet.

  • Season One :

    Same thing as the OP, although it was for technical reasons. My mouse never responds fast enough in that scene for some reason, and whenever I replay that episode, I always die at least once due to this.

    Season Two :

    I died once in the first episode, when the walker came through the hole in the shed. The game glitched and didn't let me click on the hammer. But besides that, I've been able to survive all the way through without incident, and I haven't had a problem yet in Episode 2.

  • Season 1: At the motor inn I waited too late while peeking around (the RV I think) at a zombie & got chomped before I could whack him. I've since improved my peeking skills!

    Season 2: The dog. THE DOG! I didn't grab the knife in time and got mauled. In my defense, I was in real life a victim of a dog attack some years ago & I guess the scene was so sudden and realistic for me that I froze. More frightening for me than any zombie attack I had in either season!

    P.S. I would like a give SaltLick305 another upvote!

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