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Our Own Episode 4

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Let's do this! Continuation from Our Own Episode 3

  • Clementine proceeds to apply Carver's blood as warpaint.

    Bah, we're continuing from something? :S

  • SPOILERS BELOW If you haven't read Episode 3. Here is a link.

  • We are continuing from Our own episode 3 so check that out before you comment here.

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  • Here is a question that hasn't been brought up.

    Where is Shel and Wyatt?

  • (Recap from the end of Episode 3 before Tyranitor posts.)

    There sat Clem, Kenny, Sarah, Nick, Carlos and Sarita locked in their sell...

    Clem: We have to get out of here

    Carlos: Thats impossible, he will just hunt us down and bring as back again..

    Nick: Lets just accept that its over

    Kenny: NO clems right, (sigh) that son of a bitch would of shot walt no matter what we did.. well i ain't going out like that.. not without a fight..

    Clem: Im worried about Luke.. I hope hes alright...

    Nick: So Kenny?? You were the last one with Luke when you both ran to fix the generator.. What happened?

    Kenny: As soon as Carver came he started whining to me that there was no chance and to find a way to get him later.. I told him to take a hike.. i wasn't leaving without Sarita..

    Nick: How can we trust you huh?? whose to say after that little argument at the table you killed him when he was alone?

    Kenny: Kid are you fucking nuts, i didn't kill anyone he ran off??

    Nick: And your a fucking liar! just admit it!


    Sarita gasped : Kenny! stop please just calm down..

    Clementine looked at kenny and he looked at her knowing that he did it again...and sunk his face into his hands...

    Nick:... My name aint Ben...

    Everyone went silent and just didnt talk for a while.

    Suddenly everyone in the cell heard the whole camp erupt in panic... And they could also hear machine gun firing out of the camp and into the forest..

    Nick: What the fuck is going on!!

    Carlos: I dont know... It cant be people.. no other group would dare attack Carver would they??

    Sarah hearing the gunfire started to panic

    Clem: Ill take a look

    Clem peeked out of the window and saw hundreds of them... Walkers.. all heading towards the camp.. She could hear Carver shouting orders from below.. But she also saw a little figure in front of the walkers.. She recognised him... she recognised that orange shirt anywhere... IT WAS LUKE

    (episode 3 ends.)

    • The Walking Dead: Amid The Ruins

    • Clem: It's Luke!

      Nick: Holy shit!

      Carlos: Now how the hell are we going to get out of he-

      Bonnie, Becca, and Eddie enter the room

      Bonnie: We're here to help! I saw what Bill did to that poor man. I'm not just gonna let him get away with that shit!

      Kenny: What the hell is this piece of shit doing here!

      Eddie: Listen man, I'm sorry, but we gotta go!

      The group is now well equipped with weapons and is ready to head outside

      2 Hours Earlier

      Shel: We can NOT do that!

      Wyatt: Yeah man, our friends could be in there.

      Luke: Then we won't shoot them! Look it's a win-win situation for both of us. I find my friends and you find your friends

      Shel: Not to mention the walker horde we are bringing down on them

      Luke: Look you can either help me, or walk away!

      Shel: (sigh) I guess I'm in. Russel? Wyatt?

      Russel: Of course!

      Wyatt: It's a shot at finding Eddie, so yeah.

      Luke: Let's move out

    • Kenny: Alright, everyone when we go through those doors we stick together and cover each other, Clem you stick to me like Glue.

      Nick: Luke is probably waiting for us outside the camp, we gotta get out of here and meet up with him!

      Carlos: Sounds Like a plan, Sarah stay close

      Sarah: Aren't you going to give me a gun?

      Carlos: NO! its too dangerous Clem can cover you.

      Sarah didn't even bother trying to argue.

      Kenny: Alright lets get a move on

      • Originally posted bytrtu2d2

        The group runs outside

        Luke sees Clementine, Kenny, Eddie, Bonnie, Carlos, Nick and Sarita and smiles.

        Nick runs towards Luke but Carver points a gun at him.

        Carver : Not so fast, I can't have you running off like that can I, especially with traitors.

        Eddie sees Wyatt standing next to Luke

        Eddie : My god, I thought you were dead!

        Luke : Where's Shel?

        Becca : Shel? She's alive!

        Meanwhile Clementine has snuck up onto the roof and she shoots Carver in the leg.

        Carver screams in pain as he is shot.

        The others are alerted by the gunshot as Clementine pushes Carver off of the roof

        Wyatt : Jesus!

        Eddie : She killed him!

        Carver : I..I'm not tha..that.. dead y.. yet..

        Carver makes an attempt to stand but falls straight away

        Carlos : Rebecca!

        Carlos runs back inside and brings Rebecca out

        Troy runs to the roof and holds Clementine hostage

        Troy : I knew you lot were good fer nothin'!

        Kenny : Clementine!

        Sarah gasps

        Troy gets a hole in his forehead

        The group looks at Luke aiming the gun

        Clementine pushes Troy's dead body off of her.

        Luke and Wyatt run to the group and they go inside

        They barricade the doors

        • Getting off for now. The story is getting good! :)

        • Carlos: Clementine! Find anything you can to block the door and windows!

          Clementine: Sure.

          Carlos: And... you! (Looking at Eddie) Find weapons!

          Eddie: I'm as straight as my dick!

          Carlos: Nick! Nick? Where is Nick?!

          Nick goes out through the back window.

          • Luke: NICK get the fuck back here man!!

            Carlos: Goes and looks down and sees Nick at the bottom of the outer wall of the camp signalling Carlos to find a way out and pick him up on the way, nick then ran as guards were closing in on him.

            Rebecca: MY BABY He's still got my baby, I'm Not leaving without my baby!

            Luke: We will get your baby back I promise!

            Wyatt Eddie Bonnie and Becca were guarding the barricaded windows

            Wyatt: SHIT!

            Carver and his men were outside, carver knew he had them pinned down in that little room


            Clem: what are we going to do now?

            Eddie: we don't got much ammo so lets make it last against these guys

            Kenny: If these guys want a fight they are gonna get one


            Kenny: Sarita pass me my rifle, I'm gonna go to the top level of this room and give us some cover

            Clem: be careful kenny!

            Kenny: Don't worry clem ( Kenny heads upstairs)

            Wyatt, Eddie, Sarita, Luke, Carlos, Bonnie, Becca and Clem all start to fire their weapons outside the windows directly at carver and his men. Carvers men start to return fire.

            • With everyone shooting back and forth at each other, no one on Clems side had been shot. They got really lucky.

              Lucky up until the end of the battle.

              Right when it had seemed like victory was there's, a shot goes piercing into Sarita's arm.

              Sarita: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


              Kenny, Bonnie, Becca, Carlos, and Clementine begin to help Sarita, while Wyatt, Eddie, and Luke continue firing.


              • Wyatt: EDDIE! Hang on! (he goes to help him)

                Luke: EVERYONE! GET THE FUCK HERE. NOW!

                Kenny: My girl is going to DIE if we do!

                (everyone except Kenny and Clementine start firing)

                Kenny: Clem! Get the fuck over here!

                Clem: I'll... I'll help.

                Sarita: It hurts... It really does...

                Kenny: Hang in there, Sarita.

                Carver: You have two options. Either give up and stay alive, or shoot and DIE!

                Wyatt: We can't give up!

                Eddie: STOP THE FIRE! My fuckin' finger...

                Carlos: Not going to happen.

                Luke: We'll die if we give up!

                Kenny: We're not giving up! Not yet!

                Sarita: Give up. Please.

                Becca: NO.

                Sarah: Dad! GIVE UP.

                Rebecca: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

                Bonnie: You don't know Carver. He'll hunt us down. Give up.

                Kenny: Clementine, you've got the final vote.

                Clementine: Me?!

                • PEOPLE'S CHOICE -
                1. Give up and satisfy Carver.
                2. Keep on firing, and make Carver really mad.

                  People that want to give up: Carver, Eddie, Sarita, Bonnie, Sarah

                  People that want to continue firing: Carlos, Luke, Kenny, Becca, Rebecca, Wyatt

                • POLL CLOSED -

                  Result: 5 - 0 - Continue firing at Carver is ultimately the winner!

                • Clem: We have to return fire! its the only way.

                  Luke: Its the best chance of us getting outta here alive.

                  Kenny: If im gonna die today, i aint gonna die like a dog, Sarita! get behind the counter with Rebecca and keep your head down.

                  Sarita: O... ok kenny..

                  Eddie: Fuuuck.. it hurts

                  Wyatt: You sure you can keep going?

                  Eddie: Looks like i will just have to fire with my middle finger i guess...

                  Wyatt: Alright if you start feeling faint just get down.

                  Clementine peeked out of the window and saw carver.. He was looking to his left and had a concerned look on his face... Clem could then hear the faint roars of all the hundreds of walkers.. Carver knew they were coming..


                  Bonnie: SHIT, well if we aint giving up its now or never...

                  (Group starts firing back and carvers men then return fire)

                  Carver screams out during the gunfire "I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE SMARTER THAN THAT, NOW IM GONNA MAKE SURE YOU ALL SUFFER SLOW, Carver signals one of his guards " Take the baby up to the 3rd floor, now go!

                  (a few minutes pass and Clems group start to get overwhelmed..)

                  Kenny starts firing as much as he can in the direction of Carvers men trying to pin them down.. He then throws his rifle on the ground... "Fuck.... Guys... Im... Im outta ammo"

                  Luke: SHIT

                  Becca: WE CANT KEEP THIS UP!

                  Carlos: We have to find a way out of here! What about the window nick jumped out of?

                  Luke: its no use! his men are have circled around and are guarding that area!

                  Kenny: SHIT!

                  (suddenly the gunfire stops)

                  Carver comes out into the open

                  Carver: BONNIE! WYATT!

                  Clem peeks out of the window

                  Clem: Hes got some young guy in front of him with his wrists tied up

                  Bonnie: Is he... is he asian?

                  Clem: yea...

                  Eddie: FUCK THEY GOT VINCE!

                  Wyatt: Vince is here too???

                  Carver: NOW COME ON OUT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS EASY!

                  suddenly the barricades of carvers camp burt wide open.. and all the walkers swarm in! Clem can hear carvers men firing at them and scattering around outside trying to avoid the walkers.. but there are just too many!

                  Vince uses this opportunity while carver is distracted to get up and sprint for the door Clems group is in

                  Clem: HES COMING

                  Bonnie: OPEN THE DOOR NOW

                  Kenny: CAN WE EVEN TRUST THIS GUY

                  Eddie: JUST OPEN IT!

                  Clem opens the door and vince dives in and falls on the ground.. clem quickly shuts the door.

                  Vince: Hey guys he says almost as a joke as he is panting on the ground.

                  Bonnie: God i thought you were a goner out there!

                  Vince: Eddie any chance you get these ropes off my hands?

                  Eddie: On it!

                  suddenly an RV bursts through carvers camp running over a few walkers on the road and comes right in front of the room clems group is in!

                  Kenny: FUCK! ITS MORE OF CARVERS MEN

                  Luke: SHIT SHIT!

                  Becca looks through the window and sees the RV door fling open.. she sees a very familiar head.

                  Becca: GUYS... Its.. ITS SHEL!!

                  Shel: BECCA! EVERYONE JUST GET IN NOW

                  Luke looked to realise Nick was also in the RV and came to the conclusion that he must have found shel when he escaped.


                  Everyone started to load in to the rv with gunshots firing everywhere

                  Rebecca: WE CANT LEAVE! MY BABY IS STILL OUT THERE!

                  Clem: Its on the third floor! I heard him say it!

                  Kenny: LOOK i know that baby i important to you, but we seriously need to get the fuck outta here now!

                  Luke: Listen! ill go to the third floor and get the baby for you!

                  Clem: Im going with you!

                  Kenny: HANG on Clem, thats too dangerous for you!

                  Clem: I can do it

                  Kenny: You better keep her safe kid..

                  Luke: Dont worry shes in good hands.. alright lets go!

                  Shel: HURRY, I cant be waiting here too long...

                  All the rest of the group stay at the RV and start firing at the walkers and the rest of carvers men while Clem and luke go to find the baby.

                  • kind of reminded me of the survivors vs the saviors

                  • On the backyard of Carver's camp

                    Luke: Clem, whatever happens, don't shoot, don't scream... We can't get caught.

                    Clem: I'm not dumb.

                    Luke: I know, I know. (Luke sees a hole in the camp's wall) Hey, Clem!

                    Clem: Shhh!

                    Luke: Can you get through that hole?

                    Clem: Maybe.

                    Luke: Okay. I'll guard you.

                    (Clem starts crawling through the hole)

                    Luke: Oh, shit... Ah....

                    Clem: What is it?

                    Luke: Just...a wound. Carver almost killed me, you know.

                    Carver: And I still can!

                    Luke: Oh, shit! Clem! Just... keep going...

                    Carver: You're not going away, girl!

                    Clem: Luke!

                    • Carver and Luke immediently begin to brawl

                      Luke: GET THROUGH THAT HOLE NOW!

                      Clem starts squeezing through the hole, carver tries to grab clems legs to Pull her back out but he is grabbed by Luke and pulled away from her, clem manages to make it to the other side and could hear Luke and carver fighting.

                      Luke yelled out to clem while he was fighting carver on the other side of the wall.

                      Luke: GET THE BABY AND GET TO THE RV! ILL CATCH UP

                      Carver: THE HELL YOU WILL

                      Clem then proceeded through the area of the camp which was deserted as most of carvers men were occupied with shels RV and the walkers on the other side of the camp.

                      Clem could see the 3rd floor room where the baby had to be, she proceeded.

                      • She grabs the baby quickly, and rushes back down the stairs. She then approaches the room where Carver and Luke were fighting.

                        Clem: "Luke!"

                        She sees Carver strangling Luke. He was having his last breaths. When he looked over at Clem, his eyes had said it all.

                        Clementine didn't know what to do. A small revolver layed on a shelf across from her.

                        There was no way she could shoot Carver while holding the baby.

                        HUGE CHOICE:

                        Risk putting the baby down, so you can save Luke.


                        Rush back to the RV.

                        • Vote now

                          first 5 votes wins

                          • Winner: Risk putting the baby down, so you can save Luke. 5 - 4

                            Clementine quickly places the baby down, and takes the revolver.

                            She shoots at Carver, but misses.

                            Luke: Clem... RUN!

                            Carver: You can't do it!

                            Clementine aims again at Carver, and shoots at his arm.

                            Carver: AAGGHHH!

                            Luke gets away from Carver.

                            Luke: Clem! Come!

                            Carver: The HELL you will!

                            Carver aims at the baby.

                            Clementine: DON'T.

                            Luke: Woah, woah.

                            Carver: Stay right there.

                            Luke: Shooting your own baby. Laughable. It will be our loss, yeah. But it will be YOURS, too.

                            Suddendly a character appears behind Carver.

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                              ItsGabee BANNED

                              Clementine gasps as she slowly steps backward,

                              "I said, DON'T... MOVE.." Carver points a gun at Luke and Clementine, before Carver could add in another sentence, he gets hit on his neck with a katana,

                              "Urgh... uh.." Carver places his hand on his neck while slowly falling into the ground

                              Clementine sees the silhouette starting to move forward and as light hits it, it showed a face of a person with a mask covering the mouth area of the face, Luke starts to grab Clementine and brings her into the RV

                              "C-can I come?" The person looks at Luke,

                              "We don't have much time! Let's go!" Luke gets in the RV and so did the person

                              Everyone remained silent for awhile,

                              "Clem, who's that?" Sarah whispers to Clementine

                              "I don't know, but I... I'll talk to him" Clementine starts to go near the person

                              "Uh, Hi. What's your name?" Clementine catches the attention of the person

                              "Oh... Uh.. Hi.. I'm G..Gabe.." Gabe looks out seeing walkers by the side of the road.

                              "Gabe... huh.. Where are you from?" Clementine was a little skeptical

                              "Im from Macon, I survived on my own when IT happened." Gabe looked sad and so did Clementine.

                              "So, How old are you?" Luke dusts off his shirt

                              "Im.. 13.." Gabe removes the handkerchief off his face

                              Nick wasn't sure about keeping another stranger, "13? No one that age could survive years alone!" Nick was doubting Gabe but Carlos calms Nick down.

                              Clementine goes up to Rebecca, "How are you?" Clementine looks at the baby,

                              "Im fine but, uh... It's hard not to forget what happened back there.." Rebecca looks at the baby

                              Gabe grabs his katana out and grabs a piece of cloth and cleans it, After the katana was clean Gabe goes up to Clementine, "Hey." Clementine was startled by Gabe

                              "Oh! Sorry! Didn't mean to scare you." Gabe holds out his hand, "Let's be friends!" Clementine slowly pulls her hand out and does a handshake.

                              "Gabe.. was it? How did you survive on your own? I mean what did you eat to last long?" Carlos scratches his beard

                              "I eat ... zombies.. " Everybody was shocked to hear that, "So, you're a cannibal?" Luke adds

                              "Yes." Nick points a gun at Gabe, "Woah! woah woah Woah!" Luke exclaims

                              "Nick!" Clementine glares at Nick, "Don't." Nick looks down and Luke gets the rifle from Nick

                              "Look, we can't trust that kid." Nick was angry

                              "Why not?" Clementine defends Gabe

                              "It's just..." Nick looks out of the window.

                              "Clementine, do you want me to stay?" Gabe looks at Clementine


                              Let Gabe stay with the group


                              Leave Gabe on the side of the road

                              (I made a poll :
                              (The first choice that reaches 5 votes will be chosen)

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                                ItsGabee BANNED

                                Winner choice: Leave Gabe behind

                                "Sorry.. But.. You're gonna have to stay behind." Clementine looks sad

                                "It's ok." Gabe slowly walks off the RV after Shel stops it.

                                "You know Nick, He could be useful.." Carlos watches Nick

                                "Fuck that. I don't like that kid." Nick angrily answeres Carlos

                                "sigh.." Carlos goes back in the RV

                                "You're gonna be okay on your own?" Luke looked at Gabe

                                "Yeah, I hope I see you guys again.. I won't forget you Clem." Gabe smiled and runs off into the woods

                                Kenny places his hand on Clementine's shoulder, "He'll be okay Clem."

                                Clementine looked at her left and right, She looks back again to where Gabe went and saw 2 silhouettes,

                                "Who are they?" Nick points his rifle

                                The other silhouette rushed and Clementine saw someone, someone she knew


                                "... Christa?!" Clementine rushes in and hugs Christa, "I thought I wouldn't see you again!"

                                "I'm glad I saw you again Clem." Christa starts to tear up.

                                "Uh, It's nice to meet you and all but incoming walkers!" Luke starts to shoot walkers in the distance

                                A zombie grabs onto Sarah and Carlos was busy, "Clem! Get to Sarah!" Clementine starts to run but another zombie grabs onto Christa's leg

                                Clementine grabs her pistol and shoots the zombie that grabbed Sarah, and Gabe rushes back and kills the zombie that grabbed Christa,

                                "Your here again." Clementine's eyes open widely as more walkers come in.

                                "Here Clem! Hold this and get to the RV!" Clementine and the others rush into the RV and Shel drives off,

                                Clementine looks at Gabe being surrounded by walkers and looks away,

                                Gabe was killed and eaten by walkers, Clementine starts to cry and everyone was silent.

                                "Im sorry Clem.." Luke pats Clementine on the back

                                Clementine opens the note attached to Gabe's Katana:

                                Take Care! :) -Gabe

                                Clementine crumples the note and starts to tears up more.

                                • Everyone was now in the RV and shel was driving back to her camp.

                                  Shel was up in the front driving and catching up with Becca

                                  Shel: Ok camps only about 15 minutes away, Russel should be waiting back at camp..

                                  Luke: Finally... somewhere safe.. and with Carver gone we finally dont have to sleep with one eye open anymore..

                                  Rebecca: As long as i have my baby everything will be fine.. I just.. I just wish Alvin were here.. she said tearing up and holding her baby closer.

                                  Carlos was comforting sarah in the back of the Rv

                                  Carlos: Its ok sarah, Carvers finally gone, you dont have to worry anymore, everything is going to be okay.

                                  Sarah: I know dad.. Im just... are you sure hes not still somehow alive?

                                  Carlos: No sweetie hes gone for good.

                                  Nick: We have been in hiding for so long, God this feels good.. another day in that camp.. and just... I would of lost it in there..

                                  Wyatt: I didn't know that Carver guy much but he seemed fucking nuts

                                  Eddie: Yea I regret joining him after what he did.. I definitely do not want that guy in my life man..

                                  Bonnie: It just feels good to be out of there.. I had my doubts about Carver.. but i saw his true personality come out when he killed that poor man..

                                  Clem: Luke we never thanked you for coming back for us, Without you drawing all those walkers we might not have made it.. Thank you Luke..

                                  Luke: Its okay Clem.. after... Carver found you guys.. I... I didn't know what to do.. I was just lucky i ran into Shel's group.. They offered to help me and i couldn't of done it without them..

                                  Christa walked up to Clem feeling a little on edge seeing all these new people..

                                  Christa: So it looks like its not just going to be me and you anymore huh?

                                  Clem: Yea i guess.. These people are really nice once you get to know them..

                                  Christa: Look i know you are close to these guys.. but wellington is still our best bet at survival..

                                  Clem: Yea i know Kenny told me about about it a whi-

                                  Clem gasped, she had realised after all the ruckus with carver and that cannibal kid Christa still didn't know about kenny... Where was kenny??

                                  Christa: Kenny told you?? what that must have been 2 years back before he die-................

                                  Kenny came out of the mini restroom in the RV

                                  Kenny: Hey clem how you holding u...

                                  Kenny and Christa were both just staring at each other speechless

                                  Clem: Yea Christa i kinda forget to mention something...

                                  Kenny: Christa... But.. but Clem told me you were gone...

                                  Christa: I thought you were dead... I saw... i didn't think you made it out.. Lee said you were gone..

                                  Christa then sat down on the RV bench with s stressed look on her face.

                                  Kenny: Whats wrong?

                                  Christa: Its just.. The last time i saw you i was with Omid and.... its just bringing back a lot of memories..

                                  Kenny put his hand on Christas shoulder..

                                  Kenny: Hey its gonna be okay, we are gonna leave the past behind and move forward.. Look i know about this placa called wellington.. Clem told me you guys were heading there

                                  Christa: Yea.. we were before we got separated.

                                  Kenny: then thats the plan.. I dont know about the rest of these guys in this truck.. but.. You, me and Clem should head there.. If the rest dont come.. then so be it..

                                  Christa: Sounds good to me.

                                  Clem had a doubtful look on her face.. she wanted to go with them but she also cared about Luke and the rest of the Cabin group she had spent time with..

                                  Shel: Alright everyone! we are here.. lets get on out!

                                  (everyone then starts to pile out of the RV)

                                  Eddie: Wow... Nice place..

                                  Shel: Where the hell is Russel? anyway.. come on guys lets get you settled in and get some dinner.

                                  Becca: that would be good.. that bastard Carver rationed the food horribly..

                                  Sarah: Yea im starving, a little food would be good.

                                  Nick had gone ahead a little bit and was checking the place out..

                                  Luke: So clem what do you think about this place?

                                  Clem: Its really nice..

                                  Luke: You think this a long term solution for us? A place we could stay for a while.. well of course if shel lets us.. im sure she will..

                                  Clem: I dont know.. maybe we cou-

                                  Nick: WHAT THE FUCK! SHIT! GUYS... GUYS!!!

                                  (Clem and the whole group rushed over to nicks voice)

                                  Shel: What is it!

                                  Kenny: Jesus fucking christ...

                                  Clem was speechless and had a look of sorrow in her eyes while she looked at the body.

                                  Luke: Fucking hell..

                                  Sarah started to pant heavily and Carlos was trying to calm her down..

                                  Carlos: Dont look sweetie dont look.

                                  There lied russel's corpse dead on the ground with five gunshot wounds to the stomach and one to the head..

                                  • Luke: Oh god... Oh god. What happened? ...Carver?

                                    Wyatt: But they are dead, right?

                                    Carlos: Not all of them. Remember Josh? He was in Carver's camp. (Episode 3)

                                    Clem: Josh wouldn't do it.

                                    Vince: You don't know him. Carver killed his wife and daughter a week ago. He's so depressed right now.

                                    Eddie: Yeah, Josh said something about killing... Killing to find happiness.

                                    Luke: Whoever it is, we need to leave, now.

                                    • The group rush back to the RV

                                      Suddenly they are stopped by a few people with rifles

                                      Shel recognizes one of the people

                                      Shel : YOU BASTARD!

                                      Luke : Who?

                                      Shel : Russel's 'friend'. His name's Nate.. Bloody Psychopath

                                      Nate : Shel.. Shel.. Shel.. Don't you try anything or one of you will be shot

                                      While Nate is talking to Shel, Clementine runs to a wall, climbs over it and sneaks into the RV

                                      Wyatt : Shel. You never told us about Nate.

                                      Shel : Russel said he was as good as dead!

                                      Eddie : CUT IT OUT! BOTH OF YOU!

                                      Clementine uses Matthew's knife and stabs Nate in the shoulder

                                      Nate : YOU F---ING B--CH!

                                      Nate quickly signals his friend

                                      Nate : CARL! NOW!

                                      Carl : Yes Sir.

                                      Carl shoots Becca

                                      Becca falls to the ground screaming in pain

                                      Rebecca : JESUS!

                                      Nick aims his rifle at Carl

                                      Carl : WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED

                                      Shel : YOU MADMAN! I'LL KILL YOU!

                                      Meanwhile Clementine runs from the RV and hides somewhere, she hears the groups exchanging words.

                                      Christa looks around to see where Clementine is

                                      Christa whispers to Kenny : Where's Clementine?

                                      Kenny : Three..

                                      Kenny : Two...

                                      Kenny : One.

                                      Kenny : NOW! ALL OF YOU!

                                      The group pull out their firearms, Shel shoots Nate in the head

                                      Carl : NATE'S DOWN!

                                      The group run to cover while Nate's group fires at them

                                      Kenny : Nick! Give me that rifle!

                                      Nick hands Kenny his rifle

                                      Kenny shoots Carl in the chest

                                      Clementine is on the roof

                                      Clementine realizes that they are near Macon, and that they are at the Travelier Motel

                                      Kenny shoots one of Nate's group in the head

                                      Clementine sneaks on one of Nate's group that are on the roof and Clementine pushes him off

                                      Kenny : This place seems familiar.

                                      Clementine climbs down to Kenny

                                      Clementine : I think it's that Motel that we were staying in heaps of months ago.

                                      Kenny chuckles

                                      Kenny : You think she's still alive?

                                      Clementine : Huh?

                                      Kenny : Do you think Lilly is still alive?

                                      Christa : Who's Lilly?

                                      Kenny : Shel, do you have anybody in your group by the name of Lilly?

                                      Shel : I think s-

                                      Lilly walks out of one of the rooms and stares at Kenny and Clementine

                                      Lilly : Kenny? Clementine?

                                      Kenny : WHY THE F--- DID YOU STEAL THE RV?

                                      Clementine : Calm down! Please. Don't fight.

                                      Lilly : I never thought I'd be happy to see you.

                                      • Kenny: Happy? Answer my question!

                                        Lilly: You would have done the same thing in my place.

                                        Kenny: That does not give you the right to steal the RV! It was your lucky Lee forgive you ...

                                        Lilly: Speaking of Lee .. where is he?

                                        Kenny: Do not answer this shitbird she did not ...

                                        Kenny stop's talking when he see's Clementine crying *

                                        Clementine crying *: he ... he ... was bitten and it was all my fault.

                                        Suddenly everyone hears a huge noise *

                                        • An explosion goes off

                                          The group rush to the noise

                                          Kenny : HOLY SH--! IT'S A TANK!

                                          Luke : Oh g- RUN!

                                          Kenny : Wh-

                                          The tank shoots at the wall next to them

                                          The group runs to the upstairs of the motel

                                          Lilly : Do you know these people?

                                          Kenny : Just because I'm back you can blame everything on me?

                                          Nick : Shut up, both of you.

                                          Christa : Will you explain who Lilly is and how you know her?

                                          Kenny : She's a psychopath!

                                          Clementine : Well she's staying with us for now!

                                          Christa : What did she do?

                                          Lilly : NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

                                          Clementine : Oh no. I left my backpack in the RV.

                                          Shel is dragging Becca up the stairs

                                          Wyatt : I'll get it, what does it look like?

                                          Clementine : It's pink and it has a little flower on it.

                                          Wyatt : Shel, do you have grenades by any chance?

                                          Lilly : No, we don't. Shel, what happened to Becca?

                                          Shel : Nate shot her.

                                          Lilly : Oh god, is she okay?

                                          Shel : I don't know..

                                          Lilly : Let me see her, where'd she get shot?

                                          Shel : There. Shel points to the wound

                                          Lilly : That's not harmful. She'll be fine.

                                          Shel : I hope you're right.

                                          Wyatt : Well, I'll go get that backpack for you.

                                          The tank has gone

                                          Wyatt goes into the RV and grabs Clementine's backpack

                                          Wyatt walks towards the entrance

                                          Wyatt : I've got the backpack!

                                          Clementine : Behind you!

                                          A Walker grabs Wyatt

                                          Wyatt : AHH!

                                          Eddie : Wyatt!

                                          Carlos pulls out his rifle that he super-glued to his back and shoots the walker

                                          Wyatt : Jesus..

                                          Wyatt runs to Clementine and hands her backpack

                                          Clementine : What about Molly?

                                          Lilly : Molly? Who's Molly?

                                          Kenny : We could go back to Savannah.

                                          Lilly : We should go to Atlanta!

                                          Wyatt : I agree with Lilly, we go to Atlanta.

                                          Eddie : Are you crazy? That's the first city that gone taken over! I'm going to Savannah!

                                          Shel : Clementine should decide. I'm going with her.

                                          Poll closed for now.

                                          • I voted for savannah, but i think wellington should be a choice since kenny and christa talked about it above.. and it would make the most sense since that is where the game is going.

                                            • Clementine: We can decide where to go later, im more worried about the tank..

                                              Christa: What about Wellington?? its our best bet.. why in the hell would we want to go back there? Its where the whole group fell apart?

                                              Kenny: I know.. I know... but maybe it could of sorted itself out.. maybe people have arrived there.. maybe there are boa-

                                              (Lilly cuts off kenny)

                                              Lilly: Look, whoever you are... Wellington is stupid.. think about how many people will be up there.. it would be a killing field..

                                              Christa: EVERYWHERE IS A KILLING FIELD! The cold will benefit all of us and slow the walkers down.

                                              Kenny: YOU KNOW WHAT! im done talking about this shit.. im gonna be in the RV...You know something else Lilly.. You wanna know what happened to Lee after you left and fucked us all over.. Let Clem explain it...

                                              (Kenny walks off)

                                              (Lilly looks at Clem too scared and guilty to ask)

                                              Luke: Look guys.. we better move before that tank decides it wants to come back..

                                              Nick: Yea fuck that.. Get us out of here

                                              Carlos: My daughter is not staying here..

                                              Rebecca: Look we appreciate the ride out of Carvers camp, but as soon as we get here there is a dead guy, a bunch of bandits, and a fucking tank.. We have to leave, I have to do whats best for my baby.

                                              Wyatt: Shel... shes kind of right..

                                              Shel: Ok fine, i have a smaller camp not far from here we can bunk down, but we gotta move now.. Hey you.. with the Hoodie??

                                              Eddie: yea?

                                              Shel: Help me carry my sister into the RV

                                              Eddie: Sure thing.

                                              Vince: Where the fuck is Bonnie??

                                              Clem: I.. I dont know, last i saw her was when those guys and the tank ambushed us??

                                              Eddie: I thought she was around here somewhere.. When those guys attacked she ran off and kept screaming SEALAND or LEELAND or something like that..

                                              Vince: Oh for fuck sake..

                                              Eddie: well we dont got the time to go looking for her.. we better just pray she's alright..

                                              Christa: We better load up.. im heading to the RV

                                              (Luke comes up to clem)

                                              Luke: Hey you alright..

                                              Clem: Yea.. I think so.. Just cant stop thinking about all of this.. im just feeling stressed.. Im okay though.

                                              Luke: You'll be okay, im sure we can sort this out ,Anyway.. Well you sure have been Miss popular lately, That woman is about the third person you have run into that you happen to know?

                                              Clem: Yea its strange, i never thought i would see her again..

                                              Luke: So who is she? she seems to know you well.

                                              Clem: She was apart of our old group.. back when i was with Kenny and ... Lee.. anyway.. one day she snapped and she shot.. another member of the group because she thought she was stealing.. Lee forgave her, but she stole a car and left us.

                                              Luke: Well shit, thats a lot of baggage... can we trust her?

                                              Clem: I think she might be ok now but we will see..

                                              Luke: Ok well if you say she's good, Lets get in the RV.

                                              (Lilly walks up to Clem)

                                              Lilly: can i talk to her for a sec?

                                              (Luke gives clem a nod and walks to the RV)

                                              Lilly: Look, we weren't exactly on a good page the last time we saw eachother.. If your still angry i get it.. but i have to know.. Its eating me up.. what exactly happened to Lee? and where is Kenny's family?

                                              Clem gave a long sigh and looked down.

                                              Clem: Well.. Duck was bit in the raid.. Katjaa couldn't handle it and she... she took her own life.. Kenny tried to handle it the best he could.. Lee went into the woods to help Kenny.. I heard a gunshot.. I don't know which one shot Duck...

                                              Lilly: Holy shit... I was going to ask him about his family.. but im glad i didn't now..

                                              Clem: Everything fell apart after that, we were at savannah, we met that Woman you were arguing with earlier.. Her names Christa.. but her boyfriend and baby is gone.. We headed over to savannah.. We got surrounded.. i was dumb enough to think that this guy on the radio had my parents.. and he took me.. Lee died trying to get me back.. he ended up getting to me in time.. but he was bit.. I had to... (Clem started to breath heavily and tear up)

                                              Lilly: Jesus... Its ok Clem.. You dont have to explain anymore..

                                              Clem: and Lilly?

                                              Lilly: Yea?

                                              Clem: When you shot her...It wasn't her.. It wasn't Carley who stole the supplies.. she was innocent.. It was Ben.. hes gone now...Kenny and Lee tried to save him in savannah.. but they couldn't..

                                              (Clem walks away from her and to the RV)

                                              (Lilly is left standing there and has a shocked and guilty look on her face, she is at a loss for words, she then gets into the RV with the group and shel begins to drive to the smaller camp)

                                              • Shell: People, we have to go !

                                                Eddie: Yeah, let's hit the road.

                                                (Everyone gets in the RV)

                                                Vince: Do we have enought gasoline to made it to the other camp?

                                                Shell: I don't know for sure, but it's not far from here, so we can all walk if it happens !

                                                Vince: Okay. I... I don't know if your sister is gonna get better ..

                                                Shell: What do you mean ?

                                                Suddenly eddie shouts*

                                                Eddie: She's not breathing... God help us... she isn't breathing.

                                                Shell walks to where Becca body and Eddie are*

                                                Shell: NO... MY SISTER.. NO PLEASE...

                                                Eddie: I'm sorry... she lost very blood, there was nothing we can do...

                                                Shell turns to Lilly*

                                                Shell: I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WASN'T A PROBLEM!

                                                Lilly: And it wasn't... I.. I don't know what to say, I thought she could stand it.

                                                Kenny: Lilly is a problem, like she always is !

                                                Clem shouts: EVERYONE SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME !

                                                (Everybody looks to clem astound)

                                                Clem: Shell, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, and I know that Lilly fucked up, but I've seen this before, I've seen what it is to see a group falling down, I don't want this one to happen that to. So let's stick togheter !

                                                Luke: Clem's right !

                                                Nick: Yeah.... I'm sorry Shell.

                                                Shell cries *

                                                Wyatt: We're arriving people !

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